List of TOP 10 good Cartoon movies in Hindi

Everyone likes cartoons. They take you to a fabulous country, a world of magical heroes and amazing adventures. It is nice to take your mind off the routine and plunge into the atmosphere of celebration, goodness, and fun! That’s why cartoons are loved by people of all ages.

We are here to present TOP 10 cartoons in Hindi.

If you ready to watch TOP 10 good Cartoon films in Hindi 2018, we start.

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  1. Me and My Shadow

Each person has his own shadow, which follows him everywhere. However, the shadow Stan does not want to accept this. In the past, it hardly agreed on the boring and uninteresting life of the owner, but now his patience has reached its end. He likes jokes and fun that he does not see. Stanley Grubb constantly feels bad. Shadow wants to return his youth because it needs new experiences and acquaintances. For this reason, he is ready to do everything to save his owner. However, the only fact he left without attention – the reluctance of the owner to change.

A still from Me and My Shadow

  1. The Stolen Princess

This remarkable story occurred in the era of valiant knights, beautiful princesses and fighting sorcerers. The ambitious daughter of the prince, the red-haired girl, the beautiful Mila, goes on a journey in order to punishher father and suddenly meets her future brave husband. Unfortunately, bad sorcerer kidnaps the girl. Ruslan has to save her from villain named Chernomor. He is trying to do something terrible. Ruslan will be helped by a far-sighted bird and cheerful hamster.

  1. Gigantic

Jack and Giants are in the TOP ten good Cartoon movies in Hindi in theaters.

It is 16th century, Spain. The young man Jack is incredibly curious and dreamy. This period was marked by many geographical discoveries. Jack always dreamed of being in amazing countries, he felt a strong attraction to the sky. The guy could spend hours watching it. Suddenly, Jack gets a magic seed, which he decides to plant. After a while, a giant sprout appeared. Jack decided to climb up the trunk and after a while, the hero saw a new land. Real giants inhabit it.

  1. Lost Case

Once people plan to go on a trip, they take a large number of things with them. These include documents, books, clothing and financial resources. Anything that can come in handy on the road or become useful on vacation. At the bus stations and airports, you need to take everything in your luggage. People give their suitcases and get them back only when they arrive at the right place. However, often it happens that cases are lost. The explanation for this can be a system failure, an error in the dispatcher’s operation, and much more.

A still from Lost Case

  1. Hotel Transylvania 3

The great and intimidating Dracula continues to keep his hotel and receive a huge number of happy guests. A happy father and grandfather, who even got a puppy for himself, is always at work. He soon realizes that he is terribly tired of this work. The daughter decides to make her father a surprise and give him a vacation. She collects friends closest to her father and all noisy and cheerful company go on a cruise.

  1. Wreck-It Ralph 2

It is the middle of the TOP 10 good english Cartoon movies in Hindi.

The Internet allows many people to immerse themselves in a new world, but it is often not so easy to get out of it. The main character has amazing physical strength. Suddenly, Ralph realizes that in the past he did a lot of bad things to other inhabitants of the universe. He decides to correct the situation and for this, he decides to change himself and travel in the virtual space. After that, the hero is in a completely new and unfamiliar world. Ralph begins to understand that in this environment, he gets the opportunity to use his abilities.

  1. The Secret Life of Pets 2

Max has a lovely house, a constant food, and a cozy bed. However, the main thing in this is that he has a host Katie. She brought him to her home when he was still small. However, there is only one thing that does not like the pet. Every day the girl leaves the house in an unknown direction and he has to spend time alone. Max is waiting for her. However, each owner has to go to work to pay for housing, buy food and much more. For this reason, animals have a lot of free time, which they spend as they wish.

  1. The Incredibles 2

Incredibles are in the TOP 10 really good Cartoon movies in Hindi.

Mr. Incredible led an active heroic life: he saved the world, helped people and fought against villains. However, after the marriage the main character had to settle down, the children were soon born, so there was no time for superhero adventures. However, the work of the clerk, which was chosen as a cover, as well as regular family responsibilities, began to bore Mr. Incredible. He remembered the old days and returned to superhero activities. The next mission turned into an unpredictable meeting with a former fan, which became a villain now.

  1. Lino

From an early age, Lino was a rather weak-willed and emotionally stunted person, not trying to change his own life. He was accustomed to letting things slide by themselves, which led to many deplorable consequences. The hero is already old enough, but alone. His house is actually falling apart, he has no friends, no lover, and also no hope for a brighter future. Only work as an animator in the kindergarten remained. Little children constantly criticize him. That’s why he decides to make radical changes.

  1. Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad

A young fox named Swifty is a writer. His main dream is to become a member of the Husky team, delivering parcels. Everyone knows that the icy expanses do not have the opportunity to grow vegetation, and therefore, to receive food. There is practically nothing in the Arctic and for this reason, all goods are received from other places. The duties carried out by Husky are incredibly valued and respected. Become a member of the team is honorable. Swifty goes on a crazy adventure.

Arctic Justice poster

A list of TOP 10 good Cartoon movies in Hindi ends now.

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