List of TOP 10 english Mystery movies 2017

For millennia, humanity is closely connected with otherworldly forces. This is indicated by the various symbols, signs and writings left by the ancient people. There is a lot of evidence that people were in contact with demons, spirits, predicting the future and making human sacrifices. The TOP 10 best english Mystery movies 2017 to watch clearly show how shamans, wizards, witches and ordinary people get the ability to directly contact the supernatural. Many are very afraid of this direction, linking it with black magic, witchcraft and other dark deeds, although there is another explanation for this concept. Mystic is a person who has managed to survive the experience of direct contact with God or the Great Spirit. He reached enlightenment, and his mind was calm. However, filmmakers rarely film projects that affect this direction, preferring to continue to intimidate spectators with terrible stories.

Now, this direction describes the storylines, where there are phenomena that are difficult to explain logically. Often, the authors add psychological stress and negative characters, designed to intimidate the protagonists. Throughout the duration of the film, the central characters try to cope with evil entities, seeking to understand how to defeat them.

Bornless Ones

Mystic cinema intersects with horror and fantasy. This is due to a close genre connection, because they always have a victim and rapist. The authors skillfully create a frightening atmosphere, saturating it with all sorts of techniques that allow the viewer to enter the desired state. Unlike horror films, mysticism is aimed at intimidating the public and keeping it in this state throughout the film project. The creators do not set themselves the goal of saturating the plot with murders, bloody massacres and incessant massacres. The main thing here is that the characters are in danger, and periodically, remind them, focusing attention on unraveling the mystery associated with the damned place.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english Mystery films 2017.


  1. Personal Shopper

Young American Maureen, who moved to Paris, helps the stars to choose their clothes. She is good at world of high fashion. Her life seems to be an illusion, but everything complicates the paranormal feature – Maureen can communicate with ghosts.

  1. The Institute

Baltimore, XIX century. Isabel Porter is deeply saddened by the early death of her parents. To get her mind off bad thoughts, the girl volunteers for the institute Rosewood. And there is an absolute lechery – cruel pseudoscientific experiments on brainwashing, personality transformation and consciousness management. Isabelle stands before a tough election – to run or stay in this nightmarish place forever.

  1. Eloise

What would you do for about $ 2 million? Four friends secretly enter the abandoned psychiatric clinic “Eloise”. Heroes are required to find documents that will allow one of them to receive a huge inheritance. But for this they will have to get out of this trap of time and space filled with sinister ghosts.

  1. Brimstone

The devil preacher is in the list of TOP 10 english Mystery movies 2017.

This story is the triumph of survival, the will to live and the desire for beauty, the hymn of female power. In the center of events, the main heroine named Liz is a mute midwife from a small provincial settlement located in the American outback. Her quiet life overshadows the accusation of murder, which she did not commit. The accuser is a shepherd, whom everyone calls the Reverend. He is the evil, injustice and cruelty of this world, to which Liz is compelled to resist, in order to save her life and the life of her daughter.

The devil preacher, as the embodiment of an inexorable and ruthless human injustice, pursues an unhappy girl everywhere. The persecutor is hell on Earth, who Liz should resist. And the fragile defenseless woman shows her true nature, faced with monstrous trials. She is not so weak and, if necessary, can stand up for herself, showing strength of character, crystal clear mind and cunning with only one goal – to survive and save the most precious thing she has. Desperate struggle becomes a deadly game of moves, each of which brings this confrontation to its terrible logical conclusion.

  1. Abandoned Dead

The heroine of history serves as a guard. For some, this profession seems like a complete idleness. Although in fact it is very responsible work. A woman is afraid of the dark and has not been able to overcome this problem for a long time. The night shift is the most terrible thing that could happen to her, but she does not give up difficulties. Only thoughts about the dark are fearful, but now imagine that the service takes place in a room where the narcological clinic used to exist. The institution does not work, but it is guarded. It was in her shift that terrible things began to happen…

Abandoned Dead

  1. VooDoo

The middle of the TOP 10 popular english Mystery movies in 2017, list of which has a lot interesting mystery movies of 2017.

Dani, an innocent girl, goes on vacation to Los Angeles to avoid problems with the wife of her ex-boyfriend. However, she soon realizes that it is not so easy to avoid her past.

  1. Bornless Ones

Brother Emily Zach has cerebral palsy. Together with him, her boyfriend and a couple of friends, the girl moves to a remote house in the woods to take care of her brother in the fresh air. But, as usual, remote houses in the forest have secrets that our heroes will not like at all.

  1. My Cousin Rachel

The mysterious cousin is in TOP 10 new english Mystery movies 2017.

Gothic action-dramatic melodrama from Daphne Du Maurier’s book about the rich heir-orphan, Philippe Ashley, brought up by his cousin. When a beloved guardian unexpectedly marries abroad and soon dies of a strange illness, Philip suspects of the murder of his young widow Rachel. However, having become acquainted with the mysterious beauty, he himself succumbs to her charms.

  1. Rings

The young man enthusiastically explores the gloomy subculture associated with the mysterious videocassette, 7 days after viewing which everyone who saw the cassette perishes. However, his girlfriend is sure that the boyfriend is in danger, and to save him, she decides to take a hit on herself. She is waiting for a lot of monstrous discoveries.

  1. Get Out

A young black guy goes to the ancestral home of his own white girlfriend, completely unaware of the mysterious surprises that await him there.

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