List of best Political movies 2018

Politics always play a huge role in our lives, whether we want it or not. And when it comes to the film industry, this genre is always popular. Thrillers, crime dramas, documentaries and biographies – that’s what you’ll find in our TOP 10 best new Political movies 2018 list.

So, make yourself comfortable, turn the lights off, and let’s check out what next year has to offer. We promise you’ll consider at least half of the following titles worth your while. Don’t believe us? Well, that’s why we invite you to personally “examine” every movie!

  1. Fonzo

Even if you’re not a fan of gangsters and influential historical figures, the name of Al Capone must be familiar to you. Fonzo is a biographical film, based on the notorious criminal’s life. Before he was put down by a brave man, Capone used to be the king of Chicago. He was both the criminal and the business leader of the city, putting fear in the hearts and minds of the regular hard-working folks. Josh Trank is the officially-confirmed director, while Mr. Tom Hardy will play the lead male role.

Tom Hardy in Fonzo

  1. Fahrenheit 11/9

That bright title refers to the exact date Mr. Trump became the new leader of the American people. Michael Moore, one of the most controversial personalities in the modern-day United States, predicted the construction mogul’s victory several months before he actually became the POTUS. Moore is considered to be a “rogue agent”; at the same time, there’s no denying the fact that this man knows how to shoot documentaries. And, without a doubt, of all the TOP 10 best recent Political movies, this one’s a keeper.

  1. The 15:17 to Paris

The legendary actor-turned-director, Mr. Clint Eastwood, is finally back with a brand-new blockbuster. When it comes to military dramas slash thrilling bangers, Eastwood is the man. The plot follows a group of US soldiers that learn of an upcoming terrorist attack on a train heading towards Paris.

They are ready to put their own lives on the line just to save the innocent folks aboard. But it’s going to take more than courage and dedication to pull this impossible mission off. These three heroes will have to deliver their A-game if they want to stop the attack and live to see another day.

  1. Reagan

Ronald Reagan, one of the most loved, respected and popular presidents in America, was a controversial man, to say the least. At the same time, the new policies that he introduced improved the lives of millions of honest, hard-working citizens. And that is exactly why the older generation speaks highly of him.

Nicolas Cage is confirmed as the lead male actor, while McNamara is the director. This insightful film will follow Reagan’s eventful life, starting with his childhood days all the way up to his presidency. Put it on the list of best Political movies 2018 if you respect the ex-POTUS and everything he did for his homeland.


  1. Mission: Impossible 6

The MI series has always been known for mixing real-world global affairs with a little bit of fiction. Politics are a vital part of every single chapter in this franchise, and the 6th installment won’t be an exception. Cruise is ready to get back into his super-agent costume once again. This brand-new chart-topper will hit the international theaters on July 27, 2018. Unfortunately, there is no information about the plot. We do, however, know that Cavill, the Man Of Steel of our time and Ferguson, the sex-symbol of our time, will be a part of the cast. Looks like we’ve got another win with this one!

  1. Metal Gear Solid

If you’re a fan of video games, then you definitely know about MGS. This is one of the most iconic franchises in history, and millions of gamers from all over the world are in love with it. Solid Snake, the hero of this film, has a mission: to infiltrate a nuclear weapons disposal compound and interfere with the plans of a terrorist group.

They used to be a part of a government special unit, but now they want to launch a nuke and start WW3. Unless Snake stops them, these terrorists will turn the world into a graveyard. Of the TOP 10 best Political movies of 2018 to watch, Metal Gear Solid is one to keep an eye on.

Metal Gear Solid

  1. Red Sparrow

It’s been a while since we saw a proper spy movie about the Russians and the Americans. Red Sparrow is centered on Dominika, the finest agent the Ruskies have ever seen. Nate, on the other hand, if the pride and joy of the United States. The girl is to use her body to seduce the man and learn all the secrets he knows.

However, when they first meet, the two fall in love with each other, putting both their missions in danger. Obviously, an affair wasn’t ever an option for them, but love conquers all, and these top-notch spies can’t do anything to fight it. At the same time, the security of both superpowers is in danger…

  1. Soldado

It doesn’t get any more “political” than this film. You might already know that Soldado is the direct follow-up to the 2015 hit, Sicario. Emily Blunt will sit this one out, but that doesn’t make the sequel any less thrilling and engrossing. The director claims the original movie will look like a kindergarten play compared to chapter #2. Sounds pretty bold, right? Well, let’s just give the man some space and hope that the team truly delivers. Without a doubt, Soldado is one of the TOP 10 best modern Political films 2018.


  1. Angel Has Fallen

This is the third installment in the chart-topping series about a brave American president and his invincible bodyguard. It’s officially confirmed that Butler will return to the role of Banning, the best SS agent the country has. Sources claim that this time around, Butler’s character will be the target of the terrorists in a plot to destroy the capital of the States and plunge the whole country into chaos.

We don’t know yet whether Eckhart will return as the president or not. In any case, Angel Has Fallen is shaping up to be quite a crowd-pleaser. Corny? Yes. Overly-patriotic and totally unrealistic? You bet! But it’s also quite entertaining!

Angel Has Fallen

  1. XY Chelsea

Hands down, this is the most anticipated political movie of 2018. Back in 2010, the authorities condemned Manning, a transgender woman, to 35 years in a military prison populated by men. She leaked a whole bunch of sensitive secret documents and became one of the most famous whistleblowers in modern-day history, along with Snowden.

She made 2 suicide attempts, but, thankfully, in 2017, her charges were lifted, and Chelsea became a free human being. XY Chelsea follows her fight for justice, equality, and survival. Alright, that’s our answer to your question – what is the best Political movies in 2018?

XY Chelsea

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