List of best Hollywood Family movies in 2017

Directors of Hollywood are famous for their love for the heart-rending stories and masterful embodiment of the most secret and sincere feelings of heroes on the screen. Hollywood family films – a unique combination of colorful scenery, an incredible story and a galaxy of eminent artists on one set. Fans of touching dramas and incredible stories will find in our TOP 10 best Hollywood Family movies of 2017 to watch the most fascinating and touching films of 2017.

If your family has children, urgently call them to the screens!

It will not be boringly, and there are plenty of reasons for discussions!

List of best Hollywood Family movies in 2017

List of best Hollywood Family movies in 2017

  1. Beauty and the Beast

In a snow-covered area, chosen by cruel wolves, there is a castle. The master is a certain monster, which was enchanted by an embittered sorceress. Once the monster walked with a pretty human face, striking with arrogance and greed. Due to human vices, he lost the main highlight of the image – a beautiful face. Now the ugly hermit vegetates in a gigantic structure, being a hostage to a unique mansion.

To remove the powerful curse can only sincere human love. And he has to do it until the final petal of a magical rose falls. Once a gloomy castle is visited by the pretty village girl Belle, who agrees to remain in a huge structure, replacing the trapped daddy.

Initially, the heroine of the castle owner is simply disgusting. A vile face, formidable horns, excessive shaggy – such criteria scare the girl away. But the noble Belle looks more attentively at the bewitched creature, expressing sympathy for the ex-prince. The monster has to repeatedly save the girl, proving that the disfigured face is just a mask, the true kindness of the character is hidden inside.

  1. The Boss Baby

An incredibly gifted kid who is smart beyond his years, born with the makings of a leader and boss, who has a business approach to everything, decides to join forces with his 7-year-old brother in order to prevent the “cunning” plans of the director of a company that produces children’s toys.

It is also included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Family movies 2017 because it was just released.

  1. Sing

The enterprising koala Buster tries to keep the rapidly fading theater. Once, with a wool buddy Eddy, the businessman organizes a unique contest of singers, promising a laureate a good reward – $1000. It remains to print invitations and fly them around the town of animals. The secretary of the hero allows a mistake in invitations. The assistant is going to quickly get rid of the wrong pieces of paper, but because of the open window they fly off, getting into the houses of animals.

  1. Smurfs: The Lost Village

The third part will tell us about the ancient legend, which indicated the location of a lost village with extraordinary inhabitants. To find this village from the legend, smurfs need to make their way through the ancient magic forest, which carries a lot of dangers. The road for smurfs will be incredibly difficult, but they are used to rely on each other, so any test can be overcome with enviable ease. When they reached the right place, the smurfs were very surprised by what they found there.

  1. Monster Trucks

The film tells about the senior Tripp, who was fed up with a boring life in his hometown. Tripp has one hobby – from the wreckage of old cars he builds a monster-truck. Once, as a result of the incident, an unusual creature comes out of the bowels of the earth near the city, which loves the speedy ride. Accidentally encountering this creature, Tripp manages to make friends with him, and he gives him the name Krich. There are a lot of funny adventures, and a lot of dangers, because about the existence of Krich knows not only his friend Tripp…

  1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

The film will tell us about the game, which opens the door to a dangerous world.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

  1. A Dog’s Purpose

The story is told by a dog, which begins his life as a golden retriever named Bailey, the best friend of a boy named Ethan. Years pass, and the dog is still not deprived of the caress and attention of his friend, even when he first falls in love. But one day Bailey dies of old age … only to be reborn as a German police sheepdog! The dog continues to reborn from time to time, living many lives and becoming dogs of different breeds. With each new owner, he – or she – learns a little more about his goal, until, years later, he returns to his familiar home to a friend he knows.

It is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Family films 2017. The movie came out at the end of January.

  1. Goodbye Christoper Robin

The picture will tell about Milne and his son.

Goodbye Christoper Robin

  1. Ferdinand

A young bull calf named Ferdinand is one of those who bows horns with other bulls prefer to sniff flowers, chew the grass and lie under a tree, and sometimes all together at the same time. Since childhood, he grew up calm and did not express any aggression. Realizing this, his mother tried in every possible way to force the bull to communicate with peers, fearing that he would grow up lonely and unnecessary. Eventually, she gave up and left him alone.

Years later, when the calves grew, Ferdinand became the largest, strongest, but still calm, still sniffing flowers in the fields. Other bulls just dreamed of going to the bulls in Madrid, which certainly cannot be said about Ferdinand. But one day he is expected to be chosen and sent to bull fights for envy of everyone else. What was the surprise of the audience when the new “fighter”, coming out into the ring, collapsed in the center and began to roll about, all his appearance showing how he likes to live and how he does not want to think about a brutal fight.

The film is based on the story of American writer Leaf Munro, “The History of Ferdinand”. The book was published back in 1936 and was popular among children and adolescents of that time. Now it’s time for the film adaptation, to please the current youth.

  1. The LEGO Batman Movie

It is the first place of our list of Hollywood Family movies 2017.

Gotham City is in trouble again! The eccentric Joker, Batman’s sworn enemy, committed a daring escape from the Arkham psychiatric hospital. Batman cannot wait to fight the villain again to grab him and isolate him from society until he has arranged another catastrophe. But now he meets Dick Grayson, nicknamed “Robin”.  Dick really wants to become a partner Batman himself, so he actively tries to join the work and learns all the heroic gadgets. To overcome the Joker, this couple still has to learn how to work in a team. Perhaps they will even have a little fun!

So our TOP 10 new holly Family movies is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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