List of TOP 10 good Family movies 2018

Family films belong to a special genre, which combines a fascinating story and dynamics. The main difference between the works of this category is that they provoke lively interest among people of different ages. Therefore, children can watch family films together with parents, friends, grandfathers, and grandmothers.

Are you ready to watch TOP 10 good Family films 2018? We begin!

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  1. Peter Rabbit

Peter is a funny and restless little rabbit, who wears a blue jacket and lives in the forest. Fluffy hero more than anything in the world likes to communicate with other animals and have fun. He often arranges big nights out, in which animals behave like people. Peter Rabbit lives with his big family, which he cares about. Despite such a happy and carefree life, it would seem, the hero has a sworn enemy with whom he cannot get along with. Animals live near the McGregor farm, which grows the most delicious fruits and vegetables. The owner of the farm is not used to sharing his crop with the animals, but he simply adores dishes made from rabbit.

Peter, being a real leader of animals, decides at all costs to get to the cherished farm, where he is waiting for various vegetables and fruits.

  1. Sherlock Gnomes

The main characters of the film are Gnomeo and Juliet. They move to a new home and they want to start a new life. The guys are waiting for a difficult period. They are sure that their neighbors will help them and decide to ask them for a favor. However, they learn the terrible news. It turns out that all the dwarves suddenly disappeared. It is not known who committed this terrible crime and it is necessary to do everything possible to find them. Heroes are in shock and absolutely do not know what to do in this situation. They want to demonstrate courage and an assistant comes to them. It became the main detective, named Sherlock Gnomes. He is the only one who can find lost friends and is going to use his own intuition. His friend Watson will help him. It is necessary to believe that they will cope with this case!

  1. I Can Only Imagine

Bart Millard’s song is in the TOP ten good Family movies 2018 in theaters.

The film tells the story of the birth of one of the most popular songs in Christian rock – “I Can Only Imagine.” Its author was Bart Millard, who did not have the happiest childhood, but the music helped him to cope with all the difficulties. At 11, Bart’s mother abandoned the family and he left alone with his father Arthur. With him, he had a very complicated relationship, but father and son were very fond of each other. Arthur died when Bart was 18 years old and years later, his son dedicated his best song to him.

  1. A Wrinkle in Time

An excellent physicist, Alex Murry, conducted experiments with the fifth dimension and disappeared without a trace in an inexplicable manner. His daughter, a schoolgirl Meg, misses him very much and one day gets the opportunity to go in search of him. Together with her younger brother Charles and a classmate, she finds herself in a parallel world where a grand battle between light and darkness is in full swing. It is the darkness captivates the girl’s father. To save him and overcome the darkness, she needs to reveal the power hidden in herself.

  1. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

The events of the film carry the viewer into the magical world. The main character is a young guy named Newt. He recently managed to catch the terrible and dangerous wizard of Grindelwald. To the great disappointment, he managed to escape from prison and began to gather supporters. All evil wizards obeyed him, not knowing what his goal is. Albus Dumbledore decides to stop a former friend and turns to Newt for help. The young hero agrees to do everything possible. The guys have to go on a difficult journey. Their opponent is incredibly strong and powerful. They will have to make numerous efforts to stop the enemy.

Eddie Redmayne in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  1. Mary Poppins Returns

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Family movies 2018.

A young married couple living in England does not have time to raise children. In England, this era was called the age of depression. At this time, it was difficult to find a job, as the factories were closed, and many people became unemployed. This young family had to work hard, so they decided to hire a nanny. Suddenly, a young girl named Mary Poppins appears on the doorstep of their house. Here the miracle begins!

  1. Jungle Book: Origins

In the impassable jungles, the panther Bagheera finds a little boy. The boy is very scared because his parents died; he remained completely alone among the hostile forest. However, good animals found the kid. The Savior brought him into a wolf pack. The animals took the cub as their own. They agreed to raise a boy. Since that time, a human offspring has settled in a pack of wolves. The rumor about the new inhabitant quickly scattered around the district. Shere Khan learned this. The tiger hates people and the appearance of a little boy has greatly angered the beast. He intends to get rid of an uninvited guest.

  1. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Dracula and his friends are in the TOP 10 really good Family movies.

The movie will tell about new adventures of Dracula and his friends. The hero will take a cruise and have a good time. There he is expected all kinds of entertainment, but it happens that he really falls in love with the girl. This girl is mysterious Ericka. However, his daughter Mavis does not like her. She keeps a terrible secret; it is not known how others will react when they learn the truth.

  1. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Clara is the main character in the movie. She lives with her parents in an ordinary house. Everything is going fine, but the heroine could not imagine what she would expect in the future. It turns out that her parents decided to give her a toy for a holiday. It turned out to be a Nutcracker. Clara was very fond of playing with it, but one night her new “buddy” came to life. She absolutely does not believe in what is happening and tries to understand how such a thing is possible. It takes her to a fairy and magical world, where any miracles can happen. However, terrible things are happening there now.

  1. Smallfoot

“Smallfoot” is a movie about a snowman who do not believe in human existence. It is believed that at the base of the mountains and in the plains, there live little men, whose hair grows only on the head and not over the whole body. In addition, they have very small legs…

A list of TOP 10 good Family movies 2018 is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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