List of best Greek Mythology movies 2017

The history of the origin of the world is associated with ancient myths. Adventures and fantasy, children’s cartoons, fiction and facts, love and war – all this you will find in our TOP 10 best Mythology movies of 2017 to watch

Our TOP will not include the Greek Gods. If you love the Greek Gods, so please search in the Internet: “list of best Greek Mythology movies 2017” or “What is the best Greek Mythology movies in 2017?” – there you will find everything.

  1. Ghouls

The action of the fantastic thriller develops in the eighteenth century, in the Carpathians, in the Spassky Monastery. Places are restless there, terrible legends tell about them, they are difficult to believe in reality, but they cannot be left without attention. There lives an exile, a former confessor of Empress Elizabeth, monk Laurus. But suddenly, many years after the expulsion, the Empress once again needed a conversation with Laurus. She sends her godson, the young Andrew for him.

The young hero does not believe in the evil spirit, supposedly living in the vicinity of the monastery, but what he has to see cannot be explained from the point of view of logic.


  1. The Little Mermaid

It is a retelling of the classical fairy tale about a young mermaid who wanted to land at any cost.

  1. Kong: Skull Island

All the screen versions of the fantastic story about King Kong attracted the attention of viewers to the screen with its colorful and incredible storyline. However, everyone probably thought about the fact that somewhere in the jungle there is actually a gorilla of this size. Maybe this story is not fiction?

The film introduces the audience to the son of a scientist who decided to continue his father’s business. On one of the islands, he discovered a giant monkey. A man appeals to the local authorities to enlist their support and go to this place. Politicians and the military understand the value of studying such a rare animal and therefore organize an expedition.

According to some reports, the descendants of King Kong could have been preserved on the unexplored distant island. Each participant of the mission pursues its goals. Scientists want to thoroughly study the creature, while the military is looking for a way to profit by using the giant.

The main character is going to find there the missing brother and some substance. Dozens of helicopters arrive on the Skull Island hidden in the fog. But from the very beginning of the expedition, everything went wrong. People start to panic because the island is full of creatures of unimaginable size. Needless to say, that the owners of the island are not happy with the arriving strangers? However, not only gorillas frighten the expedition. In an attempt to escape, the mission members recognize the ancient secret of this place and realize that the king of the island, a King Kong, has an important role – to protect the island from prehistoric creatures of enormous size.

The movie is included in the TOP 10 best recent Mythology movies because it was already released.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Jack Sparrow is in our TOP 10 best new Mythology movies 2017.

Fans of the legendary Jack Sparrow are waiting for great news. Very soon, a fifth part of the story about a brave and clever pirate, famous for the whole world, will appear in the film distribution. In the life of this adventurer happened numerous chases and deadly danger, a battle with a sea monster, an attempt to survive among the native cannibals and even imprisonment in an illusory world.

Now the captain is going to try his luck again. But, as you know, fortune is changeable, and if yesterday the hero kept the luck in his hands, today it can change. One of the villains announced a hunt for Jack. The wicked enemy, Captain Salazar, assembled the team of the vilest zombies of the Devil Triangle. He longs for reprisals against every naval ruler who met on his journey. Salazar is determined to catch the hero by all means. What should Jack do and how to escape death? He understands that for the rescue he must get the support of old acquaintances – Barbossa and Will. Together they have to find a powerful weapon – the Poseidon Trident, whose possessor will receive absolute power and control over water element. Will Salazar be able to deal with the hated pirate, or will Jack manage to get rid of the embrace of death?

  1. Moana

The fearless Moana, the daughter of the leader of a small tribe on an island in the Pacific Ocean, dreams more than anything about adventures and decides to go on a dangerous sea trip.

  1. The Great Wall

A great wall was erected to protect the Celestial Empire from any threats, but even the most courageous defenders did not face such an enemy. If the invasion is not stopped, the world will be destroyed.

The Great Wall

  1. The Shack

The grieving man goes to a place called “Shack” to meet with God.

  1. The Mummy

It is the reincarnation of the mummy in our TOP 10 best modern Mythology films 2017.

During the existence of cinema, the story of the terrible mummy came out several times. Since the distant 1932, when the first film was filmed, and to this day, this horror film has always remained popular among fans of the genre. Now the director and screenwriter Alex Kurtzman propose to watch the “Mummy” movie in his interpretation.

The events unfold in our time and carry spectators to the lands of Iraq. There is a confrontation between a group of terrorists and American soldiers. The military knows that the terrorists are hiding in a bunker located underground. Therefore, they send a detachment of fighters to eliminate the militants. Breaking into the bunker, they find the entire group dead. Having looked around a little, the character of Tom Cruise, who plays the role of a Special Forces soldier, discovers that he is not just in the bunker but in an ancient tomb.

The sarcophagus is loaded onto a plane to be delivered to America. But during the flight the plane crashes, it was torn to pieces, and many commandos died right in the sky. Buried many thousands of years ago, the mummy awakened from sleep, disturbed by people. The daughter of the pharaoh is endowed with powerful supernatural powers and returned to this world in order to regain what belongs to her by right.

She wants to enslave humanity and rule the whole world. But what kind of ruler will do without the help of her loyal subjects? The mummy collects a huge army and is ready to strike the inhabitants of the Earth. A fascinating plot and realistic special effects will please all fans of this fantastic story.

  1. Thor: Ragnarök

Thor with a help of Hulk has to fight against Surtur – a powerful demon that brings destructions to Asgard.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

A street boy Arthur lives a carefree life, not thinking about tomorrow. He is in a gang involved in theft and other minor offenses. The hero of the film absolutely does not care who he is and who his parents are. Perhaps this would have continued if not a powerful weapon – the Excalibur sword.

Our TOP ends now.

Thank you for listening!

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