List of best Film-noir movies 2018

This term was invented back in the 40s in America. It was meant to represent the atmosphere of hopelessness, distrust, and disappointed that followed the country during WW2. In this post, we’ll talk about the TOP 10 best new Film-noir movies 2018.

These days, the genre has transformed into something entirely different and is usually used to describe criminal dramas with a strong message to the society. That doesn’t mean they’re not as good as the classics – they’re just different and have more kick to them.

  1. Sherlock Holmes 3

The legendary detective is finally ready to make a comeback on the big screen. It’s been a while since we saw Sherlock and his trusted partner. The fans will, without a doubt, be happy to learn that chapter three will hit the theaters on June 15, 2018. Yes, the wait is finally over, and we’ll get to see Law and Downey pretty soon. The story is unknown, and nobody knows who the villains are going to be. Still, you can rest assured that this criminal drama slash detective tale will turn heads once it arrives.

  1. Kill Bill: Vol. 3

Another legendary series is prepping to reign in 2018. The first two chapters created a lot of buzz in the industry and are still considered to be one of the finest films in history. This time around, Nikki, the offspring of Vernita, will be the hero and go after the Bride.

That’s all we know at this moment. The producers claim volume three will be just as memorable as the rest of the installments in the series. All that’s left for us to do is waiting! Of the TOP 10 best recent Film-noir movies, we think the 3rd Bill is a worthy pick.

  1. April 29, 1992

The story follows an ex-convict who’s ready to do whatever it takes to save his kid. A bunch of criminals invades his workplace trying to rob it of the platinum stocks. They don’t really care if people get hurt or die – they’re after the money and will kill anyone who stands in their way. So, will the father be able to protect his son and fight these invaders away? This film is heavily inspired by the events that took place in Los Angeles back in 1992. The riots turned into a city-wide chaos and did a lot of damage to the country’s reputation.

  1. Painkiller Jane

Some folks would call this a brainless comic-book adaptation rather than a film-noir masterpiece, but there’s more to this tale than meets the eye. Vasko is an honest cop, a police officer who wants only one thing – to protect her city from the thugs.

One day, during a dangerous operation, she gets exposed to a chemical compound. Instead of killing her, it gives her otherworldly powers that help the brave officer of the law defeat her enemies. Put Painkiller Jane on the list of best Film-noir movies 2018 – you won’t be disappointed!

Jessica Chastain in Painkiller Jane

  1. Bad Boys for Life

Remember the Bad Boys series? Yes, it’s been a while since we last heard about these engaging fellas, but it seems like the wait is over. Columbia has been trying to find the right angle with the third installment, and now it’s time to bring the old crew back for one last time. The original film came out in ’95 and brought the company more than 140 million dollars. The second chapter made more bucks – 273 million in total, to be precise. So, the biggest question right now is: will BB for Life manage to top that impressive result?

  1. Quick Draw

Common, the hip-hop artist, has tons of respect in the rap game. And, he’s also quite good in the movies and manages to keep the balance between the two. In Quick Draw, he plays the main character. Welcome to the mean and unforgiving hoods of LA. One wrong move can have you killed.

Directed and written by Mr. Harris Goldberg, this blockbuster comes with gripping shoot-out scenes, unbelievable car chases, and more kick than you could ever imagine. Definitely, one of the TOP 10 best Film-noir movies of 2018 to watch.

Quick Draw

  1. Ride Along 3

True, this movie is all about some crazy action and awesome jokes, and that has very little to do with the grimy, sad and intense atmosphere of a true film-noir. But, as mentioned in the beginning, things have changed for this genre, and blood-chilling action scenes, along with epic chases are the new normal for it. Besides, we all loved the previous two chapters, right? This time around, Ben and James are about to confront the biggest villain yet. Will they find the strength to listen to each other and join forces against a common enemy?

Ride Along 3

  1. The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Blomkvist is one of the finest investigative journalists out there, and he’s partnered up with Salander, a capable hacker, to make sense of yet another difficult case. The government is devastated by corruption, and the heroes will have to sort through the lies, secrets, betrayals and real-world criminals to get to the very bottom of this.

Lisbeth is ready to do whatever it takes to help her man bring the vagabonds to justice. Mikael is not one to back down from a real fight, and he’ll do whatever it takes to restore peace and order. Easily, one of the TOP 10 best modern Film-noir films 2018.

  1. Scarface

Yes, that’s right: this is the official remake of another remake if you could believe that :). We all know and love the 1983 edition that featured the now-legendary Al Pacino, but the truth is – the original hit the theaters in ’32. It’s actually quite thrilling to watch Hollywood take on a modern-day classic. Naturally, the plot, the cast, and the filming location are kept secret, which gets the fans of Scarface quite excited. There’s no telling whether this is going to be a hit or a flop, but one thing is certain: Scarface is one of the most anticipated releases of 2018, period.

  1. The Boondock Saints 3

Another chapter three on our list, ladies, and gentlemen. Very few folks know that Norman Reedus, the star of the hit AMC show (you know, the one about the zombie apocalypse) starred in the first installment of this franchise back in the 20th century (in 1999, to be exact). So, what can we expect from the BS 3?

Well, it is coming, that’s for sure, and that’s enough to get us all hyped up. You can expect a mighty mix of action, fun, comedy, drama, and everything else in between. Ok, now you know what is the best Film-noir movies in 2018!

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