List of TOP 10 good Teen movies 2018

Teen films are suitable for young people. As a rule, this is a demonstration of party lifestyle – alcohol and dancing, fashionable guys and beautiful girls, first dates, and young love, cool cars, and other attributes. In addition, this TOP can include comic book heroes and other flashy movies.

If you ready to watch TOP 10 good Teen films 2018, let’s begin!

List of TOP 10 good Teen movies 2018

  1. Venom

The evilest and insidious enemy of the well-known spider-man is Venom. In this film, we will see the details of his story. By itself, Venom is a symbiosis of the body of an ordinary man with a parasite of extraterrestrial origin. Venom is Eddie Brock, the same hero who was created deliberately and eventually turned into one of the most irreconcilable and dangerous villains all over the planet. The primary goal of the parasite is to take control over the host.

  1. A Star Is Born

The plot of an exciting film introduces the audience to a young girl who one day firmly decided for herself to move to Hollywood in order to become a popular singer. Being very ambitious and talented, she still did not fully understand that these qualities are not enough to achieve glory. Most of all, efforts will have to be made in order for the audience to love the performer, then perhaps success will gradually come. Initially, her plan did not work, which is why she began to think about returning to her native town. Only once, she was lucky enough to meet the famous singer…

  1. Step Up 6

Dances, dances, dances are in the TOP 10 good english Teen movies 2018.

The world of dances is full of feelings, passions, and emotions. In addition, everyone here dreams to be the best. Las Vegas gathered talented dancers from all over the world. Heroes will have to go through many trials. However, the spirit of rivalry is strong and does not allow them to stand still, forcing to move forward. Sean and Andy took part in a dance fight. The person is self-taught and his favorite girl is professionally engaged in dancing. Sean collects his own team, which leads to the final.

  1. Deadpool 2

The protagonist shown in the film is a mercenary, that is, a person who, for a good money, is ready to deal with any person. His life was always connected with crime in one way or another, but it did not bother Wade Wilson. However, on one of the most ordinary days, his life completely changed and turned upside down after he learned about a deadly diagnosis. As it turned out he had lung cancer and he did not have more than a few months to live. At the same time, he receives a proposal from a strange secret government organization that offers him a medicine in exchange for becoming a test subject in a secret laboratory. The hero agrees.

  1. Avengers: Infinity War

Over the years, a powerful titan named Thanos tried to find all six infinity stones that were located in different parts of the universe. Now, when he managed to find the particles of the artifact, he finally collected all six stones and put them into the gauntlet. Now he can calmly start to conquer the world because a stronger and more powerful creature simply did not exist. Since that time, a terrible threat has loomed over humanity, it is almost impossible to cope with it.

  1. Pacific Rim Uprising

It is the midpoint of the TOP ten good Teen movies 2018 in theaters.

The movie centers on the battle for the Pacific Rim, upholding the independence of the Earth. Kaiju monsters are cruel and inexorable, they spread fear, ruin, death. All living things are subject to destruction, invaders need only natural resources. Terrible aliens cannot be stopped, so they are strong and modernized. However, the defenders of the Earth were well prepared for a battle with monsters. A new generation of manned robot-rangers, equipped with the latest information and technical progress, has been formed.

  1. The Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The main characters of the picture – a group of teenagers possessing unique abilities, attracted the attention of scientific workers of the secret organization WICKED. Young children were thrown into a complex labyrinth. Their task is to get out of the maze in order to survive and return to their relatives.

Having unraveled the secret of the mysterious construction, the team escaped from it, but the founders of the corporation do not want to let Thomas and his friends go.

In recent years, the WICKED has been fighting the new virus Flare. It carries a mortal threat to humanity. The best players can find the cure for the disease. Thomas is one of them.

  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Chris Pratt is in the TOP 10 really good Teen movies.

The film tells an incredible story about the consequences of creating dinosaurs in the modern world. In the park, a failure occurs, and all dinosaurs run out. From the park, there are only ruins and dinosaurs in search of shelter and food have invaded the civilized world. They threaten not only the people who created these reptiles, but also ordinary people. Park brought a lot of income to its organizers. However, there were people who are interested in the war of monsters – reptiles against the human race.

  1. Midnight Sun

It’s no accident that Katy plays outside at night: she suffers from a rare disease – acute intolerance to sunlight, which can lead to bad consequences and even death. Feeling inferior, the girl finds solace in her hobby – watching passers-by, one of whom is the attractive sportsman Charlie. She really likes this young man. Communication between young people gradually flows into romantic feelings and the main character becomes happier than ever before. However, Katy decides to keep silent about her illness.

  1. Love, Simon

It is a story of Simon who is gay. He tries to hide this from all the people who know him. However, one day, one person learns about his secret. What will be next?

A list ends now.

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