List of best Hollywood Black movies in 2017

The best basketball players in the world are African Americans or Africans. Gifted by nature with special grace, endurance and strength, many winners of various world competitions in track and field athletics are black sportsmen.

Today, we are glad to show you our list of Hollywood Black movies 2017.

Today is not only young people but also a more mature generation in the 21st century, know talented African-American rappers. It is interesting that according to statistics every second white man in the United States is not indifferent to this good rap, do not mind going to a concert of popular black artists or watching movies about them.

Many well-known musicians of classical jazz bands and solo performers are Blacks. The viewers are interested in the fate of black heroes in the cinema. As simple black kids manage to escape from the poverty of existence in the ghetto surrounded by modern neighborhoods of the needy, how they win hearts and minds of listeners or spectators, how they go to victory in sports is really good to watch.

Hidden Figures

The colonial system has been destroyed, but slavery still exists in poor African countries. In the world piggy bank of cinema, there are films about ghettos of historical and adventure genres in which the domination of colonialism and the use of slave labor of Black people are shown in all truthfully unsightly manner.

To learn more about the life of different representatives of these people on earth, both in the modern world and in the past, it is worth watching our TOP 10 best Hollywood Black movies of 2017 to watch.

List of best Hollywood Black movies in 2017

  1. Burning Sands

The first academic year in the college goes for the hero of the film, named Zurich, like clockwork: he is respected by teachers, he is loved by a charming girl, and finally, he was elected to the most prestigious campus fraternity. However, for a full membership in this community, Zurich needs to survive the “hell week”.

It is also included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Black films 2017 because it was already released.

  1. Sleepless

A cop with connections in the criminal world arranges a raid in a nightclub in search of his kidnapped son.

  1. The United Kingdom

The picture is based on the real story of Prince of Botswana Seretse Khama, who in the middle of the last century married a resident of London, Ruth Williams. The interracial union has caused resentment is not only among the families of lovers but also among the elders of the tribes of Botswana.

  1. 100 Streets

On a hundred streets in London, four stories are unfolding about heroes who live different lives – in luxury or in the daily “suicide run”. A rich playboy and security guard, a young drug dealer and an aging actor, a former sportsman and taxi driver – their paths will cross in the face of serious changes.

  1. Get Out

Acquaintance with the girl’s parents does not foretell troubles for a young photographer from New York because the girl’s family belongs to an elite society and lives in a secluded country house. If he only knew the true reason for his invitation, he would immediately rush away…

  1. The Birth of a Nation

It is the historical and dramatic biopic about the black rebel slave Nat Turner. Believing in his God’s choice, Turner sees the eclipse as a sign from above: a black palm covers the sun. Under his leadership, an uprising broke out, which shook the slave-owning America.

  1. The Dark Tower

The main character is the shooter Roland went in search of the Dark Tower – the mainstay of the Universe – keeping all the worlds from chaos and destruction.

  1. Fences

Pittsburgh, 1950’s. A middle-aged African American Troy Maxon works as a scavenger. He does his best to provide for his family, he even has his own house. Once he was a good baseball player but did not make a sporting career. Troy believes that racial prejudice is to blame. His wife Rose is sure that just by that time he was not so young to be considered a promising player. So now the mother supports the aspiration of their youngest son Cory to get into the college football team. Troy insists that Corey has to look for a permanent job. The older son Lyons decided to become a musician. Troy is an authoritarian father, an unfaithful husband, but he loves his family in his own way. Rose has a greater responsibility than concern for the material. What fence needs to be built to protect all that is so dear to her?

  1. Moonlight

A story in three parts about the life of African-American Chiron: a child, a teenager and an adult male living in Miami. Experiencing a family crash, conflicts with peers and gender-nonconforming, the growing up Chiron is in painful acceptance of himself.

The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Black movies 2017 so you can watch it now.

  1. Hidden Figures

In the middle of the last century, the confrontation between the USSR and the US is only increased. Each country tried to prove its superiority. The next arena for battles was space. NASA is actively working on the project of manned space flight. Now, most people know the name of the pilot, although there was a lot of people working on the whole project that would have to share the glory. A successful flight became possible, thanks to accurate calculations. Any error could lead to the death of the ship or pilot. Almost the most responsible part of the process was entrusted to three Afro-American women. These mathematicians were the best in their business.

At that time, the country had not yet completely overcome racial discrimination, and women were not very trustworthy. The heroines had to work very hard under similar conditions. They should not be distracted by external stimuli, but this cannot be done. A very striking example was the ordinary detail: a visit to the toilet took a long time, because it was a kilometer from the place of work, while the toilet for whites was much closer. This humiliating circumstance did not affect the resolve of the heroines, who continued to work hard. They were able to prove their superiority to everyone in their favorite business…

TOP 10 new holly Black movies ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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