List of TOP 10 recently released Sports movies of 2017

Sport is an integral part of life for many people. Our compilation of new Sports movies releases in 2017 is about sport which is dedicated to outstanding athletes, legendary competitions and unrestrained desire to win. This category of films won the audience of all ages.

Cinematography, dedicated to sports, is a very useful material. While watching this movie, you will learn a lot of facts and additional information about a particular sport, rules and details, championships and competitions that have ever passed. Dive into the world of sports.

Let’s watch list of TOP 10 recently released Sports movies of 2017.


  1. Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania

The plot of the cartoon continues to talk about the hilarious adventures of the eccentric penguin-surfer Cody Maverick. Once he tried his hand at the surfing tournament, but the opponents were too strong, and the circumstances were far from in favor of the newcomer Cody. Now he lives a quiet life and earns by teaching surfing in his surf school together with his friend Lani.

But even in this case, Cody has a serious competitor, multiple champion Tank, nicknamed Breakwater. Most of all, Cody is upset by the fact that he never demonstrated himself, became a professional and did not become a bit like a member of five cool surfers who are his idols. It is true that one day Cody has a chance to get acquainted with his idols and learn everything that these professional surfers know.

  1. Tommy’s Honour

The talented young player in golf is in the compilation of newly released Sports movies 2017.

Tom Morris is considered a young and successful player in golf. He already managed to get the title of champion and follows in the footsteps of his father. In the past, Tom Sr. from a young greenkeeper grew up to a professional player who was able to win four games in the Open Golf Tournaments. Moving further, he prevented the social origin, although he knew all the nuances of the game, was in excellent physical form. Simply, he was born at a time when golf was a privilege of aristocrats, so the outstanding champion remained in the shadow of eminent players. Yes, at first he served clubs, prompted competent moves, but then he grew bolder and was able to move on.

Tom Jr. has largely surpassed his father, thanks to father’s knowledge, experience, and trained skills. He knows that this game is only for the rich people, but tries to go further. Once he ventured and performed, demonstrating excellent results. His name appeared on the front pages of sports newspapers, which the local rich men and Tom Sr. did not like. The older generation of the Morris family and its achievements has gradually been forgotten. This event spoiled the relationship between father and son, as well as the successful player began to boycott the real athletes – golfers. But the young man does not care – he became a champion, he achieved his goal and is ready to move on.


  1. Chuck

The legendary boxer is in TOP 10 Sports latest movies 2017.

In the center of the plot is great boxer C. Wepner. The movie will show his life, victories, challenges and many other little details.

  1. Death Race 2050

The near future, in which for each resident the overpopulation became acute, the government arranges various shows. In America, this process has an entertaining character. The president himself vigorously advertises the show. There was organized the “Death Race””- which was held every year. The meaning of this competition is to get from one point to another, and also to earn as many points as possible during the period of the movement. The points are given for kill.

  1. 1 Mile to You

Kevin is a rural young man, who begins to run for long distances to become big athlete.

  1. Slamma Jamma

The middle of the list of TOP 10 Sports movies recently released in 2017.

It is the story of a basketball player who was put behind bars. There he prepares for new challenges.

  1. Goon: Last of the Enforcers

The comedy demonstrates the further development of the career of one of the most controversial hockey players in the world. He plays for one of the most effective teams in the NHL while being just an amateur with a stick in his hand.

His mission is not professional tricks and goals, but a beautiful disabling of the most dangerous players from the rival teams. Possessing excellent wrestling skills, Dag balances on the brink of rules but paves his team way to the title of champions, thus deserving respect of the players and coach. But one of the strongest teams guesses about his functions in the game and run on the field its bouncer.

  1. Kiss and Cry

The hard life of a skater is in the compilation of latest Sports movies in english 2017.

The movie will tell us about a promising figure skater who fight against sarcoma.

  1. American Wrestler: The Wizard

Migrant Ali is difficult to settle in California. Youth problems only accumulate, forcing to openly quarrel with new acquaintances. Combatants oppress the peer, and the boy’s reaction is anger, mutual aggression. The director of the school hints to the youth that it is difficult to achieve respect by such skirmishes. The newcomer will have to immediately find a place in the school system for the sake of adaptation. The coach of the local team sees that he is facing the American wrestler with the makings of a worthy athlete. The schoolboy denies having outstanding abilities, fails the training process.

Relatives encourage the young boy to fight for victories, fight for recognition. The mentor brings up confidence in the new soldier, tries to overcome the bouts of doubts and confusion. The man is convinced that this is how the ascent to the American dream is built. The former fears of a high school student are receding after a triumph at local competitions. The conviction in the ability to obtain victories, soar above inner insecurity becomes the guiding star of the hero. Will a stubborn lucky person be able to keep the gained advantage?

  1. Tracktown

It is the leader of the TOP 10 modern Sports movies of 2017.

During the preparation for the Olympics, young and talented runner twisted the ankle. Now the heroine must take time off.

Our compilation is coming to an end!

Thank you for being with us!

List of TOP 10 english Sports movies 2017
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