List of TOP 10 good Teen movies 2017

Teen movies are a non-standard category in the cinema which produced primarily for the younger generation. You ask why? Is it not interesting for older people to watch such films? Not at all! Teen comedies differ from other genres only that they tell about a fun student life, study in a college or university, first love… and of course a lot of jokes that are associated with these events. Therefore this genre will be interesting for people of all ages. Youth comedy about love will charge you positive energy for the day!

The theme of love in such films deserves special attention. After all, the most amazing, and sometimes unconventional situations happen with young people. Student years in hostel generate a large number of absurd situations, filled with positive. And, of course, it is worthy to capture such moments in the cinema. The youth comedy about love not only can improve moods but also prolong your life through laughter.

Fist Fight

In our TOP ten good Teen movies 2017 in theaters you will find a large selection of such films that will help you and your friends to have fun and carefree time.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Teen films 2017.

  1. Drunk Parents

The main characters of the movie are the Frank and Nancy who are proud of their financial situation. They have a big house, expensive cars and a clever daughter who just graduated from school. But, having spent the daughter in college, the spouses understand that they do not have to money to pay the college. At night, they decide, secretly from friends, to arrange a pretty drunk garage sale.

Drunk Parents

  1. Bad Kids of Crestview Academy

The events of the dynamic film take us to a suburban elite school, where children of politicians and wealthy entrepreneurs study. The main heroes of the comic thriller have been used behave badly since childhood because their parents are able to solve any problems. This is why many of them fell into a suburban academy resembling a boarding school. Most of the year, children spend in the walls of the school, going home only for the holidays.

At the beginning of the narrative comes another holiday, which means that the children must leave the school in order to spend time with their parents. But a strong storm begins, blocking the way out of the building. Realizing that they will not be able to get home again, the heroes decide to find entertainment. The choice falls on the ancient rite, which allows summoning demons and ghosts. Initially, the guys just fooling around, but when they perform the rite, terrible and incomprehensible events begin to occur in the building. The situation is only complicated when the students learn that in the past there was a damned Indian village on the school site.


It is how to make an alibi is in our list of TOP 10 good Teen movies 2017

Each person at least once in his life needed an alibi. The purposeful Greg took this idea as the basis for developing his own business. His company quickly became successful, because it did not have competitors on the market. Greg’s clients were very different people: from a simple worker who needed an excuse for his next delay to a traitor husband or an official. At the same time, while the affairs of the young businessman went uphill, he took care of his beloved girl, who soon became his wife. Greg was absolutely satisfied with all his achievements until one day…

  1. Mad Families

On Independence Day, three families were given tickets to the same place. As a result, the insane families decided to arrange a series of competitions among themselves, the winner of which will get the cherished place. Contests came up with a variety of things, from verbal battles to battles in the mud.

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Greg convinces members of his family that they all need to go on a trip to personally attend the grandmother’s 90th birthday. This serves as a cover for his own plans: the boy expects to get at the game convention, passing nearby.

  1. Colossal

It is the middle of the TOP 10 really good Teen movies.

The life of Gloria is on a black streak. Almost at one time she parted with the guy and loses her job. These events lead to the fact that the girl falls into depression and begins to abuse alcohol. Deciding that the change of scenery will help to cope with the trouble, Gloria leaves New York for the city where she grew up. Already on the road, she learns that at this time on the other side of the world there is a catastrophe. In distant Seoul, a huge monster rages and destroys everything in its path. Gradually, Gloria understands that there is an inexplicable connection between her and the monster. Somehow the girl controls all the actions of the supernatural being, and it is her negative emotions that give him vitality.

  1. Snatched

Crazy girls in the TOP 10 good english Teen movies 2017.

Emily breaks up with the guy. Then, wanting to take a rest, she persuades her mother to go on vacation to Ecuador in search of adventure. At the place of their arrival they are kidnapped, and women are trapped in the jungle.

  1. Take the 10

While Chester works on double shifts at the grocery store and dreams of saving money for a trip to Brazil, his friend Chris spends whole days getting into debt and dreaming of attending another concert.

  1. Monster Trucks

It is a fantastic comic thriller, telling about the unusual friendship of a young man who loves speed and dreams of participating in steep races, and a certain monster that emerged from the depths of the earth as a result of the accident on the rig. This friendship turned out to be beneficial for both. Tripp wants to have his own car, a monster is about returning home. They have the opportunity to help each other.

  1. Fist Fight

When one schoolteacher achieves the dismissal of another, the latter wants to beat him.

TOP 10 new good Teen movies 2017 release date, you can find on the Internet.

Thank you for watching!

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