List of TOP 20 best Mystery movies of 2020 to watch

Mystical and supernatural movies have always been of concern to humanity: they caused both a feeling of fear and uncertainty. And if the literature of this genre has existed for many years, then the films have appeared quite recently, and as a result, they have become incredibly popular, so we suggest you TOP 14 best english Mystery movies 2020 to watch and dive into the world of ghosts, demons, and mysterious events with us.

List of TOP 14 good Mystery films

14. The Invisible Man

For many years, the main hero has been developing a unique serum. Sincerely devoted to his work and science in general, the man strives to make a grand discovery. He is confident that humanity will mark a step in development, having gained power over the state of visibility of objects and people. This development will open up incredible prospects and opportunities.

Then he had not yet thought about the detrimental influence of his brainchild and the possible negative consequences. The scientist was blinded by the idea. However, numerous experiments did not yield any results. Griffin spent a significant part of his time in the laboratory, almost completely forgetting about sleep, food, and rest. He was so carried away by the idea that he did not pay attention to the consequences of his actions.

13. Extraction

The film is about Tyler Rake, a former Special Forces soldier, who served in an elite unit. The man decided to leave the service after a tragedy happened to his daughter. Following this, a difficult stage came in the life of the main character of the picture – he plunged into depression and, in order not to go mad, decided to start tracking down terrorists. After a while, the former partner asked him to complete one task, the essence of which was that Tyler went to the slums of Bangladesh to rescue the son of an international criminal from captivity. Upon arrival at the appointed place, Tyler finds a target but there is no way to get out.

12. Escape from Pretoria

The escape from the correctional facility is on the list of good english Mystery movies.

Tim Jenkin, like his fellow Stephen Lee, has long been an ardent activist. Friends promoted the fight against racism in South Africa. In the 1970s, they were arrested and sent to a prison called “Pretoria.” This correctional facility is located on a remote island, which excludes the possibility of escape. The Pretoria Central Prison is the most heavily guarded site in the country. Tim does not want to sit in jail for the rest of his life and persuades Stephen to plan an escape. To carry out the plan, Jenkin and Lee have to collude with many inmates.

11. The Devil All the Time

Every evening, Willard Russell prays at his homemade cross in his backyard for the health of his beloved wife. She was the meaning of life for him when he returned after the end of the war. The guy met a wonderful waitress at a diner. He fell in love so much that he went against the will of his mother, who planned to marry him to the orphan Helen. She and Charlotte got married and moved to a small town.

When Charlotte was diagnosed with cancer, things got worse. Their son Arvin becomes a target for local bullies and dreams of escaping from this eerie place where his father goes crazy and others are unable to show compassion. One day the boy meets Lenora, the daughter of Helen and the preacher Roy, who is sure that their fates are similar.

10. Unhinged

Russell Crowe is on the list of best english Mystery movies to watch.

The plotline of the movie begins on the roadway, where a single mother in the company of her son had a falling out with one of the drivers who happened to be inappropriately in her way. The innocent skirmish quickly escalated into a serious conflict, which entailed unpleasant consequences in the form of a man’s fanatical desire to take revenge on his abuser, her child, and all her loved ones. This fateful meeting will force the main character of the film to stand up for her life and the life of a child, she will have to enter into an unequal battle with an unhappy man who is not going to stop to achieve an inhuman goal. Who will win this confrontation?

9. Brahms: The Boy II

A married couple Lisa and Sean decide to move from an apartment to a house outside the city for the sake of their son Jude who began to have certain psychological problems. On the advice of a psychologist, the boy needs a place where he will feel safe. This place becomes a huge mansion that once belonged to the Heelshire family. Near the house, Jude finds a large doll, which Lisa is fixing up.

The boy begins to spend a lot of time with it and Lisa is only glad that her son is distracted from the negativity. But soon she begins to notice that Jude is communicating with the doll as with a living person, and more and more strange and frightening things begin to happen in the house…

8. Run

Diana’s secret is on the list of best modern Mystery films.

Diana Sherman was always afraid for her daughter. For this reason, the woman created all the conditions so that her child never left home. A single mother lives in a house on the outskirts of a small town and keeps her daughter under lock, educates her, and looks after her health. Chloe grows up locked up, unaware that her caring mother is hiding a terrible secret. With age, the girl began to feel uncomfortable: it seemed wrong to her that her mother devotes all her time only to caring for her.

