List of best Social movies 2018

The Social worries everyone from an old woman on the bench to an honest deputy. The problem is that there are more poor grandmothers than honest deputies. On the agenda, topical issues are corruption, the growth of juvenile crime, alcoholism, and drug addiction, counterfeit medicines, the rise of prices for utilities and groceries in stores.

Please welcome TOP 10 best Social movies of 2018 to watch.

Here you will find films about problems of the entire planet.

We begin!

List of best Social movies 2018

  1. Escape Plan 2: Hades

A second part of the action movie 2013 is about the professional “fugitive from prisons” Ray Breslin, who tests the most closed and reliable places of detention. The old beast Breslin has to outwit the computers of a new generation in order to get his friend out of prison with super-tech and super complicated protection.

Escape Plan 2 Hades

  1. The Purge: The Island

A dystopian thriller tells about reality, where the US experienced a complete economic failure. In place of the old political system came a new government, calling itself the new founding fathers of the United States. Purge is the period from the evening of March 21 until the morning of the 22nd. At that time, all laws cease to function, the police and army are inactive and any murder will be unpunished. According to the new heads of state, this will help the residents of the United States to let off steam and be the law-abiding person all year long.

The Purge: The Island

  1. Horse Soldiers

Chris Hemsworth is in the TOP 10 best modern Social films 2018.

A detachment of American soldiers is transferred to Afghanistan with the support of agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), whose main goal is to unleash a war to achieve peace in the world – a war against radical Islamists.

Geoff Stults and Chris Hemsworth in Horse Soldiers

  1. On the Basis of Sex

The main heroine in the biographical picture is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ginsburg is the first judge of Jewish origin.

Ruth Ginsburg was born in New York in 1933. Graduating from Harvard Law School in 1960, despite the dean’s personal recommendation, was not recruited to the US Supreme Court because of her gender. Since 1961, she taught at Columbia University, becoming a professor there in 1963. She had a great career and in 1980 she was appointed by President Carter as his judge.

Felicity Jones in On the Basis of Sex

  1. Hotel Mumbai

The movie is about terrorist activity.

On November 26, 2008, in the evening, there was an unprecedented series of acts of insanity in the Indian metropolis of Mumbai (formerly Bombay).

Several groups of terrorists armed with AK-47s and grenades began to shoot civilians in restaurants, on the streets, at the railway station, and in five-star hotels.

The cameras of television and video surveillance captured young people, dressed in jeans and t-shirts, who methodically and coldly shot at unsuspecting people.

One group of terrorists opened a random shooting at the station building of the Chhatrapati Shivaji station, formerly known as Queen Victoria’s Terminal; the other two captured hostages in the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels. At each of the hotels at the time of the seizure, there were at least two hundred guests. A police station was also attacked. In total, seven attacks were recorded.

The previously unknown group “Deccan Mujahideen” claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Dev Patel in Hotel Mumbai

  1. Love Sonia

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Social movies.

Sex trafficking is a form of criminal business that is profitable for traffickers.

Nowadays, in sexual slavery, there are more than one thousand female representatives. Young girls in search of a rich and happy life are constantly trying to go to another city or other country.

The main hero of the movie is a young girl who tries to rescue her sister from such slavery.

  1. The Maze Runner: The Death Cure

In the new part, the characters will have to show again that they are brave and indestructible. It’s not hard to remember what happened in the previous part, when Therese, Thomas, and Minho, along with their friends, wanted to relax a little. But when WICKED finds out that everyone has survived, he sent new tests to the characters. Only this time the tests were much more complicated. Friends had to wade through the desert to find salvation. In addition, in this desert, they had to meet strange people who were infected by an incomprehensible disease. They had a violent temper and unpredictable behavior. But even this did not break the characters. In the third part, there will be new tests. The main one is the Flare – a manmade disease.

  1. Apostle

The main hero goes in search of his sister who was abducted by one religious group.


  1. Downsizing

It is a new film by one of the most famous Hollywood directors of our days. In the center of the plot is the most ordinary and little-known citizen of America, who cannot find a normal job. He barely makes ends meet and is ready absolutely everything to become a more successful person. Years go by, but the situation does not change. He is closely watching the rich men who have succeeded and is trying to understand how they did it. Soon he comes to a rather unexpected conclusion, which changes his habitual life radically…

A man from the film, after making some conclusions, learns that smaller people are more successful than others. And then he decides to do a strange experimental operation to reduce his own body. He comes to the laboratory, where he also gets acquainted with other subjects. The main character is confident that this will help him change his life. He could not imagine what this operation would ultimately result in.

  1. The Second Coming of Christ

And so, we come to number one of the TOP 10 best new Social movies 2018.

The main idea of the picture is Faith that can bring Miracles.

TOP ends now.

Hope it helped find out the answer to the question– what is the best Social movies in 2018?

Thank you!

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