List of best Patriotic movies 2017

Patriotism is a great feeling, and nothing quite compares to it. Sadly, most directors and actors fail to deliver that mesmerizing atmosphere of a truly inspiring heroic tale, and that is why we took it upon ourselves to get this TOP 10 best new Patriotic movies 2017 list ready for you. We single-handedly picked all the ten films and are proud to present them to you. Note: not all of the movies are about the US; so, keep that in mind while checking the list out.

  1. Their Finest

It’s 1940, and while pretty much the whole world is fighting the Nazis in WW2, the Americans are still not a part of the allies. Catrin, a talented screenwriter, gets together a fine cast and a professional crew to create an inspirational and motivational movie that will boost the UK’s morale and give the United States the right reason to join the greatest war of all times and to put the Germans down. Her task is truly grandiose: to shoot a film that will make a real difference both for their home and the whole world. Their finest is a, well, fine new movie that will appeal to your inner patriot. This is a brilliant woman’s journey towards making planet Earth a better place and getting people together in the face of war.

  1. Megan Leavey

Megan, a Corporal with the US army, is serving in Iraq, and she’s not really suited for the rough-tough military lifestyle. She’s constantly getting into all kinds of trouble, and one time, when she is cleaning out the so-called K9 unit, she becomes BFFs with an awesome dog. Its name is Rex, and soon, the two become inseparable. By working together, they become a great team out there on the field, rescuing several fallen soldiers in all kinds of life and death situations. Overall, they carry out more than 100 missions in the Middle East, but one day, something terrible happens: Leavey drives right into a bomb on the road, and now she’ll have to fight to stay alive in the middle of nowhere. Of the TOP 10 best recent Patriotic movies, Megan Leavey is probably the most heart-wrenching one.

  1. Patriots Day

Back in 2013, the United States and Boston in particular were devastated by the horrible events that took the lives of several people during the annual marathon. The bombs injured 250+ innocent folks, and nobody knew where the attack came from. Davis, the Police Commissioner of the city, was one of the first cops to go after the terrorists. They wanted to leave America unharmed, and it was up to Davis and a team of survivors to hunt down the murderers and bring them to justice. The whole city started an all-out manhunt. There was no escape for the killers, but what if they had another bomb waiting to detonate at the “right” moment?

  1. The Wall

A couple of US soldiers on patrol duty in Iraq are being shot at by an elusive sniper. They’re in the middle of a desert, and the only “cover” is a tiny wall that can come down at any second. They are quick to hide behind it, but it’s almost impossible to locate the sniper’s position, as he’s secured somewhere far away. The soldiers are trapped in the most unfortunate way, and help is not coming. So, how will they manage to survive long enough to pinpoint the enemy’s position and take him down? Meanwhile, the wall is getting weaker and weaker…Put The Wall on your list of best Patriotic movies 2017 if you appreciate realistic war stories.

  1. The Great Wall

True, this one isn’t big on American patriotism, but it is a pretty great movie about the Chinese wall and the chilling legend about a horde of monsters trying to overrun it. Every 60 years these creatures descend upon the epic wall in an attempt to tear it down and feast on the innocents behind it. It’s the 5th century, and a bunch of travelers from Britain arrive in China hoping to strike a deal. But they end up turning into one of the guardians of the wall and learn what it truly means to sacrifice yourself for the greater good and to look death in the eyes. The Great Wall is equally exciting and thought-provoking. Plus, if you’re Chinese, it’s quite patriotic!

  1. Justice League

What could be more patriotic than a team of superheroes fighting against intergalactic villains under the American flag? Batman, AKA Bruce Wayne, is fueled by Superman’s sacrifice and wants to continue his work by asking the Wonder Woman to help him fight the greatest enemies planet Earth has ever seen. Together, they are successful in assembling a highly lethal squad of so-called metahumans to confront a great enemy. But, even with a fine team of heroes, it might be too late for Bruce to save his home planet from what’s coming…Of the  TOP 10 best Patriotic movies of 2017 to watch, Justice League is a must-see for the geeks!

  1. Hidden Figures

When Mr. Glenn was put into orbit, the whole world was amazed, but only a select few knew that a team of lovely ladies was standing behind the extremely complicated calculations that allowed the man to make history. They weren’t allowed into most of NASA’s rooms, and nobody could tell the world about their great contribution to America’s space program, but thankfully, today we can call these women heroes and be proud of their brilliance and resilience against all odds. Black women back in the 50s didn’t have nearly as much rights as they do today, but these geniuses still proved that you can make a difference even if your own country doesn’t consider you to be an equal to white folks and men.

  1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The British know how to make patriotic movies better than any other nation on God’s Good Earth, and the brand-new installment in the Kingsman series is a great example of that. The top-notch secret agency was just hit by an unknown enemy, and it’s imperative to figure out who wants them dead and why. The HQ is gone, and a new foe is rising. The whole world is in great danger, and an off-the-books American agency joins the Kingsman in an attempt to track down the villains and bring them to justice. Will the Yanks and the Brits be successful? The list of TOP 10 best modern Patriotic films 2017 wouldn’t be complete without this blockbuster.

  1. War Machine

A decorated general leads a perilous mission, and, after a huge success, he becomes one of the most famed folks in the country. Numerous citizens across the world call him a true hero, especially in America. But, the truth is – he’s not nearly as perfect as they picture him to be. He’s got a dark side, and when a journalist reveals it in a scandalous story, people flip on him and start calling the man a monster. Yet, that’s not true, as he is an amazing military man and did contribute to peace around the world. So, who is the general really? A good man with a bad side, or a lunatic with just a few successful takedowns behind his back?

  1. The Promise

In the beginning of the 20th century, the once-great Ottoman Empire was slowly, but steadily dying, but it was still strong enough to slaughter the innocent Armenians that used to inhabit the lands disputed by the two nations. The Turkish government was specifically targeting the people of Armenia in what was later known as the first genocide in the history of mankind. Amidst the war and the bloodshed, a journalist from the States, a genius med student and a woman form a love triangle…

The Promise

Alright, now you know what is the best Patriotic movies in 2017. As always, stay tuned and keep up with the latest news!

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