TOP 10 best Hollywood Cartoon movies of 2020 in Hindi to watch

What can captivate children more than cartoons? Parents are also like to watch bright, dynamic, and exciting cartoons.

Today we are going to present TOP 10 best Hollywood Cartoon movies of 2020 in Hindi to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of best Hollywood Cartoon movies in Hindi in 2020

10. Onward

Ian is a young elf who has recently turned sixteen. He is very lonely and at one point decides to do everything possible to make friends at school. However, the hero fails because of his older brother Barley. Soon, the mother gives them an unexpected gift – a package with things of the deceased father.

Among the things, the brothers discover a magic staff. For many years in their world, there is no place for magic. They decide to use the staff to bring their father back for one day so that he sees how his sons grew.

9. Sonic the Hedgehog

Tom is a young police officer who meets a strange creature of bright blue color on his way. It turns out to be a hedgehog, which is the fastest creature in the entire Universe. Sonic is fighting a real villain – Dr. Robotnik who is trying to get all the Chaos Emeralds.

Having received them, he will gain incredible strength that will help him realize his cherished dream and seize power in the universe. Tom and Sonic join forces to stop the evil genius and save the world. Will they be able to overcome all the trials and win this confrontation?

8. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

SpongeBob is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Cartoon movies in Hindi 2020.

The events of the animated film are focused on a guy living in a small sea village. Once he met a pretty snail named Gary. Later they became very friendly but once Gary suddenly disappeared. This circumstance forced SpongeBob to get the help of another friend, Patrick. In their opinion, Poseidon abducted Gary. Soon they will find themselves in Atlantic City. It has a lot of entertainment and residents. For this reason, it will not be easy for Patrick and SpongeBob to find Gary. Will they be able to find him and safely return home?

7. Trolls World Tour

In the Kingdom of Trolls, an unforeseen change is coming when the queen of hard rock is going to destroy all other types of music to promote only her preferences. Poppy and Branch are ready to go against the pompous rocker. However, alone, the heroes will not be able to confront the enemy and go to other kingdoms of the trolls to gain their support in the fight against Barb and her father Trash.

The trip promises a lot of adventure because each territory of distant relatives has its style of music, beginning with classics ending with hip-hop.

6. Soul

Joe Gardner, a middle-aged man, works as a music teacher in high school. He dreams of becoming a popular performer of jazz music so that listeners admire him and recognize him as a talented musician. Soon he is given the chance to play at a major event, in New York, in the Half Note Club.

However, when the time came, tragedy occurs. The soul of a man flies out of the body being carried away into outer space in a completely different world.

5. The Croods 2

New adventures of Croods family is in the TOP 10 new holly Cartoon movies in Hindi.

Grug believed that the dark corners of the forest would lead to instant death. Once his eldest daughter saw a strange light on the wall of the cave and went out alone. The girl thought it was the radiance of a small sun and was sent towards the firefly. Eep meets an outsider nomad and sees fire for the first time in her life.

The guy explains that this is just a fire, thanks to which you can warm up and cook food. The young man tells a story about the terrible time that will come very soon. An earthquake begins on the territory of their home and their cave collapses. The family has nowhere to hide. Heroes decide to go along with nomad towards adventures in search of a new place.

4. Raya and the Last Dragon

The kingdom of Kumandra is a place where ancient civilization lives. It worships dragons. The brave warrior Raya wants to find the last dragon on earth. She is full of determination and courage to achieve her cherished goal. With his help, the girl intends to save the world from evil spells that have penetrated the kingdom.

Each region has its laws. The main character is smart and wants to meet a fire-breathing dragon. Exciting adventures and dangers await the restless Raya.

3. Connected

Technological disaster is on the list of Hollywood Cartoon movies in Hindi 2020.

Katie graduated from high school, and finally, a time has come when she can realize her dream – to enter the College of Motion Picture Arts. She does not realize that the father decides to arrange a little surprise for her daughter, which she does not like. The fact is that a man gathers a family, and they go on a trip around the country, and the college will be the final destination. The family does not realize that during the journey the world will begin to experience changes. The fact is that there is a technological disaster.

2. The Call of the Wild

The plot of the feature film tells about the fascinating adventures of a curious, freedom-loving and a friendly dog named Buck. The film takes place at the end of the XIX century in Alaska, during the gold rush. The dog knew both joyful lives in sunny California and suffering.

He found himself in the expanses of cold snowy Alaska, where he met a great adventure lover, John Thornton. Together they go on a long journey to the ends of the Earth.

1. Peter Rabbit 2

Peter Rabbit with his family moved to a country house to reunite with nature. However, Peter began to get bored and wanted new adventures. Without saying a word to the family, the protagonist of the film breaks off and goes straight to the metropolis to have some fun. Having learned about the disappearance of Peter, Thomas and Bea follow the rabbit. Will they be able to find him?

TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Cartoon films in Hindi end now.

Thank you for being with us!

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