List of best Dragons movies 2018

This is the 21st century, and we don’t believe in fairytales anymore. At the same time, it’s nice to fantasize every once in a while and check out the magical worlds that people create these days. Yes, we’ll discuss theTOP 10 best new Dragons movies 2018.

We’ve got quite a list for you that includes ancient, modern-day, sci-fi, and all kinds of other dragons that will, most certainly, impress the fans of these majestic creatures. Ready to dive right in? Let’s go then!

  1. Journey to the Center of the Earth 4

The original film came out in 2008 and the franchise will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. So, it’s only fitting that the 4th chapter is set to arrive in 2018. This time around, Sean, the main character, takes a trip all the way to the core of our planet (the center of Earth) to get his hands on an ancient treasure.

Only he knows how to access it, but the journey is not going to be easy. What will he find there? Centuries-old rocks, plants…dragons, maybe? The uncharted lands are both dangerous and exciting: Sean will either hit the jackpot or lose it all.

A still from Journey to the Center of the Earth

  1. Rampage

Whenever The Rock is involved, you can rest assured that it’s going to be an epic banger. Rampage is the official movie adaptation of a legendary video game from the eighties. A horde of gorillas and other monsters is erasing whole cities from the face of the Earth, and they’re not about to stop.

Only a true hero will be able to confront these creatures and face them in an open battle. Davis has been taking care of a smart ape since it was a baby, but something went wrong, and now it’s a beast that destroys everything on its way. It’s not the only scary predator roaming the streets now. Of the TOP 10 best recent Dragons movies, this one’s going to be truly epic.

Dwayne Johnson at an event for Rampage

  1. Prince Charming

What girl doesn’t dream of a handsome prince on a gorgeous horse, right? Charming is one of the most famous fairytale characters in history and will hit the theaters sometime next year. In order to save his princess from captivity, he’ll have to battle a mighty dragon in an open battle. What can a mere human do against an all-powerful creature like that? Well, you’ll be able to find out when Prince Charming comes out. Yes, Hollywood is making yet another remake of a classic tale, but in this case, that’s good news.

Prince Charming promo

  1. Viy-2

Mr. Green, a world-famous explorer, and scientist is to travel to Russia and map the country’s Far East. This is an honor and the man is happy to be the first one to do that. There’s a long journey ahead of him, one that he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

The trip will take him all the way to the Chinese border and introduce to numerous thrilling discoveries. Obviously, he’ll meet one too many strange creatures and ancient monsters, along with Asian masters of art and dragon slayers. So, put Viy-2 on the list of best Dragons movies 2018 and let’s move on.

  1. Meg

There’s a centuries-old monster living in the Pacific Ocean. It’s unbelievably huge and has taken the lives of many great sailors. Part shark, part dragon, part something entirely different, it was believed to be extinct. But the beast attacks a team of explorers aboard a sea vessel, trapping every single one of them at the bottom of the ocean. Taylor, one of the best divers in the world, is assigned with an impossible task: to reach the team and save them. Plus, he’ll have to find a way to defeat this shark and protect the world from its rage. The clock is ticking, and it’s not on his side…

Giant Shark

  1. The Jurassic Games

Welcome to a future where convicted felons on death row have a choice to make: either face death or try their luck in a deadly virtual show where every man is for himself. Death in the game means death in the real world, and humans aren’t even the biggest threat. The players will have to battle dinosaurs and dragons.

Tucker is one of the soldiers on the field. He was wrongfully accused and victory in the virtual reality is the only way he’ll ever be able to get back to his kids and take care of them. The stakes are high, and there can be one winner… Of the TOP 10 best Dragons movies of 2018 to watch, The Jurassic Games is a must-see.

The Jurassic Games promo

  1. Early Man

If you love animated movies slash comedies, then you should take a look at Early Man. It invites the audience to enter an ancient world full of wonders, mysteries, and dangers. What will the heroes of this story have to deal with in their daily routine? It’s obvious that our problems will look like child’s play in their eyes. You can enjoy this film with your entire fam, including the little ones, by the way.

  1. Pacific Rim Uprising

We thought that the Kaiju threat was gone, but we were wrong. It took all of the humanity to fight those fearsome monsters. Ever since the victory, mankind has been trying to rebuild the cities and lift its own spirit. But the enemy is about to strike again, and this time around, the enormous destroyers might not be enough to stop the attack. The enemy knows our weaknesses and will try to knock us down. There won’t be a rematch or a “replay” – one wrong move could result in annihilation. Definitely, one of the TOP 10 best modern Dragons films 2018.

  1. Jurassic World 2

Even though the Park turned out to be a catastrophe and took the lives of too many people to count, the men and women behind the original project still think that it was a success. Scientifically-speaking, it was a huge breakthrough, but what next? How are they going to convince people to attend their shows when the previous attempt was disastrous?

The much bigger question is – what if some of the creatures managed to escape and reproduce? Is humanity looking at a brand-new war against an army of lethal predators?

  1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2

Newt, the clumsy-yet-gifted young man, made a name for himself and is ready to take his knowledge to new heights. He’s got new friends, along with new enemies. There’s a hidden community of warlocks, magicians and all kinds of otherworldly creatures right in the heart of NY, the greatest and busiest city on the globe. Together, these fine folks are fighting the evil that’s trying to break through their defenses and lay waste to humanity. Ok, that is actually it for today’s what is the best Dragons movies in 2018 list!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 poster

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