List of TOP 10 recently released Teen movies of 2017

A stand-alone genre variety in cinematography is a teen movie. It is not surprising that the main characters here are graduates of schools, students of colleges and higher education institutions. According to all the rules of the genre, in these films, there is just an abundance of scabrous jokes, and the interests of heroes do not go beyond love relationships, parties and the use of psychotropic substances. With all these crazy teens manage to solve difficult life situations with brilliance.

We are glad to present you a compilation of new Teen movies releases in 2017.

As stated, the teen movie is the category of films is primarily suitable for young people. As a rule, this is a demonstration of a rampant life – alcohol, and dancing, fashionable guys and beautiful girls, first dates and young love, cool cars and other attributes are so familiar to this age. These films must not look in order to find morals or deep speculations, although sometimes there are quite worthy creations ready to give food for the mind. And for the most part, this movie was created for fun and laughter.

Let’s begin to watch list of TOP 10 recently released Teen movies of 2017.


Today, many young entrepreneurs are tormented by the search for a profitable business, and for this, it is necessary to look at what services are required by others. Gregory coped with this task and founded a firm. His team provides clients with alibis in unusual or sensitive situations. What will Gregory do when the father of his bride wants to use the services of the company?

If you want to hide from obsessive admirers, it’s plausible to refuse an unwanted meeting or simply skip school for a good reason – the Super “” will easily come up with and give a worthy excuse. The father of beloved Gregory needs a cover for the most standard thing – a meeting with his mistress. The guy needs to work not only for the sake of the family happiness of the client but also to save their relationship.

The whole situation is complicated by the fact that the girl Gregory is an ardent supporter of the truth and pathologically despises all liars. The comedy is full of fascinating and sometimes absurd Gregory’s attempts to get out of the situation.

  1. Mad Families

Crazy families are in the compilation of latest Teen movies in english 2017.

Independence Day is an important holiday for many Americans who prefer to spend this day surrounded by their closest and most loved people. American citizens go camping or a picnic, and try to celebrate this solemn day as much fun as possible. The same goal was pursued by the heroes of this picture – an ordinary American family, who decided to relax on Independence Day in a country camping.

However, it was not easy to get the desired last place, because young Latin American and African American families also want to relax here. In the institution, there is only one free space for which three families claim, but none of them is going to sacrifice their own rest in favor of competitors. Determine the winner in the struggle for the right to be at the camping rivals decided in a very unusual way. In the movie, they arranged a match, the triumphant of which will receive the last free place, and the losers will be forced to go home with nothing…

  1. Bad Kids of Crestview Academy

A new group of students as punishment was left on Saturday at the elite academy. After one of the students closest the teacher, who was left behind to look after them, strange events begin to happen…

  1. Drunk Parents

The family couple, suffering from alcoholism, is developing a “cunning” plan, which, they hope, will allow them to hide from their daughter and closest friends the true extent of their financial problems.

Drunk Parents

  1. Monster Trucks

The protagonist of the comedy film is a happy owner of an old car with a real monster under the hood. Being a typical teenager, Tripp dreamed of getting out of a small town and for this enthusiastically built a monster trail. However, his real meal ticket is a monster, getting out of the ground during an incident on a drilling rig. An unknown creature climbs into its old jeep and becomes the best engine for the car. Tripp’s life is changing rapidly, he has found a new friend. Monster Creech and Tripp seem to be created for each other, but there are people who want to separate them.

  1. Monster Calls

The fifth place of the list of TOP 10 Teen movies recently released in 2017.

Something incredible has happened to a talented boy named Connor. In appearance, he is the same as other children of his age, but sometimes the appearance is deceptive. When the soul is particularly hard for the boy, an old tree, growing under the window, comes to his aid. The monster’s voice supports Connor in difficult situations and tells stories that inspire confidence in his own abilities. After such support and attitude, all difficulties become surmountable, and sadness and longing go away forever.

  1. Take the 10

The history of this film is so interesting and incredible that it is impossible to imagine how fate will turn for the heroes at the next moment in time. The fact is that they are completely different from each other – one of them is an idle store manager, and the second is a real drug dealer, it is difficult enough to imagine what could have been in common between these two friends. The fact is that fate itself decided to tie the two heroes with strong enough ties and now the story is evolving, showing again and again how interesting the story of two completely different friends can be if they find themselves in an unexpected and critical situation.

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Wimpy Kid is again on screen in a compilation of newly released Teen movies 2017.

Convinced of the urgent need, of course, not without the help of Greg, on a long trip to their almost 90-year-old grandmother, the family goes to congratulate their beloved grandmother on the anniversary.

But “Wimpy Kid” has his own plans, and this time he will definitely become famous and he will get it right. However, as expected, family antics will go too far and everything will get out of control, bringing down grand hopes.

  1. Colossal

A funny and amazing story happened to the heroine of the film – a young girl named Gloria. Having lost her job and her boyfriend, she is forced to leave New York and return to her hometown to try to start a new life from scratch. Upon arrival, Gloria goes to the bar, where she meets Oscar.

New friends had a good walk, but in the morning the girl could not remember anything at all. While Gloria is trying to restore the memory, TV channels show the latest world events. Seoul was attacked by a giant monster, which destroys everything in its path. That’s only Gloria begins to notice that her actions are very similar to the actions of the monster, and therefore – they are related in an inexplicable way…

  1. Fist Fight

It is the leader of the TOP 10 modern Teen movies of 2017.

The main event in the secondary school is a conflict between the two teachers. Andy Campbell was used to doing everything by the rules, which led to the dismissal of his colleague Ron. This marked the beginning of a real war, which Ron announced to the meticulous teacher. Until the last moment, Andy was confident that their little misunderstanding could be settled by peace.

However, everything has gone too far and the battle of the teachers is inevitable. Andy is trying to prepare for the fight, but until the last moment hopes that the conflict will be resolved by peace, even though the passions are heating up.

TOP 10 Teen latest movies 2017 is over.

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List of TOP 10 english Teen movies 2017

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