List of best Hollywood Suspense movies in 2017

They say that thrillers and mysteries are the most popular genres of all times, but when you combine the two and add a little bit (or, rather, a lot) of tension, you get that unmistakable feeling of suspense that makes the audience hold onto their seats and gaze at the screen in anticipation. Our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Suspense movies 2017 are equally gripping, thrilling and disturbing, so, get ready for a blood-chilling and breath-taking ride!


Kevin looks like a regular fella – nothing special about him – but he’s suffering from a disease called “Multiple personality disorder”. His body and mind are home to 23 different persons, and some of them are eerie, sinister and murderous. He kidnaps 3 innocent young women and keeps them as hostages. Help isn’t coming, so, unless the teenagers manage to “wake up” the caring and loving personalities inside of the scary man, they’ll all die a horrible death. But how can a bunch of kids trick a brutal and ruthless criminal from stepping down and letting “the other guy” run the show?

Get Out

Chris, a handsome black man, is enjoying every single moment of his relationship with Rose, his white girlfriend. He’s a confident, smart and capable young fella, and when she asks him to meet her parents, he gladly agrees. However, this little visit turns out to be his biggest nightmare, and soon he finds himself struggling with a number of crazy folks that want to lock him up in what seems to be a prison for black folks from different generations. Get Out is most definitely one of the TOP 10 new holly Suspense movies, and if you love the thrill of the unknown, make sure to check this one out. It’s already available worldwide!


A troubled bloke is devastated by the news that his mom is now lying in a coma, and he’s quick to blame it all on his stepdad. He decides to “take care” of the man but soon gets himself into quite a turbulent situation that he can’t find a way out from. He struck a deal with an assassin, and there’s no going back from something like that. Thus, his whole life seems to be getting out of his hands, and all he can do now is try and fix everything that he’s done. But it’s not really that easy to “reverse” your sins, so, the desperate son is about to learn what it truly means to be a man and to face your own demons.


Jake is just a regular air traffic controller, but when he makes a mistake while on duty, the error kills two women. Roman, the husband and the father to these ladies, is crushed by the news. Both the young dude and the man are struggling with the consequences, and, strangely enough, they manage to help each other let go of the past and move forward with their lives. Roman will have to fight the desire to kill the one responsible for his family’s death and find peace and healing through forgiveness. Put Aftermath on your TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Thriller Suspense films 2017 if you appreciate dramas-thrillers-suspense films that are equally thought-provoking and exciting.

Cult of Chucky

Nica has been “locked up” in a mental institution against her will for the past 4 years. The cops claim she killed the members of her own family, while the girl keeps saying she had nothing to do with it. The doctors give her a creepy doll that turns out to be possessed by the evil ghost of a real serial murderer – Chucky. Soon, the inhabitants of the institution are killed one by one, which leads to Nica believing the spirit of the killer is responsible for all of it. But how can she stop the eerie doll from murdering innocents when she doesn’t even know how to kill it? There’s no going back for her now, and if she fails, she’ll become the next victim of the horrendous doll.

Cult of Chucky

Personal Shopper

A beautiful young girl, hired by a rich, fancy and shallow older woman, is struggling with the recent passing of her twin bruv. She can’t bare the pain anymore, and so, she embarks on a perilous trip into the afterlife, hoping to get a message from her dead brother. Will this spiritual journey give her what she needs, or will the girl be forever lost in the place that you can’t go back from? Of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Suspense movies of 2017 to watch, Personal Shopper is a must-see for all the fans of gripping, thrilling and twisty stories with tons of tension and, of course, suspense.

Saw: Legacy

Yes, the iconic Saw series is back, and it’s gonna be equally gruesome and fun! With Jigsaw finally dead and gone, and his followers scattered, people started to think that the horrors are over. It’s been a decade without any incidents, but then, all of a sudden, bodies start to pile up, and the marks of the vicious killer are all over them. The police can’t deny the fact that a new copycat is out there, bringing death and terror into the hearts and souls of the innocent residents of the city. No one is safe anymore, and all the sinners are going to suffer an excruciating death. So, who is this new apprentice? And will the cops be able to stop him?

It Comes at Night

There’s a new kind of evil roaming the streets, and a man manages to find a safe spot for himself and his family. It’s hard not to think about the darkness outside, so, he tries to keep his wife and kid disciplined. But, the law and order in the house begin to crack when they kindly let another family stay with them. As the dark forces get closer to their dwelling, the two families start to blame each other for things none of them did. It Comes at Night deserves a very special place on the list of Hollywood Suspense movies 2017, as you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Friend Request

Laura is one of the most popular girls in her college, and she has a bunch of best friends that she spends most of her time with. Plus, she has over 800 friends on Facebook that she also keeps in touch with. One day, Laura makes the mistake of accepting a friend request from this mysterious girl – Marina – and everything changes for the worst after she clicks that button. Her friends and loved ones start to disappear and die, and only Laura can break the curse and stop the evil Marina from killing even more people. If she fails, she’ll be the next victim.


True, this one’s more of a horror, than a suspense movie, but it is full of tension, and you’ll find yourself “glued” to your seat more than once. Life follows a team of gifted scientists that find prove of biological life on Mars. They thought they came across a miracle, but the entity they brought onboard the ISS is highly lethal. It caused extinction on the Red Planet, and now it’s hungry for some more blood…

Alright, that was our list of best Hollywood Suspense movies in 2017! Stay tuned and make sure not to miss out on the hottest new releases!

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