List of best Car movies 2018

Adrenaline-rushing chases, beautiful CGI effects, unbelievable stunts – that’s what we’re looking for in a modern-day film. We’ve got just the right list of TOP 10 best new Car movies 2018 that feature pretty much everything we just mentioned.

If you’re a fan of fast rides and blood-rushing action, check out every single title in this post. They’re not all about cars and come with solid plots with twists, great acting and then some. Alright, let’s buckle up and see what we’re dealing with.

  1. Alita: Battle Angel

Welcome to a futuristic sci-fi reality. People can’t live without robots and are using AI implants on every step of the way. It’s been 30 decades since a devastating war, and humanity has forgotten what it was like back then. However, there’s a new threat on the horizon, one that they won’t be able to deal with.

Unless, of course, a hero steps up and does what’s necessary. Alita is half-robot, half-human. Actually, only her brain is organic – the rest is metal. She’s destined to save mankind. But what about her own dreams and nightmares? Will she be able to battle those?

Rosa Salazar in Alita: Battle Angel

  1. The Commuter

Neeson has been playing bad-ass cops, military men, and politicians for as long as we can remember. This time around, he’s just a profiler, not a superhero.Still, a group of lethal terrorists kidnaps his family and threatens to murder them unless he becomes their puppet.

The bandits want the man to kill a witness who’s currently being transported to a more secure facility. So, what is the hero supposed to do? Follow their instruction blindly, hoping they won’t touch his loved ones or find a way to infiltrate their ranks and put an end to their evil deeds? Of the TOP 10 best recent Car movies, The Commuter is a must-see.

  1. Dragged Across Concrete

The story follows two cops – a hard-boiled vet and a hot-headed youngster. They don’t always play by the rules and constantly get in trouble for that. This time around, the media catches a glimpse of their brutal actions and turns them into public enemies #1.

The chief suspends them, but, instead of staying low and hoping for forgiveness, the fellas ride out into the sunset. They need to earn some cash – ASAP – and head into the dangerous criminal underground. What are they expecting from this trip? One thing is obvious: they’re going to regret this decision. Fast-paced, funny and gripping, Dragged Across Concrete is a true masterpiece.

  1. Quick Draw

It’s not easy to survive on the unforgiving streets of Los-Angeles. You gotta always be on the lookout and trust your instincts. Otherwise, some psychos will kill you without even breaking a sweat. This upcoming nail-biter comes with one of the best car chases of the year and some rough-tough action. If you’re into that kind of a thing (who’s not, right?) make sure to give Quick Draw a chance. Dark, grimy and tense criminal thrillers are always popular in America, which is why we think this one is a worthy pick. Ok, put it on the list of best Car 2018 and let’s move on.

Quick Draw

  1. Batgirl

Yep, the DC universe is about to turn into the biggest competition for MCU, and Batgirl is right on top of their priority list. It’s been a while since we saw this adorable (and lethal) young woman on the big screen and will be happy to check out this movie. Joss Whedon (yep, the man who turned the Avengers into a modern-day classic) will be directing this epic blockbuster. It will be a spin-off to the Bats and chronicle the life of Batgirl. Don’t tell us you’re not excited! We bet she’ll have her own Batmobile and drive around the city like the queen that she is.

Batgirl promo

  1. Bad Boys for Life

Yes, that’s right: Smith and his long-time partner might be coming back next year. Nothing’s officially confirmed yet, and that’s the sad part. The happy part is that Bay is quite interested in going back to this record-breaking franchise.

The previous two installments were commercially huge and folks still love the awesome mix of fun, drama, action, and everything else in between. As far as the TOP 10 best Car movies of 2018 to watch go, Bad Boys for Life is right there among the very best. You know these fellas are going to drive the fanciest rides and look cool doing that, right?

  1. Ready Player One

Cline created a true masterpiece with RPO and conquered the hearts and minds of numerous teenagers around the world. And now the big honchos in the industry are ready to release the official movie adaptation. It’s set for a March 30th, 2018 release and is shaping up to be quite a crowd pleaser. We bet Ready Player One is going to be one of the most successful films of the next 12 months and a sight for sore eyes. Yes, there’s a lot of computer graphics in there, but it is about a virtual world, so, it’s only fitting.

  1. Mortal Engines

In the future, the world has turned into a wasteland, and people are seeking shelter in the gigantic cities. It’s not safe to stay in one place all the time; so, humanity has found a way to make them mobile. The cities have wheels now and are roaming the world, searching for food, water, and destroying other cities for the resources.

This is a harsh reality, and only the meanest ones will survive. Tom, the main character of this movie, comes across a mysterious girl from the outside who has the solution to the crisis mankind is walking into.  Of the TOP 10 best modern Car films 2018, you gotta find time to watch this one!

Mortal Engine Coming

  1. Bumblebee

Who doesn’t like the Transformers? We most certainly do, and now that Bay is taking us back to the 80s with the latest installment, the franchise is starting to look more exciting than ever. Bumblebee is stuck in ’87 and can’t find a way to reunite with his friends. Charlie is a troubled young woman looking for a special someone that will change her life forever. It’s safe to say that after she meets this shabby VW, it flips her entire world upside down.

  1. Ferrari

Mr. Ferrari left a huge legacy, and it’s up to us to honor and appreciate it. This biographical drama has been in production for more than 15 years. Bale is an awesome candidate for this role and is going to deliver one hell of a performance. Ferrari today is not just a fancy company that manufactures expensive cars.

It’s got more history than any other brand and we’re really hoping that this film will find a way to make that message as clear as possible. Ok, we’re done with the what is the best Car movies in 2018 list. Drive safely!

Christian Bale Takes on Ferrari Biopic

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