List of best Hollywood Foreign movies 2020

You can watch foreign movies to expand your experience: it is always interesting to find out what people live on the other side of the globe. In addition, as a rule, it turns out that everyone worries about the same things. The basic emotions and problems are the same for everyone: love, friendship, sadness, joy.

If you want to see TOP 10 best Hollywood Foreign movies of 2020 to watch, then look through the article below.

List of best Hollywood Foreign movies in 2020

10. The Collini Case

Caspar Leinen has to investigate the complicated case of a mechanic, Fabrizio Collini, who killed the famous person. After committing a crime, he came to the police station and told the truth. The situation is complicated by not only the silence of Collini but also by his personal involvement in the case: the victim’s granddaughter, Johanna, was his first love. However, Leinen accidentally finds a lead. It helped him to realize that he faces with big scandal in the legal space of Germany.

9. Thirty

In the not-so-prosperous district of Berlin, the viewer watches the lives of several people, each of whom is about thirty years old. The writer Övünc is struggling with a creative crisis, and Pascal and Raha are trying to break up. Kara and Henner also face challenges. In the evening, they celebrate Övünc’s birthday and then roam the streets until late at night. The scenes of the film show how friends leave the boundaries of their miniature apartments to plunge into the vibrant nightlife of the metropolis, which is filled with a drive.

8. Notre Dame

The bustling world of Parisian Maud almost entirely consists of uncomfortable questions, the whims of her ex-husband and the hysterical boss. Despite this, Maud manages to take care of two children and engage in architecture – and accidentally wins a contest for the restoration of the square of the great Notre Dame Cathedral. This funny mistake allows Maud not only to rebuild her career but also to begin a romantic adventure in the best place for love – Paris.

7. Into the Labyrinth

Samantha’s nightmare is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Foreign movies 2020.

Samantha wakes up with a broken leg in a windowless room. She is disoriented and does not remember anything. The criminal psychologist Dr. Green explains to the frightened girl that she was abducted 15 years ago. By some miracle, Samantha managed to escape, and now the psychologist needs to penetrate her mind in order to find the kidnapper.

In addition to Green, private detective Bruno Genko handles the case of Samantha. The search for the kidnapper – a mysterious masked man – should be his last living act.

6. The Specials

They live among us, they are found on the streets, in subway cars and high-rise building entrances. We do not notice their existence or are simply afraid to notice. It could be the plot of a movie about superheroes. However, they do not soar above the ground. This is a story about people who desperately need help, and about a man who gave them his whole life.

5. Proxima

Proxima mission is on the list of Hollywood Foreign movies 2020.

Sarah is an astronaut who is training in Russia for the last expedition before flying to Mars. Her flight partner Mike helps her cope with extreme loads and supports her emotionally before breaking up with her daughter. The launch of the Proxima mission should take place at the Cosmodrome Baikonur.

4. Valhalla

The siblings Røskva and Tjalfe belong to the majestic nation of warlike conquerors – the Vikings. From an early age, they were doomed to an insidious and cruel fate, the essence of which was to serve the powerful god Thor, but once the situation changes dramatically when they meet the new ruler – Loke. He is considered Thor’s close relative and intends to implement ambitious plans in the near future. The brothers in the movie have to go on an exciting journey and unpredictable adventures await them.

Soon, a brave company arrives in Valhalla, a picturesque and colorful place but suddenly, they learn about the existence of the evil wolf Fenrir who controls a large army and is actively opposing all the gods.

3. Perfect Nanny

The third place in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Foreign films.

A young married couple brings up wonderful children and lives quite happily. The husband makes money, and the wife takes care of the house and children. However, Myriam dreams of returning to a law career. However, what to do with children? Paul is unhappy with her lover’s decision to return to the law firm. However, they decide to go in search of a nanny for the kids. This was not an easy task. Fortunately, the found the nanny. She turned out to be Louise – a young tidy Frenchwoman who immediately won the sympathy of the parents… However, in fact, Louise is not at all so sweet. All the inhabitants of the mansion are in danger!

2. Cruel Peter

The protagonist of the atmospheric horror film is a famous archaeologist Norman. Together with a team of colleagues and a daughter, he arrives in a remote town in southern Italy. An ancient burial place was discovered here. The daughter of a man who recently lost her mother, shocked by the grandeur of an ancient cemetery, decided to call the spirit of her mother from the other side. Incidentally, together with her mother, the girl called on the evil soul of the 13-year-old son of a powerful witch.

1. The Staggering Girl

New York writer Francesca accidentally sees a long-standing picture of her mother artist at a social event, and this long-forgotten work awakens a real kaleidoscope of memories. Then Francesca goes to her mother in Italy, where her children’s games with paints, fabrics, and shades come to life again in the walls of their home.

TOP 10 new holly Foreign movies end now.

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