List of best Detective 2018

There’s a tiny detective living in all of us, and that is exactly why we appreciate the movies in this genre. They’re always gripping, thrilling, suspenseful and full of tension. We’ve got the list of the TOP 10 best new Detective movies 2018 for you right here and right now.

Ranking from 10 to 1, we’ll discuss the most anticipated releases of the upcoming 12 months and see what the industry has in stores for us. These days, folks mix all kinds of “ingredients” together to create something worth our while. With that said, don’t be surprised to see a couple of action-packed bangers today.

  1. The Commuter

He used to be just another profiler with the police, but now he’s forced to go against the law and kill somebody. If he refuses, the people that are holding his family hostage will execute them. His mission is to locate and put down a mysterious witness that the Feds are taking into custody. Hitting the convoy while it’s en-route is his only chance. While racing against the clock, the hero is trying to figure out who’s hiding behind the mask and bring the kidnappers to justice. He’ll only have one shot at this, which means he’ll need to deliver his A-game if the profiler wants to make everything right.

  1. Proud Mary

Mary is one of the finest hit women in Boston. Her reputation is untainted, and she’s currently working with a family of mobsters, doing the dirty work for them and getting paid along the way. However, when her latest mission goes south, Mary comes across a little boy.

He changes her life completely, forcing her to make the hardest choice in her life. In this line of work, you can’t just drop everything and walk away. So, what’s it going to be for the killer? Will she go back to her old masters, or will she find a way to do what’s right? Of the TOP 10 best recent Detective movies, this one’s a sight for sore eyes.

  1. Quick Draw

Common is not new to blockbusters. He’s making a comeback in 2018, and by the looks of it, the man is ‘bout to deliver yet another modern-day detective classic. This is a tale of revenge, and that automatically means there will be a lot of blood spilled. The hero is making his way through the rough-tough streets of an unforgiving city. Expect a fine mix of blood-chilling shoot-outs, intense one-on-one action, and a lot of top-notch car chases. Again, watch out for Quick Draw!

Quick Draw

  1. The Rundown 2

It took this franchise 14 full years to get back on its feet. Back in 2003, Mr. Johnson, also known as The Rock, an incredibly popular actor these days, got his breakthrough role in the original The Rundown. The wait is over, and we’ll get to see the big, scary, yet good-hearted man back in action once again. There’s no telling whether chapter #2 will meet our expectations or not, but we simply had to include The Rundown 2 on our list of best Detective 2018. Next year could actually use a great comedy in this genre.

The Rundown 2

  1. Mission: Impossible 6

Even though Mr. Cruise is way over 50, he still looks like the same guy who took over the world when the first MI hit the theaters. Late July 2018 is when the 6th installment is set to come out, and that’s exactly why there are no details about the plot. But, knowing Cruise and the talented folks behind this series, we bet they’ll come up with something quite huge and impressive. After all, if not for this franchise, detective thrillers slash blockbusters might’ve never gotten to where they are right now. So, fingers crossed for MI 6!

  1. Ocean’s Eight

Just like Mission Impossible, the Ocean series is one of the GOATS. Get this: all the other installments were all about a bunch of men fighting and outsmarting other men. This time around, it will be the ladies running the show. Debbie (also an Ocean, by the way) is planning the biggest heist ever and is busy getting together just the perfect team for the job. No fellas allowed – this is gonna be a gig for the women. Of the TOP 10 best Detective movies of 2018 to watch, we think that this one will be tons of fun at the theaters.

  1. The Irishman

Whenever De Niro, Pacino and Pesci get together, that automatically means the film will turn into a highly-expected release. These three are true legends of Hollywood, and it’s nice to see them all back together again after all those years. Frank is connected with the labor union and has been doing some work for the mob. The cops are investigating the killing of Hoffa, a leader of the union and a US citizen. Was Frank somehow involved? What was his role in that story? You’ll find out when you watch this biographical crime masterpiece.

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in The Irishman

  1. Soldado

You do remember Sicario, right, the groundbreaking movie that hit the theaters in 2015? Well, the official sequel is on its way and will debut late 2018 (December 31st, to be exact). No official info on the story; same goes for the cast. We do know, however, that Blunt won’t be a part of the second installment. Furthermore, Soldado will be more violent and realistic than the original film. Police investigators, FBI agents, crooked cops and the most feared criminals – that’s what you’ll get from one of the TOP 10 best modern Detective films 2018.


  1. The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Mikael, an investigative journalist, and Lis, a gifted hacker, get together in an attempt to make sense of a web of lies, secrets, and betrayals. The case that they start working on involves corrupt government officials, crooked operatives, criminals (both regular and cyber) and a whole lot of other variables. It’s going to be extremely hard to make sense of it all, but they are the best at what they do. Besides, Lis has a personal stake in this and is not about to let the thugs terrorize innocent folks anymore.

  1. Sherlock Holmes 3

Alright, this is the last “entry” in our list, friends. It’s probably not surprising to see the third chapter of the Holmes series on top – we couldn’t do anything about it. After all, he is the greatest detective to walk the Earth. The previous 2 chapters received international praise both from the critics and the fans, and now it’s time for the 3rd installment to arrive. What will the story be like? Will Sherlock work with his good old friend again? And who’s going to be the villain in this film? One thing is for certain: you now know what is the best Detective movies in 2018!

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