List of TOP 10 good Horror movies 2017

In our new TOP ten good Horror movies 2017 in theaters you immerse yourself in the gloomy and eerie world of modern horrors. Serial maniacs, murderers, monsters, terrible epidemics and evil spirits of people are constantly frightened and at the same time attracted.

The genre of horror in cinematography began to emerge at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. It was then that the famous 12-minute tape called Frankenstein came out, which can be called the first known horror film. The development of technology and the changing of human psychology are tools that allow the horror industry to evolve continuously. As a basis for the plot of the picture, directors also often use the stories and books of famous authors. So the screen version received the works of M. Shelley, B. Stoker, S. King and many other popular authors.

So, let’s watch TOP 10 good Horror films 2017.

List of TOP 10 good Horror movies 2017

The Bye Bye Man

  1. Split

Kevin has mental illness and the disease progresses day by day. In his head, Kevin gets along with 23 people at once, and from time to time one of them becomes dominant. Kevin kidnapped and detained three teenage girls. Periodically, he appears before his reclusive, possessed by one of his 23 personalities: sometimes he is paranoid, and sometimes speaks for the 9-year-old boy. Kevin’s psychosis becomes stronger, he is tormented by paranoid visions, and it becomes clear that the life of unfortunate girls can break off at any second. Kevin categorically does not want to be treated, and girls can get rid of him only in one way – to eliminate him physically. Who will dare to neutralize an aggressive psychopath, and at the same time 23 images of different people getting along in his inflamed brain?

  1. It

“It” is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, in the story, it is a clown killer Pennywise. According to media reports, the writer himself has already seen the adaptation of the work and highly appreciated it.

  1. Get Out

In the first shots of the film, we see a black guy kidnapped by a mysterious masked man. Then the plot of the thriller takes us six months ahead and introduces Chris Washington and Rose Armitage – an African American and a white girl who will have a country trip. The heroine really wants to introduce the boyfriend to her parents. The guy is worried, but the girl is sure: everything will be fine because she has a kind and understanding mother and father. The friend of Chris does not miss the opportunity to joke about the topic of the upcoming acquaintance. On the way to the estate of the Armitages, young people shoot down an unexpected deer on the road, after which the local sheriff comes and suspiciously behaves with Chris. After verifying the documents of the guy, the policeman allows the characters to continue their journey. When they arrive, Dean and Missy – the parents of Rose – greet them very cordially. The only oddity that Chris observes comes down to the behavior of black servants: the gardener Walter and Georgina’s housekeeper stand hypnotized. And when Dean invites Chris to immerse himself in a hypnotic state in order to quit smoking, the guy realizes that something strange is happening in this house…

  1. Life

Until now, scientists have not been able to prove to the whole world that there is life on Mars. And now the spacecraft together with the researchers flew into space in order to finally convince the whole world in their conjectures. And so, the rover found a biological creature that could survive on another planet. And this means that a person will be able to adapt to new conditions. But, as they say, the resources of Earth will sooner or later run out. Just, in this case, the inhabitants of the planet will go to live on Mars. After completing its mission, the crew loaded the find on the ship and went home. These people are insanely happy because they are getting closer and closer to an incredible discovery every day. There is just one problem; this find begins to show its true origin.

  1. Rings

A guy named Holt is obsessed with finding the truth about the mysterious video, which for seven days torments the terrible nightmares of anyone who looked at it, and then just kills a person. Soon a mysterious evil overtakes his girlfriend, Julia, who is trying to save her boyfriend by taking a blow at herself. The heroine learns that in an ominous film there is another film that no one has ever seen and now the danger threatens all of the humanity.

  1. The Mummy

The Mummy returns in our TOP 10 good english Horror movies 2017.

Soldier Nick Morton with a team of desperate warriors accompanies the elite specialist Jenny Halsey. The task of the diverse American team is to immerse a unique sarcophagus with the body of the Egyptian queen Amanet, languishing there. The soldiers timidly look at the ancient coffin, which miraculously provokes the plane crash. A horde of ghoulish bats pierces the aircraft glass, leading to pernicious depressurization.

  1. The Belko Experiment

The movie is about social experiment in an office building where unidentified voice telling them to participate in a deadly game.

  1. Grave

In one veterinary school, there is a tradition to carry out the ritual of eating raw meat. A young vegetarian, overcoming herself, passes this test and realizes that she cannot resist the growing desire to eat raw meat.

  1. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Alice should return to the place where all nightmares began. Here the “Umbrella” corporation prepares the last mission to eliminate all the survivors.

  1. The Bye Bye Man

It is the leader of the TOP 10 really good Horror movies.

Three college students face an all-powerful evil spirit. Heroes need to find a way to escape from the mystical killer, which you cannot tell anyone because he takes anyone who knows his name or thinks about him.

TOP 10 new good Horror movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

Our TOP ends now.

Thank you for your attention!

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