List of best Western movies 2018

Western is the oldest genre not only of American cinema. Films about the Wild West, its inhabitants, cowboys, arrows and of course the Indians were shot all over the world. Almost all the famous American actors starred in at least one western.

American culture, despite its relative historical youth, is rich and unique.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best Western movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we begin!

List of best Western movies 2018

  1. The Sisters Brothers

The nineteenth century is the era of the gold rush that gripped the United States like a plague. It is a golden era for the Wild West. Two brothers with not the most honest craft are facing dangerous adventures. Killers, thugs, and criminals will have to kill a guy who annoyed their boss. Their victim robbed the boss, stole something extremely important, and the heroes have to killhim.

Charlie is the eldest of the brothers, a prudent scoundrel with insidious schemes, a sharp tongue, and great ambitions. The younger, however, has a kind heart and a slightly naive nature. They are used to working together, despite completely different nature.

The Sisters Brothers

  1. White Horse Dancing

It is a story about a mother who tries to protect her daughter from villains. In order to do this, she turns to a bounty hunter who immediately agrees to help them. On their way, they will meet a lot of danger, new friends.

  1. The Red Man’s View

The confrontation between White Settlers and the Native Americans is in the TOP 10 best modern Western films 2018.

When light-skinned people landed on the mainland of North America to occupy more territory here, the Indians decided not to give up and fight for their territory until the end. Throughout this land, wars broke out between two different worlds, the defenseless children and women suffer from this. After a short period of time, the struggle leads to the fact that the indigenous people still have to leave their homes and go in search of new ones. The main character could not so calmly leave his native land because his loved oneis a captive to white-faced people.


  1. The Deadliest Gun

It is a story of two sisters which had to leave their native town and home due to War that reign at that place, at that time. They survived all the attacks and now prepare to avenge their family.

The Deadliest Gun

  1. Americana

In the 1860s, the farmer and slave-owner escaped from the aftermath of the civil war to Brazil. There he finds his love and future, but in his attempts to build his new life on the basis of racial harmony, he inevitably awakens the past and nature of the slaveholder.

  1. What Child Is This

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Western movies.

The action of the Western takes place on the plains of Sierra Nevada, Eastern California. There is always snow; there is no one in the streets and, according to all the rules of the Wild West, lawlessness rules inside pubs and bars. The viewer is transferred first in 1870 when the territory is not yet exploited, and then, along with the heroes, goes south and closer in time to the present moment. The viewer will see four generations of heroes; the fates of more than 53 characters. The endpoint of history is San Diego, 1944. The series will go through all the major historical points of the United States of the past and the century before last. National wealth coupled with a fascinating plot – that’s what “What child is this” can be proud of.

What Child Is This

  1. Howlers

The movie will tell us a story about a small town that is terrorized by an awful gang of werewolves on motorcycles. The gunfighter comes back from dead in order to protect the town and kill all the monsters.


  1. The Price of Death

A gambler, who has become a bounty hunter, transports a dangerous criminal. But the hero does not suspect that they are followed by a ruthless killer with his gang, who wants to find out where the prisoner is hiding a huge amount of money.

The Price of Death

  1. Bass Reeves, U.S. Marshal

The movie will tell a story about Bass ReevesюHe is a legendary lawman.

Bass Reeves was born in Arkansas in a family of slaves. His parents, brothers, and sisters worked for the prosperous planter and Colonel Willy Reeves, who in society was considered a kind and intelligent person but did not hesitate tomock his servants. So, one of the most terrible memories of little Bass was the so-called “torture by pork.” On weekends, the slave-owner roasted the meat on a large skewer, the construction of which was arranged in such a way that the hot fat would drain over the bodies of the slaves chained to the ground. Through this excruciating procedure, the future sheriff has passed repeatedly.

Surprisingly, the sadist Willie Reeves subsequently held high posts in the legislature of Texas and Arkansas. However, Bass ran away from his plantation much earlier – at the age of 17. For several years he lived in Indian reserves, where he was engaged in farming, and also studied the skills withcold steel. It was there that Bass learned to shoot arrows splendidly and throw knives, which was very useful for him during the Civil War of 1861-1865.

After the abolition of slavery, Bass received for military service a large piece of land in the town of Van Buren (Arkansas), married and promised himself to never take up arms. Here begins the most interesting. Once, the sheriff of Van Buren cameto Bass’s house and told that fugitive criminals are increasingly hiding in the Indian territories. Because of this, the process of their arrest is greatly complicated, since the Indians strongly dislike the white sheriffs that come to the reservation without an invitation.

Here, the legendary path of Bass – The Sheriff begins!

  1. Black Hat

It is the leader of the TOP 10 best new Western movies 2018.

A young boy has to become a real man in order to survive in the Wild West.

TOP is coming to an end.

Hope it answered the question – what is the best Western movies in 2018?

Thank you for being with us!

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