List of best Hollywood movies Based on True Story in 2017

It’s kinda hard to come up with stories that are equally exciting, entertaining, thrilling, moving and thought-provoking, and that is why the modern-day screenwriters/directors love to make all kinds of “based on real events” films. They find the most amazing real-world tales and use their vision and skills to deliver major masterpieces. And, as always, our TOP 10 latest Hollywood movies Based on True Story 2017 list will get your acquainted with the best ones that are coming out (or are already available) this year.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

We all know Arthur from the children’s books and numerous movies, but this film is about something else: never before have the Hollywood honchos delivered such a fancy, stylish, entertaining and simply spectacular blockbuster. The story follows Arthur’s march on his enemies, the ones that killed his parents and doomed him to a life outside the gates of the kingdom. This valiant young man will lead his people into the greatest battle of their lives and will claim the throne that is rightfully his. Expect a fantastic mix of CGI effects, a grandiose setting and a fine cast of characters. If you love historical movies with just the right amount of thrill, check it out!

Deepwater Horizon

A gigantic oil rig 40 miles off the gorgeous coast of Louisiana is home to hundreds of hard-working Americans. And when the recklessness of the chiefs leads to an explosion, the lives of every single person on the rig are put in great danger. The blast kills several crewmen, and, if the rest of the team fails to stop the calamity, everything will be lost. This movie is heavily based on the 2010 oil spill – the worst one in the history of the United States. The survivors of the tragedy are real heroes; so, if you’re looking to check out TOP 10 latest released Hollywood films based on True Story 2017, put Deepwater Horizon on your list.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Sparrow is back, and he’s gotten himself into even more trouble than ever before. The legendary captain is trying to trace and snatch the Trident of Poseidon, a centuries-old artifact with enormous power. At the same time, a crew of cutthroats is coming after Jack, and all they want is his head on a plate. Furthermore, an army of ghosts is also chasing the poor fella, which means he’ll have to be swifter than all of them. Otherwise, this will be his last adventure. The ghost pirates need the artifact to obtain control over the 7 sees, and if that happens, the whole world will turn into a disaster.

Bitter Harvest

Stalin, the tyrant of the Soviet Union, single-handedly put the innocent Ukrainian people through hell in what’s known as the Holodomor. These events took place between WW1 and WW2 and took the lives of countless folks. This is the story of the resilient, valiant, enduring men and women that went through it all and survived against all odds. The Soviets were looking to expand, and they were merciless to the rebels. Of the TOP 10 new holly movies Based on True Story, Bitter Harvest is the most touching and moving one. It’s thought-provoking, poignant, riveting and heart-wrenching.

The Lost City of Z

This movie is partially based on real events that took place in 1925, even though it is heavily inspired by the bestselling novel of the same title. Two adventurous explorers, Henry and Percival, are putting everything on the line just to locate the mysterious City of Z. They believe it’s “hidden” somewhere in the Amazon forest, and the discovery of such a magnificent relic will turn their lives upside down. They’ve got their families traveling with them, and the explorers are really hoping to find undeniable proof of the city. However, they seem to be going in circles, and when Percival and his son vanish without leaving a single trace, the trip turns into a fight for survival.

The Ottoman Lieutenant

Lillie, a gorgeous and noble nurse from the United States, cares a lot about people and wants to make a difference. She wants to turn the world into a better place, and that’s exactly what makes her leave her home, go to the Ottoman Empire and help those in need. Soon, she meets Ismail, a lieutenant of the Turkish Army. The Turks are fighting the Armenians, and, as the tension keeps rising, Lillie tries very hard to find her place in this ever-changing world where women aren’t considered to be equal to men. This is one of the greatest “contestants” on our list of Hollywood True Story movies 2017.

Birth of the Dragon

Heavily inspired by a real story, Birth of the Dragon follows the legendary Bruce Lee and his duel with Wong Man, the most famed and renowned Chinese martial arts master. The two men had a great fight in Chinatown back in 1964, and people are still telling all kinds of unbelievable stories about that day. Some people believe that fight made Lee a true master and an icon. The fans of martial arts and kung fu, in particular, are in for quite a delicious treat! Expect a fine mix of amazing fights, the amazing atmosphere of the 60s and two undisputed champs in a grandiose duel.

Birth of the Dragon


Mr. Wepner is the fella that inspired Stallone to create the iconic Rocky movie series. This simple man from New Jersey managed to stay on his feet for 15 straight rounds against Muhammad Ali, the best boxer the world has ever seen. He gave ten hears of his life to boxing and had his body beaten up like no other fighter out there. However, his hardest skirmish was outside the ring: he struggled with drugs, alcohol and had breath-taking ups and devastating downs. Of the TOP 10 best Hollywood True Story movies of 2017 to watch, this one is a no-brainer.

Bleed for This

Pazienza inspired countless folks from all over the world with his undying persistence, resilience, and endurance. The man broke his neck in a terrible car accident, and, even though the doctors told him he’d never box again, he proved that everything’s possible, as long as you want it bad enough. He used to be a great champ before the crash, but he became a legend after he overcame all the obstacles and returned to the ring with the help of Kevin, his trusty trainer. As far as the most impressive comebacks in sports go, Vinny is right there among the leaders.


Mahavir, a legendary Indian wrestler, dreamed of having a couple of sons to train them after his constant failures as a pro athlete. But, destiny gave him daughters, and together they made history. Geeta and Babita became the first Indian ladies to win at the Commonwealth Games back in 2010 (gold and silver medals). Their story is both uplifting and motivating, which is why our list of best Hollywood movies Based on True Story in 2017 wouldn’t be full without it. Check our nominees out and let us know what you think!

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