List of best True Story movies 2018

All feature films can be divided into two categories. The first, the biggest, tells that all events and characters in the film are fictional. The second, on the contrary, tells that the stories are based on real events and claim to historical authenticity. We have chosen the best examples of such movies and put them in TOP 10 best True Story movies of 2018 to watch. Here you will find the best true story movies.

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List of best True Story movies 2018

  1. Hotel Mumbai

The movie will tell about the terrorist act – the largest Indian city was subjected to the most massive terrorist attack in its history. Groups of militants from different sides penetrated into Mumbai and attacked in several places at once. Armed with machine guns, submachine guns, and hand grenades, they broke into hotels, restaurants, railway stations and shot people there. The epicenter of the terrorist act was Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

Dev Patel in Hotel Mumbai

  1. Vita and Virginia

The movie is a story of lesbian love that might be in our society. The story tells about two writers who fell in love with each other and had both love and creative relationships in their own family life. Their love affair inspired them to write a large number of books and works. Throughout the film, the viewer can see how these love relationships develop and see, on the other hand, the contempt of society for their family relationships. The film captures and keeps the viewer tense for a long time, thus, making him worry about the fate of the characters in the picture.

  1. Packs

The main idea of the movie is drug trade. It will tell about the rise of marijuana in America.

  1. The Angel

Ashraf Marwan is in the TOP 10 best modern True Story films 2018.

The movie is about Ashraf Marwan – an Egyptian billionaire who supposedly was an Israeli spy or, perhaps, an Egyptian double agent. A movie is based on a book by political scientist Uri Bar-Joseph “Angel: The Egyptian spy who saved Israel”, which tells about the life of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Thanks to this man, Tel Aviv was notified of the preparation by Cairo and Damascus of a military attack on the country in October 1973. In addition, the information received from Ashraf Marwan, allowed to prevent a terrorist act which was organized by the former leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi.

Ashraf Marwan

  1. Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

This amazing story, based on real events, will not leave anyone indifferent. It is World War I. Stubby is an unfortunate wandering dog, who once was lucky to find himself a real master and friend. It was a soldier of the American army Robert Conroy. He arrives in New Haven in the 102nd Infantry Regiment of the 26th Yankee Division. He noticed a stray dog, took it to his room and gave him the name Stubby. Since then they have been inseparable. Stubby even went with his owner to France, where they have a new friend – local infantryman, Gaston Baptiste. Together they will fight and experience an incredible number of difficult moments. Stubby more than once rescued his friends, and soon, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant in the US Army. This was the first time in history when the dog was awarded such an honorary title for valor and combat merit. This is a vivid example of how an outsider, through courage, turned out to be a real hero.


It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent True Story movies.

The movie will tell about four underage girls who fell in love with a guy and decided to bet on who would get pregnant first from him. What will come from this?


  1. Prism

The movie will tell about the Sinaloa cartel.

The drug addiction in Mexico is much more than just a criminal problem. Its activities affect all spheres of the life of the state. In particular, the activity of drug cartels has become a factor hampering the development of the republic’s economy. In the depths of Mexico are about 545 trillion cubic meters of shale gas and 13 billion of shale oil. In 2013, the government passed a law to end the 75-year-old monopoly of the state-owned company Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and the opening of the oil and gas sector for private investment. However, this did not bring results. On the contrary, in the last decade, the volume of raw materials production in Mexico has decreased by one third. The fact is that the most attractive for mining areais located in the eastern state of Tamaulipas and are in the hands of criminal groups. As a result, foreign companies, primarily American companies, consider the work there too dangerous.

In recent years, criminal syndicates began to develop and other types of business. Today they carry out illegal traffic of migrants and prostitutes. American analysts in the fight against terrorism predict that cartels can soon become couriers for international terrorist and extremist organizations.


  1. Broken Souls

The movie will tell about people who were kidnapped by a drug cartel. The events unfold in 2009.

Broken Souls

  1. Pep

The movie will tell about Willie Pep (real name William Guglielmo Papaleo). He invariably belongs to the top 10 best boxers of all time. Having a 26-year-old pro career in boxing, Pep spent a fantastic amount of fights even for his time, he fought in the 40-60s of the last century. The track record of the greatest Italian-American boxer totals 242 duels, 230 of which Pep won (11 lost and 1 draw). The elusive Willie was not distinguished by outstanding physical strength and power. He was simply an exemplary boxing fighter of counterattack style.

William Guglielmo Papaleo

  1. Joel

Here is the leader of the TOP 10 best new True Story movies 2018.

The events of the film unfold in the beginning of ninetieth. Its main hero is a serial killer who throughout his “career” killed seventeen prostitutes…


TOP is coming to its end.

We hope it answered the question – what is the best True Story movies in 2018?

Thank you for being with us!

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