List of best Hollywood Children movies in 2020

After the advent of cinema, the genre of Children’s moviesappeared later than the rest. However, already in the 30s of the last century, movies for children began to be actively filmed by directors.

Today we are going to show you TOP 10 best Hollywood Child movies of 2020 to watch.

If you ready, we begin!

List of best Hollywood Child movies in 2020

10. Red Shoes

Once upon a time, there was a girl in the fairy kingdom. And once she found a pair of magic shoes: if you get them on, you turn into a classic beauty princess… Seven princes, bewitched by an evil witch, became ugly green gnomes. To regain their human appearance, they need one kiss of a beautiful girl. One day, the paths of the heroes intersect, and they learn what real friendship, love, and beauty are.

9. Spies in Disguise

The main character of this full of fantastic adventure cartoon is Lance Sterling. He is a secret agent. The arsenal of a young but courageous hero consists of many incredible devices that provide an excellent opportunity to get out of the awkward and unpleasant situations.

Lance’s right-hand man is his old childhood friend, Walter, who is a talented design engineer by profession. A variety of gadgets and equipment developed by this friend helps the protagonist to withstand the dangers.

One day, Walter comes up with an unusual idea, which he intends to implement in practice. This is the development of a special suit – camouflage. However, something went wrong.

8. Go Fish

Story of a brave Alex is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Children movies 2020.

This is an exciting and funny story of a brave Alex – a parrotfish who dreams of becoming a Superhero. He gets his chance when a mysterious stream of black slurry erupts at his coral reef. Then Alex and his friends – seahorse, eel and perch fish – sail away to confront the threat and save his home. They encounter a sunken ship with hidden treasures, an abandoned plane, evil sharks and an underwater volcano.

7. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Strange lights above the city portend the arrival of a mysterious guest from a distant galaxy. Charming and mischievous Lu-La crashes near Shaun’s farm. The alien abilities of the restless Lu-La fascinate the herd of sheep, and Shaun decides to help an extraterrestrial friend find the lost ship, but he does not know that the ominous alien-hunting agency is after Lu-La. Can Shaun and his friends prevent Farmageddon before it’s too late?

6. Playmobil: The Movie

During the game, Charlie and his older sister Marla fall into the world of toys. Having lost his brother there, Marla goes in search of him. Together with her new friend Del and special agent Rex Dasher, she needs to get to the Coliseum and neutralize Emperor Maximus, whose agents kidnap people to participate in gladiatorial battles. However, she can get there only through five cinema universes: the Viking Land and the Jurassic World, the Wild West, the Magic Land, and the Spy City.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehogis on the list of Hollywood Children movies 2020.

The focus is on Sonic. The main character of the animated film needs to enter into a confrontation with Dr. Ivo Robotnik, intending to take control of the whole world. To do this, the villain needs to get the Chaos Emeralds, which he now hunts. Sonic and his friends need to find the Emeralds before the doctor can do this. Otherwise, the planet will face a real catastrophe and hopeless chaos. Will the heroes manage to prevent the tragedy?

4. Dolittle

John Dolittle is a doctor in the village, where he lives with his sister. He loves animals and always helps them. As a result, the doctor has a lack of money, since he loses almost all of his human patients. But still, he gained the ability to understand the language of animals, and the inhabitants of the village can now turn to him for help. His adventures began with an expedition to Africa where he has to save the monkeys from the epidemic.

3. Minions: The Rise of Gru

After the villain Scarlet Overkill’s plan to steal the Queen’s crown was frustrated by young Gru, the minions decided to follow him. Viewers will see the mesmerizing criminal schemes that young Gru does with his new army of yellow assistants.

2. Trolls World Tour

New adventures of trolls are in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Children films.

The confrontation with the insatiable Bergens is behind, and the cheerful trolls have nothing more to fear, which means they now can sing, dance and cuddle. However, Branch and Poppy are waiting for new adventures that will unfold outside their home village. It turns out that the world is hiding other trolls with completely unusual musical preferences, and now the brothers will have to unite in the face of a new danger.

1. The Secret Garden

The hero of the movie is ten-year-old Mary Lennox who has lost her parents. She is in an orphanage until her distant relative is found. A frightened baby was taken to distant England to uncle Archibald Craven. His huge ancient castle, at first sight, impressed the girl with its splendor and many mysterious rooms. However, the rules here were very strict.

Uncle was a taciturn and gloomy man. After the death of his wife, he led a secluded lifestyle and did not want to see anyone. An inquisitive niece annoyed a sullen man, and the girl, trying not to catch his eye, often played with a dog in a park. There she found an amazing key that opened her a fairy-tale world with magical plants.

TOP 10 new holly Child movies end now.

Thank you for being with us!

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