List of Hollywood Teen movies 2018

Typical teenage movies are always different to the standard ones – these are the stories full of different astonishing emotions only teenage girl or young adult boy can experience before entering the world of adult life when the entire world and all the feelings are felt way different.

Today we are representing our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Teen movies 2018 showing the relationships between contemporary young teenagers and the problems they suffer from.

10. Everything Everything

This film is based on a contemporary book of the same name written by Nicola Yoon. This is a perfect story for teenagers as it follows young girl with a rare disease who later on falls in love with a next-door guy that has moved to the house quite recently. The girl, however, suffers from SCID which makes it impossible to her to go outside and interact with the things that have not been disinfected previously. The nurse takes care of her whilst the mother of the girl is out of the town.

One day she notices new family moving to the door next to hers and her eye catches a nice guy of her age. The same day the guy with his mother comes to their house in order to give a piece of cake but the mother of the girl rejects it. The girl, later on, herself, finds out the boy she is falling in love with has an aggressive father. Two begin texting after the boy writes his phone number on the window.

9. Fallen

Next contemporary movie from TOP 10 new holly Teen movies focuses on the story of a young girl being sent to the special school for young adults and is based on the novel with the same name release quite recently. Afterward, she finds out about fallen angels protecting her from the evil.

8. Before I Fall

17-year-old teenager Samantha keeps waking up on the same day – February the 12th. The first day passes as any usual school day – she is picked up by her best friend on the way to school, meet her other three best friends and together they head to the school on Cupid’s Day. There Samantha is given a beautiful rose from the guy in love with her that, afterward, invites her to the party at his. She decides to come there with her friends. During the party the girl named Juliet everyone at school makes fun of shows up at the party and Samantha’s friends abuse her so that she runs away. As the film unfolds its plot, the viewer finds out Juliet committed suicide after the party. When the girls left the event to go back home, their car was hit by something and all four died. Apparently, it was Juliet. Samantha wakes up again on the same day and everything repeats. In the end, she manages to save the life of Juliet by tossing her right in front of the track and killing herself. Juliet sees her body and whispers that she saved her life. Meanwhile, the spirit of Samantha sees that and replies “no, you saved me”.

7. Teen Spirit

This film on the list of Hollywood Teen movies 2018 follows a young teenager willing to leave her small town and family for better life prospects to become a pop star. With the unexpected assistance of a mentor, young girl, despite being very shy, manages to enter the singing competition on an international level that tests her as person revealing her ambitions, desires and an iron will.

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6. Forever My Girl

This romantic film for teenagers follows a young guy – he is the one who used to be a superstar in his country. He is related to music and was known for creating astonishing music performances. One day, he makes a decision to return to his place – the home where he had left all the things behind before he went away, including the love of his entire life. This project is the brand new adaptation of the book of the same name and has been creating within a few years in a row.

5. The Darkest Minds

Another film from TOP 10 best Hollywood Teen movies of 2018 to watch follows young girl with extraordinary abilities. She runs away from the organization, a camp, to join the group of teenagers similar to her. They decide to use their abilities in order to prevent the government from the following actions.

4. On Chesil Beach

This film is also based on the novel by a British author in 2007. It is more a drama movie rather than romantic ones; however, it perfectly fits the potential expectation of modern teenagers looking for particular films for their age. The story follows a young couple who just got married and went on a honeymoon. The film represents what it would be like if we had not done something we thought would be the right decision or action. After getting married, the couple goes on a honeymoon on the seashore to stay in a small quiet hotel.

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Afterward, the man finds out a little bit more about the past of his new wife who is terrified of sexual intimacy due to her being abused many years ago. That leads to the conflict as the woman rejects having sex with the man and disappears from his sight – this scene will follow him for the rest of his life.

A still from On Chesil Beach

3. Love, Simon

Another perfect teenage movie from TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Teen films 2018 – it follows young man Simon who is a gay and always sends the letters to his “boyfriend”. Suddenly, an unknown person finds out about their relationship and threatens their true sexual orientation to the whole school. Meanwhile, Simon is trying so hard to save his family and friends from that.

2. Midnight Sun

Two teenagers fall in love together but one of them dies. This is a story about a girl suffering from the rare skin disease making it impossible to put her skin under the sun. She unexpectedly falls in love with a guy that plays guitar and the girl is obsessed with music, too. Two experience real teenage love but the girl does not reveal she suffers from the rare disease. Her dream is to record a few songs she has written by herself which she manages to do before she dies.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Bella Thorne in Midnight Sun

1. Every Day

The first position on the list of best Hollywood Teen movies in 2018 belongs to typical film for modern teenagers starring former Disney Channel star Debby Rayan. Her character, being the antagonist of the film, falls in love with the guy who seems to change the personality every day which happens under his control.

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Debby Ryan in Every Day

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