“Replicas” is a new movie by Jeffrey Nachmanoff. All information on the movie, including the answer to …" />

When does come out Replicas movie 2017


“Replicas” is a new movie by Jeffrey Nachmanoff. All information on the movie, including the answer to question: “When does Replicas come out?” you will find in the article below.


  • J. Nachmanoff is a director of the movie. He is known for “Traitor”, “The Day after Tomorrow”, “The Tourist”, “Hostages”.
  • C. Varese is a cinematographer.
  • J.Breedt is a production designer.
  • F. Carrion is an art director.
  • M. Monserrate is a set decorator.
  • J. Santiago is a costume designer.

When is Replicas 2017 coming to theaters?

The exact date of the release of the movie is not set.

Replicas poster

People and Clones

Mankind is on the threshold of new shocks. At this time, the call comes from cloning — a new field of genetic engineering. Cloning has opened up the prospect of extending the biological life of man in a new, identical to the old, body. There was hope for the solution of the infinite continuation of human life. At the same time, the emergence of cloning posed to the public a number of ethical, philosophical, legal, religious, and social problems.


The movie Replicas trailer is not available.

Genetic war

Application of the technology of reproductive cloning in humans has caused the largest number of objections, disputes, and discussions at various levels and directions. The essence of one of the objections is that it is an unnatural form of reproduction which leads to an unnatural relationship between parents and children. After all, the cloned child is the child and the twin of the parent which is taken from the nucleus of somatic cells. The other parent will have to educate the younger “version” of her husband. And how will this look at the parent clone when he reaches puberty?

Fans have already created a sensational set of predictions of the future, in which scientists will produce clones of people left and right. They are like monsters with altered genetic characteristics that will displace the ordinary people or the army replicas of dead villains and bandits. Concerns have been raised about the possibility of the emergence of clones of criminals, dictators and other socially dangerous to society personalities.

It is believed that human cloning gives the opportunity to partially correct the injustices of the past. Perhaps many millions of victims of Nazi concentration camps could be cloned to recover lost genetic branches. The same technology that would be cloned Adolf Hitler can be used to clone Anne Frank! In Russia still serious concern about depletion of the gene pool caused by Stalin’s mass repressions. In a limited sense, cloning would give a chance for a new life to people of the past, whose lives have been unjustly and prematurely broken.

Of course, there are reasonable objections of experts to all of these scenarios that the clone (a genetic twin) of a person may be born in the same way as a person, that is, a woman, after 9 months of pregnancy. In the clone cannot be the memory of his DNA donor, he will have as much right as any other young child, and he cannot be “cut up for body parts” Even fingerprints of younger twin brothers will be unique. But the most important objection is that the creation of human clones is currently still little-studied technology. The risk of developing abnormalities in cloned fetus is very high. And unlike cats, dogs, and sheep, a person has no possibility of rejection of cloned embryos with abnormalities.

After every new success in cloning higher mammals appear next predictions about the end of civilization because of scientists geneticists. And once again begin to argue whether it is ethical or not to give birth to cloned Einstein and Pavarotti. Fantastic prospects for the future for many people are more important than reality. 13 years of cloning technology was not enough to form an adequate attitude of society to it. It is because there are very different ideas about what is right, you need a clear legal regulation of scientific progress, in particular in the field of genetic modification of animals and human cloning. But the regulation, restriction, not a ban, which reflects the views of only one group of people.

Keanu Reeves at an event for Replicas


A scientist, whose family died in car accident, is obsessed with the idea of bringing them back.


  • K. Reeves as Will Foster
  • A. Eve as Mona
  • E. Lind as Sophie
  • J. Ortiz as Jones
  • E. Anthony as Matt Foster
  • N. Hatendi as Scott

Release Date

Replicas 2017 movie release date is kept secret but according to the creators, it is planned to release the movie in 2017, in the USA.

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