When does come out Get Out movie 2017


Thriller entitled «Get Out»  will come to the cinemas very soon. This film has a very interesting story, and after watching the trailer as soon as there is a desire to go to this movie in the cinema. All lovers of good and interesting thriller want to know: «when does «Get Out» come out?» and «what will be the plot of the movie?» All this information you can find in this text.


Trailer of the movie «Get Out» has been available online since 24 November 2016, since the release of the trailer number of people willing to see the film increased with each passing day, the film’s plot is really quite interesting and new.

Get Out movie 2017

The trailer begins, as is often the case with horror films, with quiet music, a young couple, Chris and Rose want to go out from the city to the girl’s parents countryhouse, her boyfriend asked her if she had said her parents, that he is a black. But she just laughed and said, that’s ridiculous. At the entrance to the house a couple accidentally knocks wild deer, police inspector arrives and requests documents from Chris, though he did not even drive the car. After becoming acquainted with her parents Rose Chris notes that all workers in the home, a gardener, a maid dark-skinned people, the result is that all black people were under the terrible hypnosis and do not understand what they are doing. When Chris finds out that large number of dark-skinned people get lost near the parents’ house, and begins the hunt for Chris.

Release date and forecasts

The release date of the movie «Get Out» will be in February, 2017. Standby rating is 99 percent in favor of those who will go to the premiere of the film. Forecasts for fees are also quite optimistic, the movie should collect at the box office a big amount of money. The exact answer to the question: « When is Get Out 2017 coming to theaters?» is already known. The movie premiere will take place on February 24, 2017 all over the world.

Get Out 2017


Cast of the movie includes big number of talented actors. The main roles are played by:

  • English actor Daniel Kalu played the main male role, who masterfully played in one of the fantastic episode of «Black Mirror». The actor also took part in the shooting of films like “Johnny English Reborn”, «Kick-Ass 2» and others;
  • American actress Allison Williams takes the role of the the girlfriend of protagonist, which is more famous in the television format;
  • Also American actress Catherine Keener attended in the film attended, she was awarded the entire two Oscars for the films «Being John Malkovich» and «Capote», both awards were presented for Supporting Actress. Catherine in the film played the mother of the heroine and main antagonist of the film, which hypnotized the people;
  • American actor Bradley Whitford played the Rose’s father, who is also a villain. The actor is also famous for a large number of series. For the mini-series «The West Wing» actor was awarded three golden globes;
  • the actor Lake Stanfield attended in the film, that is famous for the films «Snowden», «Voice of the streets» and the thriller «Judgment Night 2»;

Thus, every lover of good detective thriller with elements of horror movies is to watch the film «Get out». The film will keep on their toes every spectator until the end of the session. So it is not known whether the unfortunate Chris is escaped from the trap or the same will be another puppet in the hands of madmen.

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