List of TOP 10 good Fantasy movies 2018

Life in a fairy tale is the main motive of this genre of cinema like fantasy. Such films may not have the slightest connection with reality and human life. Animals here have intelligence, people have incredible abilities and there is a place for the most real miracle.

If you wanna watch TOP 10 good Fantasy films 2018, then we are ready to present it.

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  1. Mortal Engines

The events of the movie take the viewer to the distant future. All the wars led to the apocalypse. The world began to gradually collapse and in order to top this collapse, new technologies were created. Now cities float in the air. However, the mayor of London decides to ruin everything. He wants to introduce a dictatorship in the world and, if everything works out, he will unleash another war. This cannot be allowed and the main characters, Hester and Tom, find out how to stop the madman. They have to hurry.

  1. Aquaman

Arthur’s father is a lighthouse worker. Even in his childhood, the boy was very different from his peers. He was very strong, fast; he could breathe underwater and talked to the fish. His mother on her deathbed told Arthur that she was the exiled Queen of Atlantis, who promised that one day her son would take the throne of the King of the Seas. His father helped Arthur control his abilities and learn how to manage them. This will help the guy turn into a real hero – Aquaman.

  1. Ready Player One

Ernest Cline’s work is in the TOP ten good Fantasy movies 2018 in theaters.

The events of the film occur in 2045. The world plunged into chaos and destruction. The collapse is approaching. People are trying to find salvation in a game called OASIS. This is a virtual reality. The creator of the game – Hallyday – left an unusual testament. He will transfer his wealth to the player who will be the first to find the Easter egg. A new quest drew the whole world. The protagonist Wade Watts decides to participate in it. He throws himself into this game full of dangers, riddles, and new discoveries.

  1. Winchester

Sarah is the main character in the movie. She lives in a luxurious house and just enjoys what she has. It turns out that she is the heir of great wealth and does not make big plans for the future. The house is a real maze, the new walls and rooms are constantly being built there. It turns out that the girl does it on purpose. She does not try to make it more beautiful but simply acts according to certain reasons. It turns out that in the castle there are real ghosts. Any mistake will lead to bad consequences. Can she cope on her own in this situation, or does she need help? However, who will dare to take such a risk?

  1. A Wrinkle in Time

The film tells about the girl Meg, whose father was missing as a result of an unsuccessful scientific experiment. After a series of mysterious events, the girl decides to go in search of a parent in the company of her classmate and younger brother. Heroes are waiting for dangerous adventures and numerous acquaintances with representatives of very strange worlds.


  1. Maze Runner: The Death Cure

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Fantasy movies 2018.

For Thomas and his friends, who survived the horrors of the maze, everything is just beginning. He knows: they are looking for a cure for the virus – a ruthless killer who almost destroyed the human race and turned the planet into a lifeless desert. His comrades, boys like him, will be tortured. All because of the fact that their blood contains antibodies that can fight the virus. Thomas and his friends are the keys to the medicines from death.

  1. Venom

“Venom” is the upcoming superhero film. The main character will be a certain Eddie Brock, who was previously a photographer. However, in the life of the guy, there were some problems that made him quit his favorite business. From this moment, he encounters an unusual alien essence. It turns out to be intelligent and, on contact with Eddie, spreads all over his body.

The protagonist during this loses consciousness, and when he came back to his sense, he discovers that the essence, called a symbiote, spread throughout the body. The main character understands that symbiote is intelligent and tries to take him under control. However, Eddie and the symbiote become one and the same and take on a new name – Venom. Together, they decide first to terrorize the streets of New York. Having got used to the symbiote, Eddie Brock starts a new life as an anti-hero Venom.

  1. Pacific Rim: Uprising

New monsters are in the TOP 10 really good Fantasy movies.

From the depths of the ocean came many monsters, called them Kaiju. A war began, which was destined to kill more than a million people. To resist and fight the aliens, humanity created huge robots, two pilots controlled them by means of neural communication.

  1. Annihilation

In the whole world, there is an incredible amount of unexplored places. The center of attention is a new mysterious place, called X-Site. All the scientists of the world are trying to do everything possible to solve the riddle of this phenomenon. People are constantly lost there. Many detachments were already sent there, but none came back. It’s awful, they need to quickly sort out the situation. The task seems difficult, but they cannot give up. A team has been formed for the new mission.

  1. Tomb Raider

Being quite a little girl, Lara adored spending time with her dad. The man was a well-known scientist-archeologist and could spend hours telling entertaining stories and legends to his daughter. With age, the heroine of the film followed in the footsteps of her father. She sincerely believes that the world is full of mysteries and contradictions. Without any doubts and fears, the girl goes to another expedition in search of the unknown.

A list of TOP 10 good Fantasy movies 2018 ends now.

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