The daughter associated this behavior with the fact that she is in a wheelchair. Mom is forced to serve her and therefore does not have the opportunity to go about her life. However, the conversation on this topic gave an unexpected reaction – the woman was wary, meanwhile, Chloe began to suspect that there is another reason that makes Diana follow her so closely.

7. Inheritance

The action of the action-packed movie begins with the death of an influential and wealthy man. After his death, he left his daughter and wife a large inheritance. When the troubles with the funeral arrangement ended, the man’s daughter began to understand what her father had left her. Unexpectedly for herself, she realized that all the fortune and property now belonged only to her, while the father of the main character of the film did leave his wife nothing.

6. The Silencing

Rayburn’s fate is on the list of TOP 14 best Mystery movies of 2020 to watch.

Rayburn has a rather difficult past, and now he has a personal tragedy with his daughter, after which he decides to retire to the forest. On the ground, they begin to find girls who were killed. The protagonist of the film decided to team up with the local sheriff Alice Gustafson to track down the maniac. The Sheriff is a showy woman who has a troubled younger brother named Brooks. Soon terrible things begin to happen. Rayburn is confident that the events that are taking place will help him understand the tragedy associated with the disappearance of his daughter who disappeared more than 5 years ago…

5. The Owners

Maisie Williamsis on the list of best modern Mystery movies.

A group of young people set out to break into an elderly couple’s house to rob them. They watched their every action every day to wait for the moment when they were not at home and to enter the house. As a result, Gaz, Terry, and others managed to realize their plans. The protagonists were well aware that antiques were kept in the room, only the young thieves did not yet know what kind of people the owners of the house are. Soon after the main characters broke down the door, the owners returned. As a result, the old people had to be taken prisoner: now they want to get the information about the location of antiques from them. However, after a while, it became clear that the newly minted burglars themselves were in captivity since the old people kept many secrets.

4. You Should Have Left

Theo has been feeling emotionally drained lately. He is retired but he has a young wife and a 6-year-old daughter. The wife is actively developing an acting career – she is busy filming and rarely at home. Theo remains to look after his daughter and is tormented by jealousy every time his wife is engaged in a romantic scene with partners.

The husband suggests taking a break and going on vacation with the whole family. He had booked a house in a wilderness in the mountains. There is no connection here since the house is far from civilization. However, soon the hero of the film begins to notice that something strange is happening around him, and contrary to his expectations, the relationship with his wife is not improving.

3. Antebellum

The third place in the TOP fourteen good Mystery movies in theaters.

Antebellum follows a successful young writer and black rights activist Veronica Henley. She is happily married to her beloved husband with whom she is raising a sweet little daughter, has written a best-selling book on racial discrimination, and is actively making her way to power. Nothing can shake her firm position, but once the well-established and comfortable life in the modern world disappears, and she is replaced by a terrible existence on a cotton plantation during a time of slavery under the supervision of cruel overseers. The girl faces all the horrors of slave life, in which there is only cruelty and violence against a person.

2. Alone

Having finally received a vacation, Jessica gets the opportunity to go to her parents. The hero just wanted to relax but this was not destined to come true: she was kidnapped by a maniac. So the girl is reported missing but the relatives do not know what happened to their daughter. Jessica, despite the cruelty of the criminal, wants to free herself and escape from him. After a while, she manages to get free. Now Jessica is alone in a wooded area, where there is no way to call for help. She did not have time to get food and water, so she has little time to find the nearest village. Can the hero survive?

1. Breaking Surface

The first place in the TOP 14 best new Mystery movies 2020.

Two charming diving lovers could not imagine that their innocent prank could turn into a terrible disaster. Sisters love diving since childhood and have achieved great success over the years of training, but their strength against the harsh laws of nature may not be enough. Once a brilliant, as it seems to them, the idea comes to the heads of the girls – they decide in the middle of winter to go to Norway and dive to the bottom of the ocean. The main characters of the film were sure that they had foreseen everything, but a piece of rock drives one of them into a trap and the poor girl cannot get out of the trap on her own. Also, while the sister, breaking the surface of the ice, tries to rescue the captive, her vitality is running out. Will the hero be able to save her sister’s life?

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