List of best Political movies 2017

Our new compilation is about the foreign and domestic policies of the countries of the world: Russia, countries of Asia, the USA, European states, etc. A unique video chronicle, archival materials, and information from the firsthand –all these you will find in our new TOP 10 best Political movies of 2017 to watch. Also here you will see famous politicians of the past and outstanding leaders of the state of affairs, political backstabbing and the real situation of the organization of the world.

Are you ready to find out the answer to the question – What is the best Political movies in 2017?

List of best Political movies 2017

  1. Darkest Hour

The movie will show how in the first days of his reign as Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1940, Winston Churchill had to decide whether to conclude a deal with Adolf Hitler and turn his country into a puppet of the Third Reich or to give the Nazis a rebuff.

Darkest Hour

  1. Hidden Figures

Space exploration, intergalactic adventures, aliens, how many films were shot on this subject, how many exciting fantastic stories.

The picture shows the ways and means of achieving real results in the space industry. Tells us about the work of ordinary people, on which the lives of astronauts depend, and this is not much like the staged scenes from films.

Heroes are a group of three African-American mathematicians, whose task is to make calculations for the fulfillment of the space mission. State importance depends on them, they do not have the right to make a mistake. And perhaps their names will never become widely known, they do their job, without which all efforts to make a breakthrough in the space race will go to nothing.

  1. Jackie

About Jacqueline Kennedy – the first lady of the United States in the early 60’s, the most popular woman of her time, the style icon – dozens of books were written and a lot of films were shot, but the great interest to her life does not die out over the years. In this tape, the authors reproduced one of the tragic moments in American history – the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas – and the ensuing days, showing these events through the eyes of Jacqueline herself. The whole world admired her steadfastness, dignity, and self-control. But what did this woman really survive? The movie is included in the TOP 10 best recent Political movies because it was already released.

  1. The United Kingdom

It is the true love story of Seretse Khama, Prince of Botswana, and Ruth Williams, an office worker from London.

  1. The Most Hated Woman in America

Madelyn O’Hare is in our TOP 10 best new Political movies 2017.

It is a true story about the successes and tragic collapse of Madelyn Murray O’Hare, who won scandalous fame through an active struggle with the church. Beginning with speeches against reading the Bible in schools, Madelyn founded the movement “Atheists of America” and causes hatred for most of her countrymen.

The Most Hated Woman in America

  1. The Birth of a Nation

If a film is dedicated to a certain event, then, as a rule, the narration concerns only one topic. That’s why the dramatic adventure of this movie based on real events can be called unique. The film is dedicated to the black slave Nathaniel Turner and talks about the uprising organized by him in 1831. The events of the film are aimed at ensuring that the viewer is able to understand the feelings of the rebel.

The plot dives us into the childhood memories of the hero, tell about the problems that have arisen in his life, affect his relationship with the white people.

  1. Battle of the Sexes

It is the story of the rivalry between the 55-year-old Wimbledon champion B. Riggs and the 29-year-old tennis player B. J. King. The legendary match, held in 1973, gathered near the screens of more than 50 million Americans and proved that professional athletes are able to compete with men.

Battle of the Sexes

  1. HHhH

The story of the rapid ascent of Reinhard Heydrich, a man who, in addition to being a prominent statesman of fascist Germany, is also known as one of the initiators of the “final solution of the Jewish question”.

  1. Kongens nei

The film re-creates the events of the spring of 1940 when Norway was in a very difficult situation. Into the territory of the country invaded the fascists, intent on taking power into their own hands. To avoid unnecessary sacrifices, they propose to the government to sign a surrender agreement, according to which the power will pass to the nationalist Quisling. This proposal caused panic, which is why all officials resigned, shifting responsibility to the shoulders of Carl Haakon, the King of Norway, who previously was only the formal head of the country, who did not make any important decisions.

Learning about this, Germany presses on politics, demanding that he surrender. Haakon VII makes a difficult decision. The choice of the king instantly jeopardizes his life and all his relatives – the King refuses Germany. To avoid death, the king tries to leave the country, which is quite difficult, because the border is occupied by the enemy. The situation is aggravated when a detachment of soldiers is sent to the capital, where Haakon is located. By a lucky coincidence, the king manages to leave the city with his family to lead resistance from London.

  1. Patriots Day

The film takes place in 2013 in Boston. Tommy Saunders is a policeman who devoted his entire life to fighting the criminal world. He did not wear a uniform for a long time, but on April 15 he had to do it. Every year on this day, the Boston Marathon is held, in which thousands of runners take part. At this point, the entire police work in the maximum readiness mode, and Tommy takes its place at the finish line itself. The marathon is held at the highest level. But at one point, the finish line gives out two explosions, the victims of which are dozens of spectators. While the victims are taken to hospitals, Saunders and his colleagues begin an investigation assisted by an FBI agent, Richard Delormier.

Our TOP 10 best modern Thriller Political films 2017 ends now.

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