When does come out Saw: Legacy movie 2017

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It is hard to say who does not really enjoy watching horror movies, but year 2017 brings us brand new franchises that are truly believed to be one of the most unusual ones. Can you survive? Well, you will have to, just like all the characters of the upcoming movie we are discussing today. To be able to properly answer the question frequently asked by the fans of scary movies – when does Saw: Legacy come out – let’s go deeper entering into more details about the brand new project of Lionsgate Films.

This is an upcoming movie created by American cinematography which actually represents the eighth installment in the franchise that is also known as “Saw”. According to the information, these films were created by two Australians – James Wan and Leigh Whannell. They have also successfully produced one short film with the same name, as well as taken the participation in making video games based on the stories shown in the original movies. The brand new story brings us to the new murder and never seen before horrible modus operandi (Latin term often used to describe a crime and methods the murderer used to kill the victim).

Saw: Legacy movie 2017

New story line – plot

Even if there were short videos about the eight part of a franchise that is already scheduled to be released, official movie Saw: Legacy trailer hasn’t been represented yet. Surprisingly, but when it comes to the release date of the film, it is planned to come out on Halloween – the end of October 2017 – and it is not a coincidence. According to the rumors that are not yet confirmed by the company distributing the project, this installment seems to be following the events from the previous one. Moreover, the new story line is set many years after the death of the main killer, also known as Jigsaw.

New times bring new problems – even if Jigsaw killer is finally dead, a group of people starts their own investigation caused by the appearing of new series of murders. Apparently, it looks like the new killer finds himself using the same ways – modus operandi – of murdering his victims. When it comes to Saw: Legacy movie release date in 2017, American premiere is promised to be one of the biggest one in the history of the franchise. The fans are expecting to see what the synopsis is supposed to bring them – main characters are struggling with dead bodies that appear in different areas of the city, each of them turns out to have the track of dead John Kramer.

Interesting facts about upcoming film

  • This installment is supposed to be the first movie that will be released a little bit more than a year after the previous one.
  • This part of the franchise, unlikely to the other ones, is directed by two directors at the same time.
  • When it comes to the cast of the movie, the eighth installment is the only one that includes the actor appearing in the previous one.
  • Upcoming Saw is the only one that does not have a number in the original title unlikely to the other parts of the whole franchise.
  • According to the rumors, the movie, as well as Saw 7, were shot in anamorphic unlikely to the other six parts of the film series.
  • Surprisingly, but movie’s script was successfully finished in February – almost ten months before the actual premiere.
  • Filming for brand new installment started at the very end of September 2016. Their first location was Toronto, Canada.

According to the previous rumors, Lionsgate studio was supposed to end the project after Saw3D which came out in 2010. However, they showed their interest in continuing the series and in 2016 have successfully confirmed working for the eight installment. So, when is Saw: Legacy coming to theater in 2017 we’ll probably see totally unexpected never shown before the story.

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