List of TOP 10 good Romance movies 2018

TOP 10 good Romance movies will be welcomed when the romantic atmosphere is the goal. Here are the pictures that can turn your evening into the perfect end of a day, whether you’ll spend it alone, or with your loved one. Movies about love are selected very carefully, harmoniously, and concisely. In our selection, you will find pictures of 2018 with sincerity and deep meaning. Perhaps, the romantic films of our collection will teach you how to love, better understand the nature of this feeling.

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  1. A Star Is Born

The career of country musician Jackson Maine is on the wane. Popularity is falling, the performer is very worried about his future. However, when he meets a young and unknown singer Ally, he for a while forgets about his ambitions. The girl’s amazing voice and talent bring only happiness to him and the celebrity decides to help the nugget. First, a man wants to sing a duet with a girl but then realizes that she needs a solo career. Maine helps a friend achieve success, introduces her to the owners of record studios. Jack does not see how ambitious and independent his choice is. She becomes popular while Maine tries to cope with this popularity of his friend…

  1. The Ice

The movie tells about the talented figure skater Nadia, who, after receiving the injury, finds the strength to return to the big sport. The desire to win returns. The newly rising ice princess will have to fight a lot for the status of the best skater. In the process of training and competition, Nadia realizes that the main thing is the harmony and naturalness of skiing, pouring from the soul and supported by intensive training. According to the creators of the film, “The Ice” is a story about love, in which there is a place for a fairy tale, about a strong female character, and a difficult choice between happiness and a dream.

  1. Alita: Battle Angel

The cyborg with the human brain is in the TOP ten good Romance movies 2018 in theaters.

The future is subject to technocratic rules. Robots and cyborgs receive comprehensive rights to the neighborhood and in some places – even superiority over humanity. A brutal world consists of militant groups and conspiracies. Desperate warriors gather in clans to oppress the weak. An experienced doctor finds in the dump details of a strange mechanism. With his efforts, this mechanism gets a chance to resurrection. The doctor combines the human brain and the mechanical body.

Creation gets a second wind and the foster father rejoices at the uprising of the child. The child loses all memories but finds a life. Despite the amnesia, the army’s skills strength are awakened. A pair of allies helps the dumped warrior to restore justice.

  1. Fifty Shades Freed

No difficulties and life troubles could not break the love of Anastasia and Christian. Their relationship has become stronger than ever and they even married. The newlyweds enjoy each other. Christian has a lot of money, so he can arrange a decent life for his new wife. It would seem that everything is awesome because they are rich, young, and in love. They move to a new luxury home and now their lives are in great danger. Heroes are haunted by the ghosts of the past. There is an enemy from the past of Anastasia. Her old acquaintance Jack is a real psycho and it will not be easy to stop him.

  1. Midnight Sun

Since childhood, Katie has a bad disease. The life of a joyous, cheerful, good-natured girl turned into hell. Because of the disease, she could not stay in the sun for a long time. To save her daughter, daddy locked her in a house with special protective glasses preventing sunlight from entering the room. During the day, the beauty slept, composed songs at night, walked under the moon, dreaming of becoming a normal teenager. She wanted to be able to walk with friends, go on a picnic. However, these simple entertainments were not available to a person with such a serious disease.

One day at a party, arranged in the evening on the beach, the girl met a charming guy. Gradually, young people get close and begin to date. Katie is not in a hurry to tell the guy about the illness because she believes that he will simply run away.

  1. Everyone’s Life

The story about 24 different people is in the TOP 10 good english Romance movies 2018.

In the small Bourgogne town, called Bon, rules jazz mood. There is an annual music festival here, and 12 men and 12 women, without noticing anything around, continue to live their lives. They fall in love, flirt, make appointments, change, and divorce and make proposals. Judges, aristocrats, celebrities, and charlatans, prostitutes, doctors, nurses, artists, and police – one day these unfamiliar people will meet to decide the fate of one of them.

Everyone's Life promo

  1. Phantom Thread

Events unfold in the post-war London 1950’s. Famous couturier Reynolds Woodcock and his sister Cyril are key figures in British fashion. They dress the royal family, the stars of the film industry, wealthy heirs, socialites, and many others. However, once Reynolds meets one young and beautiful girl, Alma, who becomes an integral part of his life – his muse and mistress. Real love changes the life of Reynolds radically.

  1. Submergence

The love that is not destined to last long is in the TOP 10 really good Romance movies.

British scout James More and oceanographer Danielle fell in love with each other at first sight, once met in a chic hotel on the French coast of the Atlantic Ocean. However, the love is not destined to last long. Ahead of Danielle – a scientific voyage through the ocean with deep-sea diving, and James – a meeting with Somali fighters, which ended for the agent in captivity.

Being in the face of death, she is under the water, he is in a dark basement, both lovers remember the hotel where they were so happy together.

  1. Every Day

Shy Rhiannon meets the dream guy. Only the next day it turns out that he is a disembodied spirit, which every day incarnates in a new body. Every day he is waiting for a new home, a new family, and someone else’s life, a fragment of which must be lived by him. What is it like falling in love with someone who looks different every day?

  1. Mary Shelley

The story of the 18-year-old Mary, who falls in love with the charismatic poet Percy Shelley. Together, the couple goes on a visit to Lord Byron, who was living near Geneva Lake at that time. It was here that the writer, now known as Mary Shelley, began to create her famous novel about Frankenstein, inspired by her tempestuous relationship with Percy.

Elle Fanning in Mary Shelley

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