List of best Hollywood 3D movies in 2017

To date, the creation of stereo films is quite commonplace and every self-respecting film company produces pictures in popular three-dimensional technology.

We are glad to present you our TOP 10 best Hollywood 3D movies of 2017 to watch.

Of course, watching movies in 3D is better on the big screen in a comfortable cinema, where you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the screen show. Feel the state of flight or be in an impassable jungle, where you can reach the banana bunches. It’s a pity that you cannot eat them.

Our list of best Hollywood 3D movies in 2017 will present you all good movies that were already released in 2017.

Thanks to 3D boom and popularity, many well-known companies, including “Samsung” and “Panasonic”, began to produce 3D format TVs. Today progress quickly stepped forward and you can watch 3D movies online without any problems, choosing any movie that interests you.

List of Hollywood 3D movies 2017

List of best Hollywood 3D movies in 2017

  1. Resident Evil 6

Once, Alice worked for the powerful corporation Umbrella, which conducted various nightmarish experiments, and as a result, this led to the fact that the terrible virus broke free. Infected with a T-virus, a person after a short time turns into a bloodthirsty zombie. There are almost no survivors left on the planet, and Alice is the only one who continues to fight against “Umbrella” and the consequences of its experiments. After the betrayal of Wesker, who deprived her of supernatural powers, the heroine became vulnerable, but she continues to fight because the fate of all mankind depends on her actions.

The final battle is to take place in the city of Raccoon City, from where the epidemic began. Alice and several of her associates go to a laboratory called “Hive”, in which the virus was once leaked, and where the antidote is still located. Heroes want to find an antivirus, spread it through the air and thereby stop the apocalypse. But to do all this will be very difficult, because the villains send an army of walking dead to the city, besides, they created a lot of strong bloodthirsty creatures with the help of experiments, it is almost impossible to cope with them. Alice has already gone through much and lost people close to her, so she is prepared to take a big risk to revenge and the save of the world.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Young Arthur hangs out on the outskirts of Londinium with his gang. He does not value his origin at all and is not interested in it. So he lives until the moment when fate brings him to the magic sword of Excalibur. After that, Arthur changes radically – falls in love, joins the resistance movement and unites people around him to overthrow the tyrant Vortigern – the man who killed his parents and seized the throne.

The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood 3D films 2017 because it was already released.

  1. Logan

In the not-too-distant future, Logan, tired of life, takes care of the sick Professor X, who is hiding near the Mexican border. But Logan can no longer hide his past when he meets a young mutant, who is pursued by dark forces.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Once Prince Adam was a real handsome man, but he was too narcissistic, evil and unfair. The Mighty Sorceress decided to teach him a lesson and turned him into a terrible monster, as he was inside. To remove the spell from himself and his castle, which literally became alive, Adam must heal his soul, learn kindness and, most importantly, become a beloved. All this should happen until the moment when the last petal falls from the rose, which the sorceress gave him.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

The struggle against evil goes to a new, neutron level and requires inhuman efforts in the literal sense of the word. Scarlett Johansson fits perfectly into the fantastic criminal cyberpunk drama of Rupert Sanders. “Ghost in the Shell” is a film adaptation of the famous manga of the same name, created by Masamune Shirow.

  1. Fate of the Furious

Dominic and his team face a very strong and unpredictable enemy, which becomes a big threat to them. Heroes will have to find strength again in order to once again defend themselves and rebuff the next enemy. But this time the enemy of brave race drivers will be much stronger and cunning than those that were before. Will the changed team of heroes get out of the situation?

  1. Rock Dog

The first Dog that loves Rock in our TOP 10 latest Hollywood 3D movies 2017.

Meet, the new hero is sent to conquer the city of animals! He is the dog Bodi, and he does not lose heart, despite everything. He dreams of becoming a student of a living rock legend, a cat named Angus. However, Angus has completely different plans.

  1. Kong: Skull Island

On an unknown island comes a team of scientists. They invade the possessions of the King Kong and thereby unleash a battle between man and nature.

  1. Monster Trucks

A high school student, an especially unremarkable guy Tripp wants to escape from his native, but such a sleepy and boring little town somewhere in the American outback. But for this, he needs a vehicle for which he does not have the means. Tripp is not discouraged and begins to build a small truck from the wreckage of old trucks.

At an oil rig located nearby, an accident occurs, which release a monster from the depths of the land. And besides this strange creature has amazing abilities. It can move pretty large objects at unrealistic speed. And this very creature decides to settle in a truck that Tripp manufactured himself.

Now the teenager has a real opportunity is not only to change his monotonous and hopeless life, but also to find a true and faithful friend, because under the awesome appearance of this “monster” hides a devoted and loving heart. However, there are people who want to find and destroy this strange creature. And now, Tripp will have to make every effort and talent to drive a truck to save his new friend from pursuers.

  1. A Monster Calls

It is an impressive story about the boy Connor and the monster from his dreams. At night, the monster tells Connor stories that will help him understand that even when the whole world is collapsing, you can find strength in yourself not to despair.

So our TOP 10 new holly 3D movies ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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