List of TOP 10 recently released True Story movies of 2017

“The film is based on true story” – such an inscription can be found in the initial credits of quite a few films. Most often this is nothing more than an advertising move designed to increase profits from the rental of the film. However, in this compilation of new True Story movies releases in 2017 is collected exactly those films, which in fact were based on real events.

Let’s begin to watch them.

  1. War Machine

General Stanley McChrystal is an odious person in the history of anti-terrorist operations. The film is based on a documentary book by reporter Michael Hastings and is dedicated to the Afghan period in McChrystal’s military career.

  1. All Eyez on Me

Chronicle of the life of the famous rapper Tupac Shakur up to the fatal shooting in Las Vegas in 1996.

  1. Stronger

The cruel marathon is in the compilation of latest movies in english based on True Story 2017.

The film tells about the terrorist attack in 2013 at the annual Boston Marathon. On this fine and ordinary day, an annual marathon was held in the city, in which everyone participates. For a large city event, a large number of policemen and doctors were involved in order to ensure order, suppress petty hooliganism and provide assistance when necessary, because in a colorful multi-mile race involved adults and children, young people and the elderly. It seemed that the whole city took to the streets, there were so many fans and participants. Nobody imagined that among ordinary people there are two terrorists who will put into action deadly devices. Panic and horror, blood and weeping, turmoil and lawlessness…

One of the victims of the terrorist act, Jeff Bauman, a 27-year-old guy, his girlfriend was participating in that marathon, and he was waiting for his favorite at the finish. Jeff suffered from the first explosion and then lost both legs. Subsequently, the guy assisted the police in the search for terrorists.


  1. Granite Mountain

A terrible forest fire is in TOP 10 True Story latest movies 2017.

There are many types of fires. One of the most dangerous and destructive, no doubt, is a forest fire. The element is able to cover a multi-kilometer area, incinerating all life on its way. Often, not only forests but also nearby cities are threatened. In 2013, a lightning strike caused a fire in a dry windfall in one of the Arizona forests. The group of twenty firemen was tasked to stop the progress of the fatal flames towards one of the settlements. As a result, the team was trapped, from which only one hero could get out, all the others were burned alive.

Granite Mountain

  1. Marshall

The movie will tell us about the life of the Thurgood Marshall. He was the first black Supreme Court judge.


  1. Alone in Berlin

It is the Golden Mean of the list of TOP 10 True Story movies recently released in 2017.

It is the beginning of 1940 of the last century. Berlin. Events affect the couple Quangel – representatives of the working class. Recently, their son went to war. Parents did not want to let the guy go, but Hitler’s machine simply did not leave them any other choice. At the beginning of the movie, it turns out that the fears of the heroes were not in vain: the postman brings them a “funeral”, from which it follows that their son was killed while performing one of the tasks. Anna falls into despair, and her husband Otto begins to reflect on the advisability of the fascist regime.

Having come to the conclusion that a man in power is a real devil, a man decides to start his own war. Modifying his handwriting, Otto draws postcards, which encourages people to rebel against the regime and overthrow the tyrant. He throws them on the streets, trying to attract public attention. When his wife finds out about this, she decides to support her husband and starts to get out to the city together with him and distribute postcards. Soon the self-made partisan leaflets are recognized by the leadership of the Gestapo. One of the Hitler’s officers is instructed to stop “criminals” by any possible means.

  1. Hidden Figures

The great mathematicians are in a compilation of newly released True Story movies 2017.

The African American team is conducting a series of mathematical calculations for NASA to launch the first space mission.

  1. The United Kingdom

The history knows a huge number of novels and unions, which rightfully can be called strange. In the film, you have to get to know one of these stories. The Prince of Botswana is the fiancé, but the bride is a simple resident of London. Already, due to the fact that the statuses of the newlyweds were different, indignation may arise. But the racial conflict that arose through the fault of this marriage is much worse. The lovers did not want such a turn, it is important for them to be together, but it seems that the whole world turned away from them.

The elders of Botswana were also opposed to this marriage, as for the government of Britain and South Africa, they also did not like this union. That’s only true sincere love can overcome any obstacles, no matter how strong they might be. Prince Seretse Khama for the sake of his love is ready for anything, even to abdicate the throne. As a result, he was expelled from the country. But the protagonist remained faithful to his Botswana and did much more than accepting the crown. He managed to achieve independence for his country. This story will introduce you to the first president of Botswana. What will end this novel, which prohibits society? Will people be able to accept the protagonist as he is?

  1. Queen of the Desert

This is the story of Gertrude Bell’s life. She was born in England in a wealthy family. However, she was not at all attracted to secular life with constant balls and proper receptions. To get away from this all, the young girl goes to Tehran to her uncle, who works as a British ambassador. Arriving, Gertrude takes a great interest in studying local culture and soon falls in love with a young guy named Henry who works in the embassy. However, when young people decide to marry, Gertrude’s parents are categorically against their marriage, considering Henry wrong fiancé for their daughter…

  1. Zookeeper’s Wife

It is the leader of the list of TOP 10 recently released True Story movies of 2017.

The film tells about the caretaker of the Warsaw Zoo Jan and his wife Antonina. In 1939 there are terrible times – the Second World War begins. The zoo was badly hit by bombs. As a result, some of the animals died, some fled, and some were taken away by the Germans. Jan and his wife decide to use the vacated premises of the zoo to hide Jews who secretly move to them from the Warsaw ghetto. However, the Germans begin to suspect that Antonin and Jan are hiding something and often visit them…

TOP 10 modern movies based on True Story of 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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