List of best True Story movies 2017

Don’t be afraid of talking about the films that were based on books or even true stories. They are always very interesting to watch and discuss especially after when you fully realize that this franchise represents the life of people that may be still alive. Unforgettable energy on a set appears whilst filming such movies that cannot be compared to any other film directed by previously written scenario. As a result of that, we are happy to introduce you TOP 15 best new True Story movies 2017 that have to watched.


The film is supposed to be released at the end of July in the USA. This is war thriller that has been co-produced between the best directors from different countries such as the UK, France, and the USA. Basically, this movie that was inspired by true events happening during the Second World War is about Allied soldiers from such different countries like the UK, Canada and also France and Belgium. According to the plot, they fought being surrounded by the German army and later evacuated from French Dunkirk coastline.

Darkest Hour

British historical drama about the war that includes such Hollywood stars as Gary Oldman playing Winston Churchill and Ben Mendelson playing King George VI. This is the story that touches the heart when you see the life of the Prime Minister of the UK back to the World War II having bad moments with Hitler’s army. That is why this historical film is on TOP 15 best recent True Story movies.Darkest Hour

A United Kingdom

This is British biographical film tells the love story between Ruth Williams – white lady and Seretse Khama who came to London in order to study law and accidentally finds his love. But the families of both sides don’t like the idea of them getting married.

Patriots Day

American thriller with Mark Wahlberg about Marathon bombing in Boston that happened in 2013. At the very beginning of the story, the plot follows a couple who are injured during the act of terrorism. They are later taken to the completely different closest hospitals where they have to get their legs amputated. Afterward, the story continues with a special agent from FBI trying to investigate who sent the bombs liaising with local Boston Police.

The Founder

As a part of our list of best True Story movies 2017, there is an amazing story about the chain of famous fast food restaurants McDonald’s. The beginning of the plot follows a salesman who travels a lot and sells milkshake makers. He finds out that a restaurant in San Bernardino orders the biggest number of milkshakes which makes him very curious. And this is how he finds the place later called McDonald’s founded by two brothers.

Granite Mountain

Upcoming American drama based on a story of a crew of firefighters. They had a difficult battle with Yarnell Hill Fire and managed to save lots of people’s lives but lost 19 their own members.

Granite Mountain

Woman Walks Ahead

An American and British film with Jessica Chastain that plays a portrait painter from Brooklyn at the end of 19 century. Her name is Catherine and she travels to Dakota in order to start painting her brand new work of Sitting Bull.

Woman Walks Ahead

The Masterpiece

The film includes two famous brothers that often star together in latest Hollywood franchises. Their new movie is also in the TOP 15 best True Story movies of 2017 to watch and follows the touchable story about the friendship of Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau. The new project also includes set of young actors that took the participation in the franchises based on books.

The Masterpiece

Billionaire Boys Club

This is upcoming American biographical drama that is actually based on the real life of the club of very rich young boys during the last century in the 1980s in Los Angeles. They have some serious consequences for becoming wealthy in a short period of time.

Billionaire Boys Club

The Greatest Showman

This time, this is also biographical drama but it includes lots of music elements. The plot follows the life of American showman that is a founder of a traveling circus that became very popular. The reason why this movie is put on TOP 15 best modern True Story films 2017 is because it is rich in the cast and includes such actors as Hugh Jackman, who plays that circus founder, Zac Efron, Zendaya etc.

The Greatest Showman


Crime adventure film about a businessman who meets a geologist. And this is how they team up and go to discover the places that man’s hand has never touched before in order to find gold in jungles of Indonesia. The film includes Matthew McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez.

Beauty and the Beast

The film that is the most expected franchise in 2017 that includes such British stars as Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans. This is a famous story about a young lady that met the Beast and, despite his appearance, fell in love with him. But to be able to break the spell the Beast or the Prince has to return her his love before the very last petal of red rose falls.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

War drama movie that is actually based on a novel of the same name. The plot follows the story of the keeper of Zoo in the capital of Poland. If you ever ask what is the best True Story movies in 2017 the answer is pretty much simple – this movie will touch your heart and leave you with the thoughts about your own life.

The Case for Christ

Christian drama movie about a journalist who is an atheist. He thinks that his mission is to refute Christian faith of his own beloved wife. All this situation leads to his own marriage and family slowly scatter in pieces.

All Eyez on Me

The biographical drama that was originally called Tupac but then changed to another title. This movie plot is focused on the whole life of Tupac Shakur and the career he managed to start until the very end of his life when he was shot in 1996. In fact, this film will be released on June 16 in 2017 – the date that could have been the 46th birthday for Tupac if he hadn’t died in the fatal shooting in Nevada.

All in all, the list of new upcoming films in 2017 that are actually based on true events is very big so any viewers are able to find the one they like the most according to their own preferences and tastes. So what will be the first movie you are about to watch soon?

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