List of best 3D movies 2017

Technologies rule the world, technologies make our life better, brighter and more colorful. In the TOP 10 best 3D movies of 2017 to watch, you will find pictures of incredible beauty and image quality.

You can immerse yourself in the world of visual perfection, to give yourself the opportunity to escape from problems and reality, routine and everyday vanity for a while. You are waited by feature films and documentary programs, reconstruction of real events and unique surveys in the most inaccessible corners of our planet. Underwater and prehistoric worlds, exotic countries and unseen animals will open before you.

Enjoy this 3D spectacle!

List of best 3D movies 2017

List of best 3D movies 2017

  1. Geostorm

After a series of catastrophic natural disasters that begin to crumble on our planet, world leaders unite forces in the struggle for survival and create an extensive program of armed satellites capable of preventing natural disasters. Thanks to technology, humanity was saved from the threat within two years, but then something went wrong. The government and the secret service of the United States in the person of Secretary of State Dekkom and agent Sarah Wilson are in confusion. Two brothers, the engineers Jake and Max, should find out the cause of the disturbed functioning of the satellites before the world Geostorm will not destroy all living things.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

One day at Christmas, the old woman knocked on the door of the castle of the young Prince Adam, praying for shelter on such a cold night in exchange for a beautiful red rose bud. But as soon as the arrogant prince drove out the uninvited guest, she turned a powerful sorceress and, in punishment for his stale heart, turned a handsome man into a terrible monster, destined to remain so forever until he meets someone. Who will love him with pure love? Together with the owner of the castle, the charms were laid on all of its inhabitants: the head waiter Lumiere turned into a candelabrum, the butler Cogsworth became a pendulum clock, the musician Cadenza – piano, and the cook Mrs. Potts and Her son Chip turned into a teapot and a small teacup.

For several years the palace, lost in the woods, was in desolation, and the hope that someone would manage to find a way into this wilderness was melting every day. But Maurice came to the palace, getting lost on the way to the fair, and was taken as prisoner. His daughter Belle, after a search for her father, discovered a mysterious palace and persuaded his terrible inhabitant to release her parent in exchange for her freedom. Belle, a charming and intelligent girl who passionately loves books and dreams of real adventures, became for Adam a companion.

Gradually they begin to spend more and more time together, and now they no longer seem strangers to each other.

At this time in the village, where the Belle family lives, an entire army is gathered under the leadership of Gaston which intends to destroy the terrible beast and free Beauty.

  1. Logan

It is the cruelest movie of the TOP 10 best new 3D movies 2017.

The world of mutants fell and is forgotten. Almost lost the ability to regenerate Logan is reclusive, painfully remembering the past and not wanting to have any future. The only person who can restore Wolverine to life – Charles Xavier is in captivity of Alzheimer’s disease. However, the growing threat forces the professor to turn to Logan for the last time and persuade him to fight the Nathaniel Essex corporation, the sworn enemy of the X-Men. In the fatal battle Wolverine helps a girl named Laura Kinney – perhaps, it is she who makes the hero remember his true destiny.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

The young dodger Arthur and his gang act on the outskirts of London. The life and future of the hero change when one day the sword of Excalibur falls into his hands. The strength and power of the legendary sword forces him to make a choice.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Legendary Jack Sparrow is back on screen. Now the fearless Depp is pursued by an ancient evil enemy, known as Captain Salazar. Having recruited a group of the most notorious zombie scoundrels, he is preparing to eliminate every sea ruler who will meet him on the way. Sparrow has only chance to save – with the help of his longtime friends to find the Poseidon Trident, a powerful weapon whose owner receives unconditional control over the waters. Will Jack manage to get hold of the artifact before Salazar kills him?

  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Just knowing the world of the Avengers, fifteen-year-old Peter Parker continues to explore his new superhero essence. Shocked by the battle side by side with the Iron Man, who now becomes his mentor, Peter returns home to his aunt May and gradually enters his usual daily routine. While the guy tries to get used to the idea that now he is more than just a friendly superhero, a new threat is coming upon the city in the person of the ominous Vulture.

  1. Wonder Woman

Born of Zeus, the half-goddess Diana was an Amazonian princess and invincible warrior, daughter of Queen Hippolyta and niece of the general’s wife Antiopa. Once on the sands of paradise lands, hidden from the eyes of ordinary people, the US plane crashes. Steve Trevor, the surviving pilot, informs Diana about the war engulfing the whole outside world, and then the brave Diana decides to leave her homeland, convinced that only she can cope with the deadly threat.

  1. Resident Evil 6

The sixth part continues the story. Mankind is on the verge of total annihilation. Now Alice returns to where this entire nightmare originated – in Raccoon City. The “Umbrella” headed by Professor Isaacs collects all its power to deal a final blow. Teaming up with old friends and enemies, the heroine has to enter into battle with zombies and a new enemy – monsters-mutants. At the risk of losing her ability, because of Wesker’s betrayal, Alice and her allies must win the most difficult battle to save the planet.

It includes in the TOP 10 best recent 3D movies because it was already released.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

The action of the fantastic thriller takes place in the future when the life of people is determined by cyber technologies, and “neural implants”, inserted in the brain, have become commonplace. A unique hybrid of man and cyborg, Major works for an elite unit of the Bureau of Public Security, known as the “Ninth Division” and headed by Daisuke Aramaki. On behalf of the company Hanka Robotics, she must find the terrorists acting under the guidance of a clever hacker nicknamed Puppet Master, who discovered the vulnerability of nanotechnology, which allowed him to “crack” the consciousness of ordinary people.

  1. Fate of the Furious

The movie continues the race of the century along the routes of the whole world. This time the fight between good and evil will stretch from the Cuba to the arctic plains of the Barents Sea. While Dominic and Lathie are enjoying the honeymoon, Brian and Mia are out of the game to raise their children in peace. However, soon on the horizon appears a new player – a woman – criminal leader, because of which the Dominic has to betray friendship and work against his loved ones.

The TOP 10 best modern 3D films 2017 ends now.

We hope that our TOP gave you answer to question – What is the best 3D movies in 2017?

Enjoy it!

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