List of best Hollywood Mystery movies in 2017

Mystical and supernatural stories have always excited humanity: they evoked a sense of fear and simultaneously attracted for more than a dozen centuries. And if the literature of this genre has existed for many years, the films appeared only recently, and as a result, they became incredibly popular and loved. So we suggest that you look through TOP 10 best Hollywood Mystery movies of 2017 to watch and immerse yourself in the world of ghosts, demons and mysterious events together with us.

The main characters of mystical films and serials are people who are constantly involved in supernatural, mysterious, and unexplained events. The best mystical films are often combined with other genres, mainly with fantasy, horror, and thriller.

The detailed information on mystery movies of 2017, you will find in the list of best Hollywood Mystery movies in 2017.

List of best Hollywood Mystery movies in 2017

In the plot of these movies, there is often sorcery, spells, magic, various rituals, as well as many creatures of darkness from the other worlds. New mystical films no longer surprise the viewer with images of the Antichrist and his trustees, approaching the apocalypse or the thousandth army of zombies rebelling from their graves. Now the directors focus on the psychological component, that is, on the reactions and experiences of the heroes who find themselves in a different reality.

List of Hollywood Mystery movies 2017

  1. Ghost in the Shell

By 2029, thanks to ubiquitous computer networks and cyber technologies, almost all people implanted a variety of neuronal implants. But cyber technologies brought a new danger to man: a so-called “brain hack” and a number of other crimes connected directly with them became possible.

  1. Get Out

Chris Washington is a simple black guy who has been meeting with the pretty and cheerful girl Rose for some time. Young people practically do not part and spend all their free time together. And now comes the time when it’s time to get acquainted with the parents. Chris is very worried about a trip to a small town where Roses have been living for many years. The guy wants to make a good impression on them because he is going to connect his life with their daughter, which means that he just needs their approval. This trip was to bring the couple even closer and strengthen their relationship, but instead the weekend he will get a real nightmare.

Dean and Missy Armitage meet their daughter and her boyfriend with open arms. Chris feels quite comfortable in the chic family mansion of his lover. The only thing that a little embarrasses him is the very strange behavior of the black people living in this town. All of them are always silent and do strange things. Chris conducts a small investigation and finds out that every black man whom he met is listed as missing. Trying to get to the bottom of the truth, the hero learns a terrible shocking truth, which will not only put a doubt on his relationship with Rose but will also become deadly to him.

  1. The Void

During standard patrolling that did not foretell any pandemonium, police officer Daniel Carter sees a bloody figure going along a deserted road. Following his duty, Carter delivers the poor fellow to the nearest hospital… where he discovers that almost all the patients and all the staff have harmoniously transformed into something “inhuman”.

  1. The Discovery

It is a Sci-fi film, affecting a very popular theme – life after death. True, this time we are waiting for this discovery – an unexpected denouement, giving viewers’ food for thought. Events unfold in the near future. The talented scientist manages to prove that life does not end after death, but simply passes into some other state. He calls it another plane of being.

After the publication of evidence around the world, the suicide rate increases. In a matter of weeks, millions of people die, confident that in this way they “reset” their lives. Feeling a share of responsibility for what happened, scientist urges people not to rush to die, assuming that he could not fully explore the “side”.

The scientist begins a new study, intending to find out what the afterlife really is. The man decides to conduct an experiment on a secluded island, wishing to protect the public from hasty dies. It is here that the main characters come – Will and Isla, trying to learn as much as possible the details of the study. Soon the girl decides to personally verify that she is on the other side of life.

The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Thriller Mystery films 2017 because it was released at the end of March 2017.

  1. The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Experienced pathologist Tommy Tilden and his adult son Austin own their own morgue and crematorium in Virginia. Once they investigate the corpse of an unknown girl, who for the protocol is given the name of Jane Doe. The girl’s body was found in the basement of the house in which the massacre occurred. At first glance, it seems like a routine work, but in the process of the autopsy, Tommy and Austin find out that although the body is not damaged from the outside, Jane Doe’s insides are in such a condition as if she was the victim of some mysterious ritual torture. Soon after their discovery, the crematorium is captured by some evil.

  1. Brimstone

The story of a girl named Liz, who is trying to escape from her dark past and is hiding from the persecution of the “devil” preacher.

  1. Cure for Wellness

In order to take his superior from the health center, the hero is forced to go to the Alps. However, in the end, he finds himself in a psychiatric hospital, in which incredible ominous events occur. It is included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Mystery movies 2017 because it came out in March 30, 2017.

  1. Personal Shopper

Young American Maureen, who moved to Paris, helps celebrities pick up their clothes. She is good at high fashion. Her life seems like a dream, but everything complicates the paranormal feature – Maureen can communicate with ghosts.

  1. Before I Fall

Imagine that you have only one day to change absolutely everything. It would seem that Samantha has everything: an ideal guy, great friends and, sort of like, a cloudless future. However, after one fateful night, Sam wakes up altogether without a future and is forced to reside the same day again and again.

  1. The Dinner

A story about how far parents can go to protect their children.

Our TOP 10 new holly Mystery movies is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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