List of best Racing movies 2018

This TOP 10 best Racing movies of 2018 to watch is devoted to the topic popular in modern cinema. We are here to show the best movies of such genre! Here everyone can find exciting street competitions and professional “battles.” Plots of pictures are filled with drive, adrenaline, emotions, and speed. The movies of such genre promise to be fascinating.

Here we go!

List of best Racing movies 2018

  1. Trading Paint

The movie will tell about the battle between two speed racers (son and his father). The main role will be performed by John Travolta.

  1. Taxi 5

Another interesting and entertaining story of the movie tells about the past of all known Daniel.

At the moment, he is an average man who is 45 years old and works as a simple taxi driver, but an absolutely unusual taxi that gives him so much adrenaline that no one else can.

But, apart from the fact that he is a simple taxi driver, he is also a clever catcher of criminals and very good at catching them.

Taxi 5

  1. Midwest Hu$tler

Midwestern drag races are in the TOP 10 best modern Racing films 2018.

Street racing is a form of informal car racing. Street races can either be spontaneous or well planned and coordinated. Street racers are drivers who do not keep the parking brake in the car and are always ready to rush forward. They are not bullies, as some consider. They do not organize racings in the streets on cars, breaking the rules of the road.

Street racers are a kind of institution which has its own rules. Every street racer has to fulfill them. For them, one of the main canons is – not to break the rules of the road traffic. Therefore, in winter, they go to the outskirts of the city, where they calmly, without disturbing anyone, drive on snowdrifts in their car.

The movie will tell about a hustler who has to teach young racer to win Midwestern drag races.

  1. Speedhunters

A colorful team of racers is involved in the battle for technology, which has power to turn the world upside down.


  1. Race with the Devil

The first factual mention of a deal with a devil began in 1634 when the Frenchman Urben Grandier (priest, a person who knows the truth in religion) composed a written contract with the prince of darkness. The Inquisition found this document and burned the priest at the stake. It happened only 13 years after the conclusion of the contract.

Since then, the number of those who wish to receive earthly goods in exchange for a soul has not decreased. The University of Paris formally approved the theory that witchcraft necessarily requires a contract with evil forces. From now on, hundreds of people are attracted only by the very fact of the deal. After the Second World War, a paper signed by A. Hitler and Satan was found in Germany. Date – April 30, 1932, written – with blood. Modern experts have identified the authenticity of the signature of the Fuhrer. Since that time, the ardent loser and self-taught artist becomes a “Nazi idol” and already in 1933 the leader of Germany.

The movie is about a farmer who does not want to die and makes a deal with devil…

Race with the Devil Poster

  1. Race 3

Indian Fast and Furious is in the TOP 10 best recent Racing movies.

The movie is the Indian interpretation of Fast and Furious!

  1. Death Race: Anarchy

According to the plot, all prisons are overcrowded with prisoners. The director comes up with an amazing idea: to organize spectacular competitions on special cars. To give sharpness, the race is held almost without any rules and the main condition is survival.

Only prisoners participate in the race. The winner gets freedom. The director is not going to stop his cruel entertainment, as such entertainment is very popular among the audience, and the broadcasting brings an excellent profit.

Jason Statham in Death Race

  1. The Driver

According to the synopsis of the film, the main hero is a runaway driver who is forced to participate in the race after the bank’s extremely unsuccessful robbery.

His car is full of money, his family is in danger. Time goes by and he must find out who deceived him.

The only person he can trust is his thirteen-year-old daughter. He must move quickly.

It is reported that the main action of the film will occur within the same vehicle.

The Driver Poster

  1. Drive

The protagonist of the crime drama is an excellent racer, who works as a stuntman during the daytime, and at night works as a transporter. The guy moonlights as a driver for criminal personalities, whether they are robbers of banks or the kidnappers of valuable information from someone else’s house – he does not care at all. He works and never takes up arms. He gets acquainted with the charming neighbor and her little son, and soon young people begin having an affair.

However, the release from the prison of her husband completely changes the life of lovers. But the hero of the movie does not back down, he becomes a friend of the family, ready to help in a difficult situation -and here it comes. The next dangerous and well-planned business went completely wrong and there is warrant out for transporter’s head. The only thing that remains is to hide from the pursuit at full speed, using the very best driving skills.

Drive Poster

  1. The Last Race

It is the first place of the TOP 10 best new Racing movies 2018.

The film will is about a group of people trying to hold onto American racing tradition. First of all, we note that the cultural heritage is defined as the embodiment of tradition, the transmission of which contributes to the meaningfulness of the past and present. The very concept of “legacy” from ancient times was more connected with the material scope. The legacy is defined as “property passing on the death of one owner to another.” If we turn to the historical and cultural interpretation of this concept, it clearly carries the meaning of “making a mark.”

TOP is coming to an end.

We hope it answered the question – what is the best Racing movies in 2018?

Thank you!

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