List of best Sports movies 2018

If there is someone who likes sports or an active fan, then he likes to watch sports movies. In this section, we have tried to collect the most interesting sport movies of 2018 and put them in TOP 10 best Sports movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we begin.

List of best Sports movies 2018

  1. Duel of Legends

Dax probably would not survive after the tragic death of his parents, if the wandering monk, the martial arts teacher, did not take the boy. He brought up the child as his own son and gave him his skill…

Dax has long grown up. He is a CIA undercover agent. He needs to find direct evidence of the involvement of one criminal group in trafficking in Los Angeles, and then use them in court. And Dax becomes a member of an underground fight club. Unexpectedly, the performance of his official duty helps him solve the mystery of the death of his parents – Shin (the local champion in underground fights) is involved in their murder, and the black book that Dax’s father kept is the reason for it…

Isaac C. Singleton Jr. and Gustavo Cardozo in Duel of Legends

  1. Vratar Galaktiki

Due to the galactic battle of extraterrestrial races that occurred in our solar system near the Earth, the Moon collapsed and the poles of the planet shifted. Above the city of Moscow raises a huge alien ship – it’s a stadium where competitions are held, remotely resembling modern football, but only at incredibly high speeds. This is a spaceball game. When it starts – the world stops and everyone watches the game where Athletes play. The price of each game is high because the win or loss determines the fate of entire planets…

Vratar Galaktiki

  1. Creed II

Sylvester Stallone is in the TOP 10 best modern Sports films 2018.

Elderly athlete Balboa, who was a professional boxer, becomes a mentor of a promising, talented boy, and later a close friend. In his youth, he did not have equal rivals in the ring. After retiring, he became the best coach, withstanding any competition in this profession. He tries to pass on to the beginning fighter all the available skills and techniques of win-win boxing, helps to start acareer path in an uneasy business. His disciple Adonis persistent, aimed at an indispensable victory, thepatient in achieving the goals set, does not give up in the most difficult situations. The circumstances are complicated by the fact that a young pupil of a “boxer in the past” is the son of the deceased Apollo Creed who was his main rival and a hated enemy in the past.

Men competed for a long timefeeling hostility, but gaining experience, a real friendshipwas born. Former rivals unexpectedly became close friends, but their life paths differed widely in different directions. Rocky won the championship title, and Apollo was killed in the ring in a cruel and unequal battle. Adonis was not familiar with the blood father, raised by his mother, who did not want to communicate with her ex-husband. The child grew up, turning into a strong, self-assured youth.

Creed II

  1. Thrilla in Manila

It is a reproduction of one of the most intense and brutal fights in the history of boxing. October 1, 1975, two great American champion rivals Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier met for the third time in the ring.

  1. Speedhunters

The action in the film will unfold in the near future in the world of great races. A colorful set of riders and technical personnel is involved in the struggle for revolutionary technology, which is completely capable of changing the world. Of the four main characters, two will be from China. It is assumed that their roles will be played by famous actors from the China.


  1. Sweetwater

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Sports movies.

People have always wanted to learn about the life of their idol, whom they admire and genuinely love for his achievements, unaware that the real life of their hero remains “out of range.” The main character of the film is a dark-skinned basketball player Nathaniel Clifton who made a revolution in basketball. Unfortunately, very few people know that behind the bright popularity of a famous athlete is the long and difficult path of a beginner basketball player who dreamed of breaking into the big leagues, becoming a star and favorite of the public.

Nathaniel’s youth came precisely in those years when basketball was just gaining strength, becoming one of the favorite sports, which popularity quickly crossed the borders of the United States and went to conquer other continents. Throughout America, homemade sports grounds were built, where mischievous boys from morning till night learned the basics of a new game, trained tirelessly, learned to jump, throw a ball.

The young guy did not suspect that he would become the first black basketball player to sign a contract with the famous club “New York Knicks.” The first match, in which Nathaniel took part, became a springboard to fame and success. After this stunning match, the whole country knew the basketball player.

  1. The Big Fight

The big fight is the story of the fighter guy – Egor. He was just releasedfrom prison where he got to on a fabricated case about the murder of his mentor and coach. Egor wants to find and punish the true criminals. On his difficult journey, he meets the girl of his dreams and the friend whoturns out to be the worst enemy. Will Egor win in the biggest battle of his life and will he be able to take revenge on the murderers?

The Big Fight

  1. Sandow

The movie will tell us a story about young man who tries to find “Sandow The Magnificent”(great bodybuilder) in order to become his protégé.

  1. Hurricane Kid

The sports drama film immerses the viewer into the world of mixed martial arts and adrenaline. Todd Lawrence’s best years have passed in a ring, being the master of the mixed single combats. A serious approach to training and full self-giving in the ring made him an unbeatable fighter.But over time, the peak of glory passed, and health forced Hurricaneto leave the coveted ring. Frankly, now, Todd has a second chance to fell once again the joy of victories in the ring. Acting as a coach for his own son, Lawrence Sr. is waiting for Jake to prepare enough to repeat his father’s exploits.

Hurricane Kid

  1. Tri

It is the leader of the TOP 10 best new Sports movies 2018.

The movie will tell about the football team, its history, and great wins.

TOP is coming to an end.

Hope it helped find the answer to the question – what is the best Sports movies in 2018?

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