List of best Cop 2018

Films about policemen and police officers have been around ever since the dawn of the movie industry. Patriots, traitors, crooked cops, and just regular folks trying to do their job – the range is pretty wide. Today we’ll discuss the TOP 10 best new Cop movies 2018.

Generally, releases in this genre mix action, thriller, suspense, blood-rushing scenes, car chases, big-time government conspiracies and everything else in between to make the plot exciting. Other times, the directors/screenwriters find one awesome idea and build the whole thing around it. We’ve got enough of both on our list.

  1. Bad Boys for Life

Smith and Lawrence became international superstars after the very first installment came out in the previous century (in 1995). Back then, black fellas were only starting to develop a strong voice in the industry and getting major roles in blockbusters. Chapter 2 saw the light of day in 2003, and we’ve been waiting for the third film ever since. Thankfully, the producers are promising to bring the heat next year. Nothing’s officially confirmed yet, but you can also feel it in the air. In any case, we would definitely like to see the boys back and doing their own thing.

  1. Den of Thieves

If you love actions slash thrillers about heists, this one is among your best picks in 2018. Nick is one of the finest thieves in America, and he’s about to steal something of huge value. However, while busy planning his perfect heist, he finds himself right in the middle of two violent mobs that threaten to put him down.

Furthermore, the cops are on his tail and are about to lure him into a trap. The cast of the Den of Thieves is truly epic and includes Gerard Butler and the best-selling hip-hop artist 50 Cent, among others. Of the TOP 10 best recent Cop movies, this one’s a must-see. Expect a gripping mix of action, drama…and Gerard Butler.

  1. The Commuter

What is a man supposed to do when a group of mysterious terrorists abducts your family, the only people he truly cares aboutand gives him an ultimatum? Does he follow their instructions and proceed with something unthinkable – kill an innocent man – or does he give up on his family just to save that person?

The hero of this blood-rushing cop thriller decides to do whatever the captors are telling him while trying to find out as much as he can about them. Neeson plays a regular man who gets involved in a huge conspiracy (big surprise there!) and must save the day against all odds. Sounds fun, huh?

  1. G.I. Joe 3

Admit it: you’ve been waiting for the third chapter ever since you saw the ending credits to the second movie. It was pretty awesome, and, even though it’s not about the regular cops, the heroes of this story are still policemen who risk their lives to save the world. Rumors claim this could come out earlier if not for Johnson’s super-busy schedule.

Well, let’s hope that will give the team more time to perfect every single detail. There’s a crazy chance of the Joes teaming up with the Transformers. No official dates are set, but we would definitely like to check that one out! Ok, let’s go on with our list of best Cop 2018.

G.I. Joe reboot

  1. The Raid

Do you remember the ground-breaking Indonesian film that turned all the heads in the industry when it came out? Yes, that one. Get this: Hollywood is working on an official American remake that is set to hit the theaters next year. Honestly, we’re a bit skeptic about this one, because it will be extremely hard to shoot a movie that will top the original. Still, it will be interesting to keep an eye on this project – maybe it will blow up after all? The good news is – Mr. Carnahan, the director of the aforementioned Bad Boys 3, will work on this one. So, expect a whole lot of action scenes and fist fights.

The Raid Remake

  1. Ride Along 3

Nobody could’ve predicted this franchise’s success. It was just another funny banger about two cops. But these days, it’s one of the strongest series. The third chapter is set for 2018, and both Hart and Cube seem to be quite excited about it. The partners are tracking a new plague: creepy big clowns and a wave of artificial drugs. Knowing these two, we bet their oh-so-serious investigation will turn into a hilarious chase in the first 15 minutes. And that’s exactly why we love RA! Because of the TOP 10 best Cop movies of 2018 to watch, this one’s great for chillin’!

Ride Along 3

  1. Angel Has Fallen

In the beginning, Banning had to defend the president of the US in Washington and fight back against the evil Korean invaders. In chapter two, the terrorists killed every single European leader and the two of them – Banning and the POTUS – had to navigate through dangerous London streets and survive against all odds.

This time around, judging by the title, the heroes will be defending Angel – the president’s plane. It’s actually not clear whether Eckhart will return to his role or not, but Butler is officially confirmed. Either way, this is one of those blockbusters that invite you to turn your brain off and relax.

  1. COPS

Remember the iconic TV-series about cops that used to be huge back in the day? This is the movie adaptation, and before you close this page and leave, just know that the director of Zombieland will be taking care of this project. If you saw the recent Lethal Weapon “serialization”, then you already know what COPS will be like. Comedy mixed with action always works, especially if you spice things up with awesome stories, great acting, and big budgets. Let’s just hope they deliver on their promises. Without a doubt, this is one of the TOP 10 best modern Cop films 2018.

  1. Dragged Across Concrete

Ridgeman and his partner have been handling the criminals in their hometown for years. However, after the media gets its hands on a video of them doing more than the law allows them (for a good cause, of course), they get suspended. With almost no cash in their pockets and out of perspectives, the fellas decide to head into the dangerous underworld of thugs and vagabonds to get what rightfully belongs to them. They have no idea what’s waiting for them there. But, you can’t back down once you enter – those are the rules…

  1. Skyscraper

Yes, Johnson is featured in yet another film from our list. He’s one of the most popular male artists, so, no surprise there. A war wet, and a highly skilled member of FBI’s HRT unit in the past, the man is now enjoying the career of a security expert for skyscrapers. While on a business trip to China, he witnesses a super-tall (and safe) building collapse.

Somebody wants the local authorities to think that he’s to blame turning Will into a fugitive. But he can’t run because his family is still in that skyscraper. The only way out is to find the real criminals and clear his name. Alright, that was our what is the best Cop movies in 2018 list. Stay tuned for more!

Dwayne Johnson in Skyscraper

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