List of best Hollywood Romantic movies in 2020

What could be better than taking a warm blanket, a cup of cocoa (or cocktail in the summer), sitting in your favorite chair and watching some great movie about love?

We have prepared the best romantic moviesin our selection TOP 10 best Hollywood Romantic movies of 2020 to watch.

Follow the stories of the heroes, beautiful weddings and romantic adventures.

List of best Holly Romantic movies in 2020

10. Marafon Zhelaniy

Each woman has a special connection with the universe, but the main character named Marina, an ordinary twenty-six-year-old girl who works as a manicurist in the prestigious salon of Moscow did not think so. She had long ceased to feel any connection with her own body, not to mention the entire Galaxy. She was unlucky in love for a long time, and the desire to marry did not leave the girl. However, in order to carry out the plan, she needs a man. Her best friend Lisa advised visiting a special group that taught to achieve goals.

9. Lyod 2

Figure skater Nadia and hockey player Sasha, despite all the difficulties, got married at the end of the first part. However, family life prepares many surprises for young athletes. The continuation of the second part of the film will begin with the fact that Nadia, finally, will give birth to a long-awaited child. Frankly, the price they had to pay turned out to be high, but this is not the worst. Sasha will have to learn the life of a single father.

8. Someone, Somewhere

A little affair is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Romantic movies 2020.

On a sunny Parisian street, in the early ’70s, he and she meet. The novice writer is drowning in the eyes of a charming girl. The charming smile of yesterday’s student, master of classical literature, drives him crazy. Both initially perceive what is happening like a little affair. However, life perceives it differently. Sarah becomes a real creative muse of a young author. He begins to write like never before and to publish a lot…

7. Close to the Horizon

In 1999, the hero thought that getting a driver’s license would be the main event of the coming summer. She did not know how unpredictable life is and did not suspect that deep pain and great happiness could be close to each other. Having gathered with her friends in a local amusement park, she decided to shoot at the shooting range, and accidentally pulled the trigger while another player was shooting at targets. Her new friend was a very charming person. He thanked her for her assistance and invited her on a date.

6. Red Shoes

Seven narcissistic princes from the picture “Red Shoes” were punished and turned into small ugly gnomes. For many years, they put up with their own curse, because they did not even imagine how it can be removed and again become like they were before. However, suddenly it became known that they have the only chance of salvation, and it lies in a pair of red magic shoes, the owner of which is an attractive girl. Two gnomes decided to go in search of these shoes, which, according to legend, should return their real appearance.

5. (NE)ideal’nyy muzhchina

Robot boyfriend is on the list of Hollywood Romantic movies 2020.

A humanoid robot is able to understand the true desires of its owner, who has become disillusioned with living men. However, sometimes women’s dreams can lead to the most unexpected consequences. It is a story about a girl named Sveta who falls in love with the robot.

4. Sweethearts

The protagonists of the comedy movie are two completely different women who, if they had met in ordinary life, would have definitely killed each other. But there are circumstances. Such circumstances are described in this picture. Mel is strong, hardy, and stubborn. She is a criminal who is not afraid of anything in the world. Franny is the alarmist who happened to be held hostage by Mel. Girls are forced to fight together for life after the theft of diamonds, as they came into the view of not only the police but also the criminals of Berlin. Despite the fact that the heroes are different, they are forced to get along with each other in order to save themselves and just survive.

3. Little Women

The story about four sisters is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Romantic films.

The movie tells about four sisters who, from early childhood, are different from each other. This determines not only the appearance but also nature of the girls. The long-awaited passionate love, fictional ambitions, bitter disappointment, self-seeking and painful separation. It seems that it is completely impossible to find one’s own destiny, there is no one to expect support from, parents have always been busy with things that are more important. The heroes understand that at some point they were left alone with thoughts, important questions and the lack of answers to them. Having lived through untold sufferings, one of the main characters will gain experience, become stronger and more self-confident, and someone will open the way to a new life, desired and inaccessible.

2. 10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up

The main character is a single mother named Abigail, who has two children. One day she sleeps with an attractive man named Ben thinking that she will never see him again, but soon discovers that she became pregnant from him. Then the heroes decide to try their luck and build relationships for the sake of the unborn child.

1. Invisible Life

Eurídice and Guida are sisters that dream of living in Europe. Eurídice intends to become a pianist and go to study in Vienna, and the Guida dreams of freedom. She runs away from home with her boyfriend, hoping to find paradise in distant Greece. The plans of both sisters are not destined to come true. The father will sentence them to a long separation. However, even away from each other, they will believe in the inevitability of a meeting…

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