TOP 10 latest Hollywood Cartoon movies 2020 – List

At the end of the 20th century, cartoon movies were created only for children. They showed a fairy-tale world, good heroes, as well as their good and courageous deeds. However, as you know, progress does not standstill. At the beginning of the 21st century, new cartoons began to appear saturated with computer graphics and special effects. Most often, they were related to the satire genre format, which covered many moments from real life: from show business to politics.

Today we are going to show you TOP 10 best Hollywood Cartoon movies of 2020 to watch.

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List of best Hollywood Cartoon movies in 2020

10. Red Shoes

The events of the colorful cartoon take us to the magical kingdom. Over the past years, seven brave princes have protected these lands. The heroes of the cartoon not only defended their homeland but also made friends with each other, helping comrades. However, fame and success do crazy things to people, because of which they gradually became selfish. Once an insidious magician decided to take advantage of this. Seizing an opportunity, he managed to cast a spell on them. The once beautiful men turned into dwarves. Now their only way to regain the former appearance is to find red shoes.

9. Spies in Disguise

The plot of this family fantasy revolves around two super-spies, which are different from each other. A young scientist named Walter lives a secluded life, mastering the most incredible devices and gadgets for espionage work, and the desperate daredevil Lance rushes around the world preventing a variety of disasters. And now, Lance and Walter will have to join forces and work together. Thanks to the skills and knowledge, as well as their use in the most unexpected and incredible situations, they will be able to save humanity from a new and terrible global threat.

8. Onward

The world without magic is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Cartoon films.

The cartoon takes us to a world inhabited by mystical creatures. When all its inhabitants could use magic, but study to use spells was difficult, so fairies, elves, mermaids, and other creatures decided to focus on technological progress. Now there are cars, phones and airplanes, but there is practically no magic left. When Ian and Barley receive a letter from their dead father in which he urges them to find a spell that can bring him back to life for a day, they are convinced that the magic has not completely disappeared. With the letter, the brothers also become the owners of the magic staff, which will help them in the upcoming adventure!

7. Soul

A black man works as an ordinary schoolteacher who teaches in one of the educational institutions of New York. He loves his work and the children whom he is trying to teach to play the piano. Despite diligence and a great desire, he perfectly understands that pedagogical activity is not his main purpose in life. In fact, Joe Gardner dreamed of becoming a star.

The famous Blue Note jazz club was a person’s dream, and one fine day he is given a great opportunity to show his unique talent. The owners of the club carefully hold an audition, and Joe does not miss the chance. They note the high abilities of the musician and invite a schoolteacher to play several compositions for visitors. An inspired lucky man hurries to his first show but suddenly falls down a hatch. Waking up, he finds himself in a parallel reality, which is populated by souls.

6. Trolls World Tour

At the beginning of the cartoon, Poppy and Branch learn that their tribe of trolls is not the only one. Heroes find out that there are five more. Their representatives prefer other music – country, techno, classical, funk and rock. All six tribes live far from each other, but the truth is revealed after Queen Barb, who runs a tribe that loves hard rock, decides to destroy any other music. She wants to leave the only rock, because of which the fate of the whole world is in danger. Believing that this will not bring harmony to the world, Poppy and her friends decide to join forces with other tribes to fight back the evil Barb and her followers.

5. Minions: The Rise of Gru

Minionsare in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Cartoon movies 2020.

It’s been ages since the cute yellow creatures chose for themselves the goal – serving the great villains. They could not live life differently because the very purpose of being a support for the genius villain of the planet was primary for small and non-standard creatures. Their first boss was Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, he soon died because of his negligent assistants. Next was Count Dracula. The minions decided to congratulate him on his birthday and woke him up in the morning, opening the curtains for sunlight. The next victim was Napoleon Bonaparte. One unsuccessful shot and the legendary commander died.

The main characters had to flee to distant lands for a while. They found refuge in the caves of Antarctica, but life there soon bored them.

4. Klaus

Jesper is a spoiled child of wealthy parents. Being a bad student, the guy knew the father’s wrath. He sends him to a small village. To return home, the hero must send and receive at least six thousand letters in the next 12 months! Jesper understands that the mission is impossible and he will have to live here all his life. However, everything changes when he meets a new neighbor.

3. Raya and the Last Dragon

The events of the cartoon movie unfold in the magical realm of Lumandra. In this realm, there is an ancient civilization worshiping dragons. Residents of civilization worship dragons as gods. They are revered for strength and power. The realm is divided into five regions. Each region has its own rules and laws. All regions somehow coexisted next to each other and always tried to seize each other’s territories. In one of the regions, there lives a girl named Raya, who dreams of uniting the regions into a single realm. Raya went in search of a powerful dragon, who could stop wars.

2. The Croods 2

Prehistoric world is on the list of Hollywood Cartoon movies 2020

The new cartoon continues to tell about the Croods family who lives a very strange lifestyle in the prehistoric world. Representatives of different generations are trying to find a common language with each other in order to survive. Many strange creatures inhabit their planet and danger is in every path.

They managed to cope with the terrible consequences of strong earth tremors, but global changes can significantly spoil their life.

1. Gigantic

The cartoon, which takes place in Spain during the era of great geographical discoveries, will tell about the amazing adventures of the fearless adventurer Jack who discovered a world inhabited by giants. In the new movie, he agrees to help the lost 11-year-old giant…

TOP 10 new holly Cartoon movies end now.

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