List of TOP 10 good Horror movies 2018

The human need to be scared has been noticed by filmmakers for a long time. Horror stories from books and mystical urban legends moved to the screens, presenting the viewer Count Dracula, Lady Bathory, Frankenstein. Sometimes the creators in the credits warn – based on true story. This is often impossible to believe, but it adds emotion when watching such movies.

If you wanna watch TOP 10 good Horror films 2018, then we are ready to present it to you.

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  1. Slumber

Sleep is the most attractive direction in the study of the functions of the human body because the images that arise in the mind during the night rest are often not related to real events that fill the everyday life of a person. A well-known somnologist Alice studies terrible visions, trying to understand the cause of their appearance. At the beginning of the movie, an ordinary family comes to the woman. Parents believe that their son is in danger. The boy is not sleeping well and recently they began to notice that bruises and abrasions appear on the child’s body in the morning. The mother is seriously concerned about his condition and the boy himself constantly insists that evil has settled in his room. After the course of treatment, the doctor understands that the cause of nightmares is not a violation of the child’s psyche, but something else. Alice receives data proving that an unknown force has interfered with the boy’s fate.

  1. Day of the Dead: Bloodline

The world is covered by a terrible epidemic. A ruthless virus turns people into zombies. The military group, together with scientists, manages to find salvation in one bunker, where they are engaged in the search for a vaccine. A young girl named Zoe is leading the research. Once they organize an outing for the finding of the components necessary for the creation of the medicine. However, because of their own misstep, everything turns into sad consequences, which threaten the fate of all the inhabitants of the bunker.

  1. Cold Skin

An unknown race from the sea is in the TOP ten good Horror movies 2018 in theaters.

Events unfold in 1914, immediately after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, which led to the First World War. A desert island, located near the Arctic Circle, is approached by the steamer. On it, a new meteorologist arrives on the island to take up his post and live there for a year until another man come to replace him. On the island, there is one more person – the lighthouse keeper, Grüner. From him, the hero learns that the previous meteorologist died of typhus some time ago. However, soon the hero will understand that a quiet island is very dangerous at night. It is at this time that representatives of an unknown race from the sea come ashore, who are afraid of the light. Every night they attack the lighthouse to put out its fire.

  1. Insidious: The Last Key

Elise Rainer has a rare gift. With its help, she helps people to overcome various supernatural forces. A woman with her team has long been engaged in the study of paranormal phenomena and during this time, she could many times die. However, despite all the danger, she is not going to give up this business, because her help may be needed for many more families. Once to Elise for help a man from a small town came. He is sure that there is the evil supernatural force that wants to harm him and his family. The main hero goes to his place with her assistants and realizes that the unhappy family lives in the house of her childhood.

  1. A Quiet Place

The family with children lives a solitary life in an abandoned countryside. Their life has long been adjusted so that it does not have a place for sounds. They communicate in sign language, walk barefoot, eat without using cutlery, and even children’s games take place in perfect silence.

Only one careless movement of the child, which caused noise, can turn the life of a family into an infernal horror. The house begins to be attacked by the terrible monsters.

  1. Winchester

Winchester’s curse is in the TOP 10 good english Horror movies 2018.

Sarah Winchester is the owner of a huge fortune and a corporation of the family clan. All the money her husband and father in law made from the production and sale of the weapon. Soon she lost all members of her family, including a small child. Since then she lives in complete solitude in a huge estate.

For several years, the inconsolable widow constantly builds one annex after another to the mansion. As a result, a seven-floor house of incredible size was constructed with an absurd architecture.

Guests never visited a strange house. Recently, the niece of the heroine and Dr. Price settled in this castle. Tenants soon understand the reasons for the behavior of the last representative of the Winchester family. Ghosts of people killed from the world-famous rifle set out to exterminate the entire clan.

  1. Slender Man

When the world was crushed by the trembling story of the “slender man,” people divided into two groups: those who believe that this is all fiction, the fruit of the imagination of some fanatic, and those for whom it is not a fantasy, but a real fact. The world of the Internet is full of all sorts of videos, posts, blogs, horror stories, games, and posters about a terrible monster without a face in a black suit that kidnaps children. The most mysterious and creepy thing is that there are real facts, evidence, eyewitnesses, and victims from Slender Man.

  1. The Nun

The Conjuring spin-off is in the TOP 10 really good Horror movies.

When a young nun commits suicide in a solitary monastery in Romania, a priest and a novice on the verge of irrevocable vows is sent by the Vatican to investigate the incident. There they face an evil force that has taken on the form of a demonic nun and the monastery becomes the field of a terrible battle.

  1. The Strangers: Prey at Night

The movie centers on an ordinary American family, tired of the eternal bustle of a megacity. To relax, the heroes of the movie decide to spend time visiting relatives who have long left the city and enjoy a measured existence in a small camping. Having reached their destination, travelers encounter an unexpected situation – no one meets them. Not understanding what exactly is happening, the heroes decide to spend the night here and in the morning, they are going to make a plan for further actions. However, this will happen if they can live to see tomorrow.

  1. Cadaver

The heroine worked hard to achieve the goal and achieved what she wanted. She completed the educational institution, received special training, and was able to get a job in the police. The reality turned out to be more severe than it seemed. Constant stress led to a nervous breakdown. Intending to get rid of this, the girl became a drug addict.

With great difficulty, the beauty managed to overcome the addictions. After completing the rehabilitation course, she wanted to return to the police. Instead of the previous position, she got a job as a guard of the old cemetery.

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