List of best Dance movies 2017

Surprisingly, people find dance films quite motivational and breathtaking. Ballet dancers, as well as the ones who prefer mixed styles, show exhibits their talent and feelings through the dancing they like. Such film contains motivational messages and situation where people have to make a particular choice and fight to achieve their goal and commit the life to dancing. But some persons associate word “dance” with something old found many years ago, but the one said, “don’t we want to involve somewhat new, don’t we want to progress?”. That is why we made TOP 10 best new Dance movies 2017 that contains some really good franchises.

However, the precise dates of upcoming dance films can be still unknown. There is also a rumor that 2017 won’t be full of movies about different styles of moving your body. So, our list contains the franchises you may have already seen but these ones gained incredibly big popularity among the viewers. We are representing the movies that made a particular influence on dancing styles and choreography in general.

TOP 10 best films about choreography to inspire you to start dancing

List of best Dance movies 2017

High Strung

This movie was released in 2016 but it still stays one of the best movies about music and dance. The plot follows a ballet dancer Ruby who attends Conservatory of the Arts in Manhattan which has always been her dream. Meanwhile, a young violinist from Britain performs in the local subway so that he can make some money for living in this big city. Both meet each other, fall in love and make the most incredible performance mixing classic music, ballet, and modern dance movies.

Dance Academy: The Movie

This upcoming project follows Australian original academy of dancing that aired in 2010. It represents the story of the dancers and their lives. They show how they still feel their passion to dancing, struggle with everyday difficulties and rivalry. Tara is a great dancer but the everyday routine draws her in because in the past she slipped in her final audition and broke her back. She says she can never dance again. But she decides to give it a try and brings her old life back – she is fighting every day so hard to live her dreams and finds her own way.

La La Land

American musical film starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that came out at the end of 2016 and is still scheduled to be released in 2017 in some countries. The story begins with starting the career young actress Mia that got stuck in the traffic on the busy streets of Los Angeles. She meets Sebastian – jazz pianist. Unfortunately, her following audition doesn’t go well and she comes back home disappointed. Afterward, Mia and Sebastian start communicating more and share their passions for acting and jazz. The story follows amazing dance moves mixed with jazz music and difficult life of talented and gifted people. That is why this project is on TOP 10 best recent Dance movies.

Step Sisters

Upcoming dance comedy about Jamilah – a student of the college and successful captain of the whole team of talented step dancers. Her dream is to study in Law School in Harvard. But she has to help to solve one problem – the school she attends is now full of white girls. Her task is to teach them how to step dance and win the dance competition.

Step Sisters

Another Cinderella Story

Teen musical dance project. Even if this film aired on TV in 2008 it is still one of the most breathtaking franchises on the list of best Dance movies 2017 starring Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley. This is a contemporary story of Cinderella. Modern girl Mary has to live with her aunt and two stepsisters. Her mother was a dancer and Mary has ambitions to become the great one, too. She is obsessed with Joey Parker – a dancer who returns to high school to finish his senior year. She goes on a ball with a mask on her face wearing a red dress and dances with Joey but he doesn’t recognize her. At 23:45 she runs away but accidentally drops her MP3 player. Joey decides to find the owner of the player organizing the casting for the girls.


This animated musical comedy is scheduled to be released in 2016 and 2017 in the USA with another name: “Leap!”. The story follows young poor orphan lady and her dreams of becoming the greatest ballerina. She gets the unique chance to perform in Paris Opera Ballet School even if she doesn’t have any experience in dancing. But following the dream, regular painful training the girl faces lots of challenges and manages to change her life.


Our TOP 10 best Dance movies of 2017 to watch includes documentaries about famous dancers. One of them is ballet dancer Sergei Polunin born in Kherson, Ukraine. At the age 4, he started training at the academy of gymnastics. Afterward, he moves to Kyiv and attends Kyiv State Choreographic Institute. After graduation, he joins Royal Ballet School in the U.K. and this is how his way of great ballet dancer starts. Sergei dedicates his life to ballet and makes amazing performance dancing to “Take Me to Church” in a music video. But this is just a small part of what he has achieved.

Center Stage: On Point

One of the most watchable films on our TOP 10 best modern Dance films 2017. The story follows 12 young dancers attending American Ballet Academy, their lives, passion and dedication that lead them to their dream of being professional dancers.

Go For It!

The story follows the life of a teenager who has to fight for her dreams to become a dancer despite her own parents’ expectations and plans. This project on our TOP 10 best modern Dance films 2017 will help viewers to draw themselves in by the touchable and inspirational story of a young girl building her own future by following the biggest dream of hers.

Black Swan

If you still can’t answer the question what is the best Dance movies in 2017 to you, there is a chance to watch an amazing movie that aired on screens just a few year ago. In this movie, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis dedicate themselves to an amazing ballet performance and struggle with different life difficulties and challenges.

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