List of TOP 10 good Western movies 2018

We recommend you to turn your attention to the western movies because they contain elements of dramas and comedies, detectives and fighters, and in almost every such film there is a love. That is why films about the Wild West are popular not only among the men but also among women.

If you ready to watch TOP 10 good Western films 2018, then we begin.

List of TOP 10 good Western movies 2018

  1. Bass Reeves, U.S. Marshal

The movie will tell about Bass Reeves – the great U.S. Marshal. It’s amazing that during the work, Marshal Bass was never wounded. However, he had to change his torn and bullet-pierced clothes all the time. “The Lord is not on the side of my enemies,” he said. One day a guy aimed for his back. Do you know what happened? In the barrel of the gun was a foreign object, when he pulled the trigger, it broke and tore off the poor fellow nine fingers.”

  1. Valley of Bones

The events of the film, in which the thriller and drama are intertwined, introduce the audience to Anna, a woman-paleontologist who adores her profession. Not long ago, the heroine of the film lost her husband and plunged into work in order to forget about it. Once a woman decides to go in search of dinosaur bones. For the heroine, this is not just an adventure, but a thoughtful journey that should bring her to the right place. In the traveling companions, Anna takes her son and man named McCoy, the brother of the deceased husband. McCoy has his reasons to go with Anna: one of them is the lack of money, the other is drugs addiction, the third reason is the agreement with the Mexican drug cartel. A man owes something to the crime boss who forces him to steal Anna’s find.

  1. The Ballad of Lefty Brown

Lefty’s life is in the TOP ten good Western movies 2018 in theaters.

All life, Lefty, and Eddie spent together. Being familiar from childhood, the characters of the film started breeding horses on a country farm. Over the years, each of the men has seen a lot, so they always find a way out of any situation, while maintaining their friendship. At the beginning of the story, Brown, and Johnson go on patrol of the territories. An unknown shooter shot Eddie. Lefty manages to survive, while the man does not understand why the murderer spared him.

  1. Hickok

Hickok is the eldest among the brothers of the Hemsworth clan, received the nickname Wild Bill. He is the best killer in the whole Wild West, which destroyed many criminals, and even more put behind bars. Now he retired and decided to start a new life, in which there will be no place for chases and shootings. However, he did not manage to find peace in this world, as a gang of criminals appeared in his city.

  1. The Scent of Rain & Lightning

Jody’s parents died at the hands of a terrible killer named Billy. After the tragedy, the girl is taken to her uncle, who managed to provide the niece with a reliable guard so that she could feel completely safe.

After a while, the girl learns that her father’s killer will soon be released. The girl dreams of taking revenge for father’s death.

  1. Hostiles

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Western movies 2018.

Captain Joseph Blocker has been fighting the Indians for many years and during this time, he managed to earn his reputation as a great warrior. He is a real legendary warrior, respected by colleagues and feared by enemies. Once a hero is given a rather unusual task – to deliver to Montana a dying leader and his family. Joseph is not happy about this because he sincerely hates all Indians and does not want to help them. However, in the end, he is forced to obey the order. The hero, together with a small, but brave soldiers, sets out on his journey.

The main difficulty of traveling is that the detachment must cross the dangerous territory, which is inhabited by Indian tribes. On the way, Joseph meets a young widow who lost her family during the war and is now trying to find a new meaning for life. Heroes take the girl with them. In this journey, they will face not only a large number of hostile Indians but also their own demons.

  1. The Stolen

In the 1860s, the British family Lockton left his native land and moved to live in New Zealand. Here the spouses start a new life. They work on their own land, they raise a newborn. However, one day a happy life ends for them. The armed bandits burst into the farm in masks, they kill the head of the family and kidnap the baby. Charlotte Lockton remains alone. She is forced to mourn her husband and suffer from not knowing what happened to her child. One day she gets a picture of her son and a letter, in which there is a clue how to find it.

Charlotte goes in search of her child. She comes to a city where he can be. However, the local population is not in a hurry to help her. Charlotte is in a foreign and hostile world where almost everyone is able to harm her. However, no one even knows what the desperate mother is ready to do to save her son.

  1. The Sisters Brothers

The Great Brothers are in the TOP 10 really good Western movies.

The mysterious and powerful Commodore sentenced the unfortunate Warm to death. An unpleasant mission falls on the Sisters – Eli and Charlie, they are not used to discuss assignments. For Charlie, murder is life, and Eli begins to wonder, in time, why he is killing. Two brothers, two fates, but they have the same future. What will win the evil of Charlie or the simplicity and good nature of Eli? “The Sisters Brothers” – a classic western, not devoid of humor. A dynamic but sometimes hard story will plunge you into the atmosphere of that time and make you pass all the tests that fell on the brothers.

The Sisters Brothers promo

  1. Justice

US Marshal James McCord comes to a small town to see his brother Thomas. Thomas is a preacher in the local church. However, after arriving, James learns the terrible news – his brother was brutally murdered and burned with his church. The hero learns from the local people that his brother’s death was the work of the mayor of the town, which keeps in fear all the local population. He employs several dozens of dangerous mercenaries who carry out any of his orders, so no one ventures to express discomfort and come in between the affairs of the mayor. The last person who dared to do this was the Thomas McCord.

  1. The Red Man’s View

For many tribes of Indians, the indigenous population of these places, difficult and sometimes tragic times came when pale-faced conquerors came to their territory for getting rid of unwanted neighbors, warlike Indians, who had lived in these territories for centuries. The main hero’s tribe was no exception when “guests” started building houses and farms without asking permission from the real owners. Constant skirmishes and bloody battles began between pale-faced and Indians. Europeans decided to resort to the last opportunity to get rid of neighbors by equipping a whole troop of cavalrymen, who should clear the territory in the shortest possible time.

Indians in Red Man's View

A list ends now.

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