List of best Sailing movies to watch

The sea is beautiful, exciting, deep and so attractive – that’s what the films ofthe TOP 10 best Sailing movies to watch are about. They are about the depths of the sea and their inhabitants, about ships, about the dangers that such beautiful but such ruthless sea carries with it. Everyone can find something interesting: thrillers, melodramas, horror films, comedies, and even documentaries – whatever genre you like, this compilation will surely satisfy your requests. You can learn more about water depths, marine animals, as well as watch the adventures of the heroes of feature films conquering the sea or fleeing from it.

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List of best Sailing movies to watch

Ship and whale

  1. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

The tragedy of Steve Zissou’s work, explorer of the seas, inspired Wes Anderson to shoot the movie about the adventures of a famous oceanographer.

For his long years of work, together with a team of dedicated friends, this man has conducted more than one study and filmed more than one documentary about seas. But the years are taking its toll and the elderly Steve is forced to retire, in addition, it is more and more difficult to find new sponsors for a new expedition. However, after Steve’s friend was killed by the sharp teeth of the jaguar shark, Zissou is determined to gather the expedition in order to find and kill the shark.

  1. Deep Water (2006)

It is a dramatic story about the first ever non-stop circumnavigation of yachtsmen in 1968, during which the participants were repeatedly in deadly dangerous situations.

  1. All is Lost (2013)

Robert Redford is in the TOP 10 best modern Sailing films.

A middle-aged man sets off on his twelve-meter yacht for a single voyage on the waters of the Indian Ocean. He has everything he needs and he enjoys the surrounding beauty and silence. But one morning a man discovers that his yacht is seriously damaged. He tries to fix the breakdown in every possible way but he fails. Soon the situation is further complicated by the approaching storm, which will be extremely difficult to survive.

  1. Dead Calm (1989)

In the story of the thriller, the couple John and Ray Ingram areseverely hurt by the death of a young son. Ray blames herself for everything because when she went to the station to meet John, she got in torrential rain, she lost control of the car and there is a car accident. After a while, the spouses decide to go on a sea voyage on their own yacht in order to somehow try to recover.

Their journey goes well until they pick up a stranger. When the stranger regained consciousness, the stranger tells a mystical story about the death of his friends. John decides to go to the abandoned yacht to investigate it and leave Ray with stranger sleeping. On the yacht, John finds a lot of interesting finds that have nothing to do with the story of a stranger.

  1. Lifeboat (1944)

It is the Second World War. The German submarine torpedoed the ship. As a result, both ships sink. The survivors of the ship are in a small lifeboat. The captain of the German submarine swims the last to the crowded boat. He is taken on board in the hope that he, like an experienced sailor, can lead the boat into a safe harbor.

  1. Kon-Tiki (2012)

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best Sailing movies for all time.

Travel to Kon-Tiki, made in 1947, over more than 65 years, has been covered with legends and conjectures. But now a wonderful film “Kon-Tiki” about courageous travelers has been shot. The organizer and inspirer of this expedition was the famous traveler Tour Heyerdahl. Despite the “cold war” that as in those years, the inhabitants of the Soviet Union knew about this legendary man.

And now, Tour Heyerdahl decided to prove to the whole world that people have already appeared on the territory of Oceania. And he decided to go by sea, namely by means of an ordinary raft. To do this, he studied old books with drawings of rafts and then built a team of 6 of the same brave, travel-freaked, extremals.

In Peru, in a dock of 9 huge balsa trees, a raft was built and launched. After overcoming the distance of 6980 kilometers, on August 7, 1947, they landed on the island. Naturally, the journey was not simple, but dangerous and difficult. There was everything – attacks of sharks, quarrels between team members, the scorching sun, and heavy downpours. But nothing has broken the morale of travelers, and the heroic team coped with the task. The famous raft of Kon-Tiki is still kept in the museum in Oslo.

  1. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)

The action of the feature film takes place at the beginning of the XIX century. The plot narrates about the adventures of Captain Jack Aubrey, nicknamed Lucky Jack and Dr. Stephen Maturin. Captain of the British Navy, Jack Aubrey gets an important task – to find and neutralize the new French flagship called Acheron, which was built according to the latest scientific developments. However, the first enemy found the British sailboat and almost turned it into shambles. Thanks to the skills of the old sea-dog and a good strategist, Captain Aubrey, the ship’s crew was lucky to stay alive and suffer minor losses.

  1. Wind (1992)

Yachtsman Will Parker is losing the world’s most prestigious prize, the America’s Cup, to an athlete from Australia, and now the point of his life is to retake the Cup. Parker’s team includes Kate, the girl with whom Parker has an affair.

  1. The African Queen (1951)

The action takes place in 1914. The main heroine of the picture is a woman named Rose. She is from the United Kingdom, but along with her husband Samuel went to a distant “dark continent” to do missionary work. They settled in eastern Africa and began to introduce local residents to Christianity. In addition to Rose and her husband, there was not a single white man around until Captain Charlie came to their village. It turned out to be a very bad man who liked to drink. But he was interesting to her because she missed Europeans.

And after that, German soldiers visited the village. They killed part of the inhabitants, and the others were taken, prisoner. Samuel tried to reason with the military, but as a result, he was mortally wounded and soon died. But Rose and Charlie managed to escape. But later they differedin their views. Charlie insisted that they should just return to their homeland and forget about the events in Africa. And Rose was determined to take revenge on the German soldiers for killing her husband. And she persuaded the captain to commit sabotage, the woman decided to blow up a military steamer on which hundreds of soldiers and officers were sailing.

  1. In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

Here is the first place of the TOP 10 best Sailing movies for families.

In 1819, an American ship “Essex” with a crew of two dozen people on board left the port in Massachusetts for whaling. In the autumn of 1820, the successful hunting for one and a half years was interrupted by the attack of a giant sperm whale on the ship…

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