List of best Hollywood Western movies in 2017

Westerns used to be super-popular at the end of the 20th century, and, even though folks are still shooting new movies in the genre, the hype is over, so to speak. At the same time, as you’ll learn from our list of TOP 10 latest Hollywood Western movies 2017, the modern-day actors still know how to ride a horse, while the directors remember how to shoot a proper American standoff. So, if you’re a fan of the genre and are longing for some decent westerns, check out the following nominees!

  1. Brimstone

Liz, a strong-willed, brave and capable woman, knows all too well that the brand-new pastor that’s “running” the church is a big threat to her and all the people she holds dear to her heart. To protect her one and only daughter Liz is ready to put her comfort, position, and safety in danger. Yes, she’s putting everything she’s got on the line, and, by showing how courageous and fearless a woman can be, she turns into a living breathing hero and demonstrates all the enduring ladies out there that women can and should stand up for themselves. But still – will she be able to save her daughter from the heavy hand?

  1. The Dark Tower

A lonely man lost in a post-apocalyptic reality is trying tirelessly to find something that will give him a chance to keep the life he knows and loves. And while folks around him are searching for an elusive man in black, this gentleman is working on a plan to get into the dark tower. True, the tower might just turn out to be another mystery, a myth, but what if its real and he’ll finally get to save his life and be happy again? Even if there’s a slight possibility of that, he can’t sit around and wait for a miracle to happen. He’s willing to risk it all for a chance to get everything back to normal, to what he’s used to. Definitely one of the TOP 10 new holly Western movies.

  1. The Beguiled

Welcome to the US Civil War: an injured Union warrior is being locked up at a boarding school for little girls. He’s a cunning man and knows how to use people’s fears and desires to his advantage. Slowly, but steadily, he starts to manipulate the members of the school and “feeds” upon their loneliness. Soon, he makes the girls fight each other just to look good in his eyes. However, the tables do turn eventually, and the wounded soldier becomes the sole subject of the girls’ anger. He was able to con his way into their young fragile hearts, but, when they learn the real truth about him, everything turns 180 degrees for the man.

  1. Hostiles

This is the story of a hard-boiled soldier who’s about to hit retirement. He despises the Natives American people and tries to stay away from them. Yet, his commander gives him a “lovely” final assignment: he is to escort an Indian head honcho to a reservation in Montana where he belongs. The Cheyenne chief and his big-happy-family are traveling through hazardous lands, and the reluctant captain will have to put all of his experience, wits, agility and luck to good use if he wants to see these folks safe and sound. Another great film from our list of Hollywood Western movies 2017.

  1. The Sisters Brothers

It’s 1851, and Eli, along with his bruv, Charlie, is an assassin. They’ve got a job to do: to put down Mr. Warm, a generally likable and charismatic man who supposedly stole from the fellas’ boss. The brothers are to travel all the way to San Francisco to kill the thief. But, when they find the guy, they learn that he’s developed a special formula that allows him to find gold. So, the Sisters decide to join his cause rather than kill him. Unfortunately, the formula turns out to be quite toxic and kills both the prospector and his assistant, leaving the brothers stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The Sisters Brothers

  1. Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story

Nathaniel, the owner of a beautiful ranch, has retired from the turbulent life of an outlaw, and now he’s just enjoying the peace and quiet with Laura, his lovely wife. However, his criminal past comes back to haunt the man: he finds out that the gentleman that he mutilated during a robbery a while ago is now a decorated American Marshall and he’s coming after Nathaniel. The man is ready to do everything in his power to find the outlaw and return him the favor. The old gangster has no choice but to leave his woman and go back to the life of a most-wanted criminal in the Wild West. The list of TOP 10 best Hollywood Western movies of 2017 to watch would be empty without this action-packed blockbuster.

  1. Woman Walks Ahead

Catherine, a painter from Brooklyn, moves to Dakota to paint a picture, but soon gets involved in a confrontation between the chieftain and the government officials that want to take the land from his people. The woman ends up living in the land for a couple of hears with her kid and writes several letters to the federals. The events take place in the 1890s, back when the Native Americans were fighting for their land and women had little to no rights in the world of men. If you love good old westerns with a strong message and a thought-provoking plot, make sure to check it out.

Woman Walks Ahead

  1. Hell or High Water

Toby and his brother, a couple of desperados, put their own lives at risk just to save their family farm. Toby, a single man as of late, is trying to give his son a better life, while his bruv, an ex-convict, wants to rob a bank and get away with it. But two Rangers are on their tail, and there’s no escape from the law now. Marcus, one of the rangers, is just a few weeks away from retirement; still, he’s ready to pursue the thugs to the very end. Of the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Western films 2017, this one’s a must-see!

  1. Traded

Clay, a top-notch shot, is happy with his peaceful life of a married man with two kids. But, when his son dies in a horrible accident, and his little girl goes missing, he turns into a completely different man who’s ready to do whatever it takes to save the rest of his broken family. So, he leaves home and goes out there into the big, scary world, trying to find his daughter. He is determined to bring her back unharmed, and nobody can stop him from protecting his loved ones. He leaves a pile of dead bodies behind and rushes into the night, bringing death and destruction to those who dared to hurt his family.

  1. Jane Got a Gun

Jane, the wife of a criminal, is taking care of the family farm. One day, when her man comes home with 8 bullets in his body, she does whatever she can to keep him alive. Soon, she realizes that the morons who shot her husband will most certainly arrive at the farm to finish what they started. That means she’s got no other choice but to ask an ex-lover for help. She can’t protect herself and her farm from the bandits alone. Put Jane Got a Gun on the list of best Hollywood Western movies in 2017 if you love action-packed and adrenaline-pumping stories about the Old West.

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