List of TOP 10 good Sports movies 2018

Sports movies will open doors to you in an amazing world, which is an integral part of the huge universe of physical culture that promotes the development and improvement of people. They will tell interesting and truthful stories about curious events and people, about famous athletes and talented coaches, triumphs and defeats, winners and defeated, legendary matches and competitions.

If you ready watch TOP 10 good Sports films 2018, let’s begin!

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  1. Three Seconds

The film tells about the incredible confrontation between the USSR and the USA basketball teams at the 1972 Munich Olympics. For 36 years before this fateful meeting, the US team was invincible. Nobody even thought that someone could win such opponent. However, the coach of the USSR team, despite everything, believed in his team. As a result, he was able to make the players believe that they can do the impossible.

Three Seconds Film Shoot

  1. Hurricane Kid

The sports film will tell the story of the father and son. In his best years, Todd Lawrence was an unsurpassed star in the ring of mixed martial arts. Persistent training and a fleeting manner of battle brought him not only the title of the champion but also the nickname Hurricane. Frankly, success and fame did not just happen, Lawrence had to work hard and sacrifice much for the sake of victories. Over time, he began to understand that he becomes weal due to his age. Todd left the ring, got a family, and raised a son. However, past victories do not allow to live quietly. Lawrence himself can no longer act, becoming only the shadow of that fighter rapidly moving around the ring. Therefore, Todd decides to continue winning the ring, but with the help of his son Jake.

  1. The Big Fight

Ukrainian mixed martial artist is in the TOP ten good Sports movies 2018 in theaters.

A profound film about professional fights. “The Big Fight” is a story of overcoming the pain, own fears, and old grievances. “The Big Fight” is a truly honest film about wrestling in the ring and in life. Each of the heroes in it has its own truth, which they are ready to protect to the last.

The main hero of the movie is Egor. He is a professional mixed martial artist. One day he was framed and accused of the murder of his coach. The story begin when he was released from prison. Now he wants to find that guys who framed him and punish them. On his way to the goal, he will meet bad guys, bad and good girls, a lot of fights, and more.

The Big Fight poster

  1. 15 Rounds

The film brings up the topic of the shadow business associated with boxing. In the category of illegal sportsmen (mostly emigrants), they are powerless and do not have money to practice their favorite sport and they do not have the legal opportunity to enter the big sport. Such, mostly Latin American people, accustomed to survive with the help of fists in poor neighborhoods become participants in battles in the underground ring. Only incredible efforts, tiresome training, and strong-willed nature lead the boys to victories, which everyone dreams of since childhood.

15 Rounds poster

  1. Gold

After independence from Britain, India for the first time participates in the Summer Olympics of 1948 in London as an independent state and represents the largest delegation in its history. It is clear, in such circumstances, a gold medal would be very good. It is the story of the preparation and the way to the cherished victory of the national team in hockey.

  1. Creed II

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Sports movies 2018.

In the 98th year of the last century, the widow of Apollo Creed, a former heavyweight champion, learns that her deceased husband had an illegitimate son and finds him in one of the orphanages. A woman takes the boy and brings up like as her own. 17 years have passed and now Donny has a good work, but most of all the guy dreams of taking place as a boxer. He turns to Tony Evers, who once coached his father and Rocky Balboa, but he refuses the protagonist.

Marry is very worried about her son’s desire to become a boxer, as she has already lost her husband in the ring and does not want Donny to become the next. However, the stubborn guy goes in search of Rocky and eventually convinced the former sportsman to become his coach.

  1. The Sons of Summer

Joe, Jack, and Johnny are brothers living in the small provincial town of Rapland, which left far behind its former greatness and baseball glory. This mining town, like most such settlements, does not give young people the main thing, because of what they are leaving it for big cities – the opportunity to realize their cherished dream.

Many years ago, this town was proud of its baseball club, which broke records of popularity among its kind. Those days have sunk into oblivion, after all the best sportsmen invariably left the city, aspiring to participate in competitions of a higher rank, giving an opportunity for advancement in a sports career.

  1. The Rocket

Josh The Rocket is in the TOP 10 really good Sports movies.

Since his childhood, Josh Davis was preparing to become a great football player. He goes to high school and waits for his time, but life plays a dirty trick with him: Josh gets injured and can no longer play football. Will he be able to realize himself in another sport and cope with new difficulties on his way to fame?

  1. Young Again

Young Again is an exciting sports drama, tells the story of a young kid who helped the baseball team achieve high results over a long period. During the games, coaches and managers of sports events paid attention to him. Now the time has come when the young athlete was offered to take a worthy place in the team.

Behind the Scenes in Young again

  1. Ice

Nadezhda Lapshina is a figure skater from Irkutsk. The persistence and perseverance of Nadezhda was a wonderful addition to her talent. A famous coach noticed the girl. The athlete was expecting a great future.

However, one day she got a serious injury. Nadezhda goes to the hospital. The neighbor of the figure skater is hockey player Sasha. It turned out to be not a very good neighborhood – the guy annoyed Nadezhda. She could not even think that they would soon become friends.

Sasha helped Nadezhda. He forced her to move, eventually, the figure skater returned to ordinary life. The next stage is to return to the ice…

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