Death Race 4 official release date

Death Race is one of those series that nobody really took seriously. However, over the years, it has turned into a pretty great franchise with rave reviews both from the critics and the fans.  Centered on a brutal reality show with enormous ratings that features inmates who fight each other for freedom, DR is most definitely a crowd pleaser.

Ok, when is Death Race 4 movie release date 2018, exactly? It’s definitely coming, dear readers, and we’ll get to see it next year. The exact day is not set yet, but you can rest assured the producers will announce it soon. If we had to make a wild guess, we’d say January/February, because the previous two installments were released during that period.

Just The Right Team For A Mighty Comeback

The original Death Race movie hit the theaters back in 1975. To this day, some folks are calling it one of the best movies in history. Overall, there are four installments in the franchise, and at least two new ones are coming.  AKA Anarchy, the 4th chapter will reintroduce the characters of Trejo and Koehler. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no info about the plot.

Death Race 4 poster

But, given the fact that this is a DR movie, we don’t really need to know anything about the story to be hyped up for the upcoming release. Paul Anderson is working on the script with a team of talented screenwriters, while Don Paul, the director, is making sure the final product will be something to be proud of. Please remember that chapter four is rated R, which stands for violence, strong language, and sexual content. So, keep your kids away from the screen!

Taking The Series To The Next Level

The Death Race 4 DVD release date is mid-2018; it will most likely come out in August. Good news: sources claim the film is already done, and the production team is simply perfecting it to deliver a big-time blockbuster. Next year will actually be a great time to roll in with DR 4 because let’s face it: there is no better franchise about brutal racing, and if you’ve been a fan of the series since back in the day (or, at least, since 2008), then you already know what to expect at the theaters.

Right now would be a good idea to go back to the first chapters and get yourself “updated” on where the story’s at. The screenwriters claim the characters from the past will play a key role in the new installment. Again, the Death Race 4 DVD release date in 2018 is close. The biggest question right now – will this be an epic movie with grandiose action scenes and a gripping plot or just another so-so CGI-heavy movie?

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